Rise of GCU

– [Narrator] There’s a story
that started in Phoenix. A story of unparalleled growth, of service to one’s community, of excellence in academic achievement. A story that has become
a model driving education and community service envied nationwide. That story is Grand Canyon University. Technology has changed
the way we search, watch, read and buy virtually everything. It has changed how we
communicate with each other and the modern tools we use today. The technology evolution
of the last 10 years has produced more innovation and change than the previous 100 years combined. While technology companies
are the innovators and disrupters in the 21st century, higher education is
viewed quite differently. This is where the story of GCU begins. With unsettling market
pressures and potential closure, GCU’s historic legacy as a
small, Christian university in 2008 needed transformation. In 10 short years, GCU’s innovative business
model for higher education defied conventional wisdom
with amazing success. Providing opportunity for people of all socioeconomic
backgrounds all over the world. GCU has since become home to roughly 90,000 ground traditional
and online students, graduating nearly 25,000 students in 2018. These graduates earned their degrees in next generation programs that prepare them to be workforce ready. But growing the student body
wasn’t the only mission. Providing affordable, quality education with a Christian worldview was paramount leading to an increase in graduation rates across all students. The average GPA of incoming ground traditional students grew from 2.7 to 3.5 and the GPA of ground traditional
honors college students increased to an average GPA of 4.1 as the university built new colleges, moving from three colleges to nine. At GCU, these GPA benchmarks rose as national GPA averages
remain roughly 3.0, all while keeping ground
traditional tuition the same for the past 10 years and providing students with degrees designed for the 21st century. Along with building a
first-class academic reputation, GCU has become a leader in the community. Investing in West Phoenix
reflects how GCU stood behind its commitment to faith and service. This story is told in one
simple, yet powerful phrase: find your purpose.

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