Rob Kardashian Says Blac Chyna Ruined His Life

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams show. (upbeat music) (audience cheering) Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheering) Yeah, and here we are. (audience cheering) Thank you for watching. Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheering) (Wendy laughs) How you doin? Okay today let’s get started it’s time for Hot Topics. (audience applause) (upbeat music) Hi! I was out last night I received an award. (audience cheers) I appreciate it a lot. I was at the PowHER Awards last night. To celebrate women doing big things and other women wanting to know how women do big things and I was one of several women who were honored. I won the Unapologetically Her Woman of the Year award. (audience cheers) And I didn’t talk as much as the other girls the other women that were there they talked for a long time some of them 20 minutes, a half hour I was up there like bing, bang, boom. Like, five or eight minutes something like that because I feel as though I speak my truth everyday through the TV. (audience applause) And, my girl power shows through sustaining my career, I guess. One shocking thing, and I didn’t think about this until I was up there. Do you know I’ve only been unemployed for two and half weeks, or excuse me, two weeks for my entire career? (audience applause) Two weeks, yup, yup. Two weeks. And that was right here in New York. I did not have a non-compete clause so I went across the street and got another job. (audience applause) Yeah. Over thirty years I’ve been doing this though. Never been unemployed but two weeks. (audience applause) What a hustle. Okay. Lamar Odom’s memoir. (audience express shock) I can’t wait to read it. The cover art is out. Fabulous, right? “Darkness To Light” (audience laughs) He’s cute right? (audience agrees) He’s cute. I mean, so he’s talking about his near-death experience at the Nevada brothel where he famously overdosed. Also, his obsession with drugs and alcohol, his affairs, his marriage to Khloe he’s gonna talk about that. But I want more, I want more. I want you to talk to me about the family. The rest of the family. Like, how is Kris for real? How is… How was, um, what’s his name? Oh, Kris Humphries Right! You were there about the time Kris Humphries was in the family, how was he? How’d you get along with him? Do you still talk to… um, Rob? I want more, I need more. (audience applause) “Darkness To Light”, by Lamar Odom, hits stores May of 2019. Can’t wait, should be a good one. (audience applause) In the meantime, Rob… …is claiming that Black Chyna has ruined his career and he wants her to pay. Well you know what, he does have a point. I’ll tell you why… Okay, so Rob says that when Chyna filed for domestic violence, remember that restraining order that she got? It killed his endorsements. I don’t know what he was endorsing, (audience laughs) I don’t, but he says his endorsement deals dried up and he was so emotionally damaged over it that he quit the show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So, and I can picture that. And then I guess you started eating a lot. And you became unappealing to look at, Rob. (audience laughs) You know, it’s all in how you carry yourself. You can’t walk around with flip flops and tube socks and dirty sweatpants, you know and a stretched out T-shirt and think that people are going to buy what you’re selling. (audience applause) Well… He also says that Chyna’s career took off after being with him… uh, duh! I mean, you brought her straight from the pole. (audience expresses shock) And so you knew what you were getting into. And when you meet her mother and know that she comes from a family of pole workers, (audience laughs and cheers) You know what I mean, you guys you know what I mean. All they smelled was your money, Rob. Chyna probably never loved you. And he was so adamant about wanting to be with Chyna that he ignored his sisters, you know how a sister is supposed to tell a brother, but he ignored them, he ignored his mother, Kris, he ignored everybody And kind of shut himself off into Black Chyna world. And that’s what you get. Well he says he can no longer afford her $20,000 a month child support. (audience in shock) $20,000, mhmm. And he wants Chyna to pay him nearly $3,000 a month instead. (audience in shock) He says he’s the one who needs the money. I don’t know how the Arthur George socks are doing at Neiman Marcus. But I’ll tell you, he’s very slovenly I could not buy an Arthur George sock for like, 40 bucks from Neiman Marcus knowing that they’re supported by, or that it’s Rob, you know? You could’ve stayed on the show though, and made some money but you chose to leave. You could’ve stayed on the show… (audience applause) You could’ve stayed on the show and exposed Chyna for what she is, but you chose to leave. And so now, the winner is Chyna. I told you when you first met this girl, oh my gosh, she is going to use you. And she’s flaunting her wealth, yesterday on Instagram, look at this, she posted, “Work hard, play hard, no child support, stop the effin lies”. (audience shouts something) Okay? Is this wise for her to be doing? No… Well, they were all forced both parties to turn over all their finances to the judge. And the judge is gonna parous everything and see who’s cooking books or not. (audience laughs) Matt Barnes got involved. Well you know, now that he’s father of the year, I told you yesterday, (audience laughs) he got custody of their twins, Gloria Govan has nothing to do with the boys, he’s father of the year. He posted a fist in support of Rob. Chyna jumped in and told him to mind is own business. (audience laughs) And he responded back by saying, “Back to the pole you go”. (audience cheers) Fair enough. Sometimes it’s not what you do, it’s what you’ve done, you know what I mean? Anyway, so we have to wait until December just in time for Christmas to find out what the judge says. (audience applause) (audience laughs) Okay, so Nick Jonas is making money off his bachelor party. And I find there to be nothing wrong with this. In the name of Star Jones. (audience laughs) Star, you started this a long time ago. Anyway, so he wrote, “Bachelor party weekend, is officially underway,” that’s what he wrote. And then he showed this, he’s promoting this vodka, and then he showed him promoting all his groomsman’s gifts with all the right plugs for the products and everything What’s wrong with that? Only two people in our morning meeting, me and one other person, thought that it was fine. Everybody else thought that it was corny and tacky and stuff. But, that’s not his wedding, that’s his Bachelor Party. And I know that she went to Amsterdam and she didn’t post anything with she and her girls. But, so what? So what? This is the wave of the future. It’s disgusting, I know what you’re… …it is disgusting, But if you’re a celebrity, and you’ve got millions of followers, and somebody’s offering you a hefty check to promote something that you actually use, not some crap, you know, that you actually use, why not? (audience applause) But, clap if you think it’s tacky (some of audience claps) You don’t understand… (audience laughs) the times in which we live, the times in which we live. Alright, so reportedly, the wedding will be in December in this beautiful Indian palace. (Audience expresses admiration) Oh yes… Oh they’re doing it big. Look at that. They’re also going to have a celebration here in the US. So they’re going all out. Well, you know what, good luck to them. (audience claps) (audience laughs) Alright, if you’re an aspiring rapper, you might want to come close. John Legend is reportedly producing a new hip-hop competition show for Netflix. He’s recruiting judges, he’s already got them on the hook: T.I., Chance the Rapper and Cardi B. (audience applause) And it was proposed that do we need a, you know, just a rap competition show? I said, why not? We have a competition show… Like, I’ve just thrown my hands up to it all, Go, just go, do it. Just do it. It’s gonna be on Netflix though. Like, who goes to Netflix for competition shows? If it was on regular TV, you know what I mean, I could see being there. Everybody but me was complaining about, me and one other person, was complaining about Cardi B being a judge. Like, who is she to be a judge? You’ve got one album out, you haven’t been around long enough, who are you judging? And I said, you know… well first of all, lots of criticism too. Just take a look at Cardi clapping back. I’m looking for that “it” factor and I don’t give a (beep) if you don’t think I’m qualified as a judge. Bitch, I make good (beep) music because you know my name and you know my (beep) records, right bitch? I make hits, hits, hits, hits, hits, hits, hits. (audience cheers) The thing is, is that you can watch T.I. on regular TV, VH1. John Legend, I don’t really know what you have to do with rap, but nice job producing, who’s going to host, your wife? Anyway, Chance the Rapper, he’s not a reason to, I mean he’s nice but not a reason to watch, Cardi is the reason to watch. (audience claps) You know? You might not want to take her criticism, or anything like that, but Cardi is the reason to watch. And then it was said, no Wendy, we need more established rappers for this role, like Missy Elliot, or Queen Latifah. (audience cheers) Nope. They aren’t the reason to watch. If you’re doing a hip-hop competition show this is for the kids. So, you know, they’re going to be like 20 and 25 and 17 and stuff, they want to see Cardi, they don’t know aunt Queen, they barely know auntie Missy. They want her. Besides, these shows are more about the judges than the contestants anyways, you know? I like Puffy and Khaled’s show with Fergie and them and Meghan Trainor, I like that a lot. But I can’t tell you who won last season, I just know that I tune in for the fun. But it’s on regular TV, you know, it’s easy. Anyway, “Rhythm and Flow”, that’s the name of the show, it’s going to premier in 2019. (audience claps) You know Tiny’s friend Shekinah, right? (audience agrees) I love her. Anyway, have you noticed she hasn’t been a part of the “Family Hustle & Friends”? She’s been no where around. Well, she got herself a new job. (audience expresses shock) According to, she is going to be one of the stars in “Love & Hip Hop” Atlanta. (audience cheers) What do you think about that? What do you think about that? Tiny, when she was here, because I asked, how were they getting along, remember they fought, because Tiny has a friend that Shekinah wasn’t getting along with and Shekinah wanted Tiny to break up with the friend because Shekinah’s not getting along with, you know? I know that sounds really petty, I would almost stoop to that level as well. I don’t like her, and so now you don’t like her. And if you’re not gonna like her, then I don’t like you. You know? It’s very childish, but… you know friendship is so rare and these two I thought were thick as thieves but this has been going on for a year. And when Tiny was here, she was very careful I asked how Shekinah was and she said, “Um she’s good that’ll always be my girl.” (audience laughs) That’ll always be my girl, she was very careful about it. I don’t know exactly what we’re going to see from Shekina with “Love & Hip Hop” Atlanta but you know what, she’s a reason to watch to me, she’s very entertaining, very funny. (audience applause) Yeah… Good luck Shekinah. (audience applause) Paris Hilton… Is a humanitarian. (audience expresses shock) Oh, oh yes. Well she’s got lots of money, you know she runs a billion dollar empire with the curling irons and the flat irons and the magic hair and all that stuff. (Wendy laughs) Anyway, on Monday she visited the earthquake victims in Mexico [Wendy] and donated $350,000 to help them rebuild. [Wendy] It’s fabulous. (audience applause) And, rebuild from you know they had the earthquake in September of 2017. Anyway, um… she… (Wendy flusters) Look you all, I want you to see this picture. She handed out bottles of her perfume (audience expresses shock) Like, go home! Go home! Drop the check and go home. Perfume? And her pillows, from her pillow line. Pillow? I need a mattress! (audience cheers) Are you serious? (Wendy laughs) But they loved it, and she kissed the pregnant woman’s stomach. (Audience expresses admiration) Yeah, they loved it. I mean you can’t really… you can’t fault powers. But damnit, man. (audience laughs) Perfume and pillows? Well she’s been to this village before so this is not her first time going and being giving to them. Good for you Paris, I think. (audience applause) Malcolm-Jamal Warner is coming up. (audience cheers) After socializing last night, I got home just in time for the last 15 minutes of his show, “The Resident”, I love that show. (audience claps) So… Fans and people… are making fun of Idris Elba’s doll. That looks nothing like him. Well, there’s the real Idris, and here’s the doll. (audience expresses shock) (audience laughs) What happened? He’s evil, he’s evil looking. And why is he bald? Idris has a little hair. Doesn’t even look like him, I’m insulted. It looks kind of like Montel Williams. (audience laughs) A little something. Or even that actor from the Weeds, Romany Malco, (audience cheers) looks kind of like him. (audience cheers) Now, we did some trickery with the photos… let me just show you a cross between Montel and Romany and how this looks like Idris Yeah… What happened? They never get dolls and bobble-heads correct, though. They always look like somebody else. Eh, anyway… We’ve got more great show for you today. (audience cheers) Up next, the star of “The Resident”, Malcolm-Jamal Warner is here, so grab a snack and… come on back. (audience cheers) (upbeat music)

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  1. re ODOM: so much for gratitude, I guess. When he was on his deathbed, that family flew back and forth to give him support and love not mentioning Kloe who almost lived at the hospital until he got better. I don't know what's in the book but I hope he acknowldeges that.

  2. I got that lotion I'm using it right now and it is the bomb I do suggest you women and men go buy it it's the best 7 Bucks you'll ever spend..

  3. Wendy can be so out of touch sometimes. Netflix has the biggest numbers, it's been all over the news. I don't have a tv but watch Netflix on my phone or a laptop. To me, that's easy.

  4. Im sorry but good for Rob! He let himself get played by her. Kylie stole Tyga from Blac Chyna and she ruined her brothers life out of pettiness.

  5. So, he didn't want any black girls in his video, but he had a black girl on his song?!? And he marries a black girl? Yes, she's Indian (BLACK)!

  6. Blac Chyna is not even attractive. Why Rob? He could lose that weight and find some hot girl who is pretty on the inside too. Looks are whatever, but the way Chyna acts is so gross….she isnt pretty inside or out.

  7. I feel so sorry for Rob,he seems like a good genuine dude but too bad he hooked up with that gold-digger & shares a baby with her,now he's stuck for 18 years

  8. Chyna didnt ruin his career because since when did rob have a career. Hes barely been on the kardashians for years and it had nothing to do chyna. He was off that show before she came into the picture. He was over weight before chyna came into his life. Chyna had a career far before rob. She dated tyga and was long time friends with amber rose. She had wealth and mAde her own money before rob. This was all so wrong what Wendy said about the situation.

  9. I think paris gave more than perfume and pilows. Those images are for her business CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program use only. She is a very smart business woman. She share her blessings, not all but still she share.

  10. cardi B would make a great judge she's very charismatic she's a lot of fun but she's new generally you want to get some of the older establish rappers and we're not even talking about Nicki I would say Nicki will be better than cardi B because she's had more longevity but rapping is not just about having a hit it's about a lifestyle it's about a culture and so somebody that has been established for quite some time eho can give wisdom of what hip-hop is not just about making hits and being a lyricist would be great such as Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, or Queen Latifah. maybe one of the salt and pepper ladies you have so many old women school rappers that could give so much to a new rapper coming up in the game…jmo

  11. Chyna was with him when his life was shambles. She has given him the most beautiful girl of all Kardashians. Dream is gourgeous, beautiful!!!

  12. Paris is awesome for that, Wendy wondering why perfume but damn they want to smell nice to and pillows are easy to travel with if you need a quick place to sleep. I love Paris for this.

  13. Rob, does not have a point, he did not have a career, he was fat and out of shape and a mess when Chyna hooked up with him. Rob had already cut him self off from his sisters. Anyone whom watch the show already knows this. Rob is trying to rewrite the script. He's a grown man, you made the bed, now lay in it.

  14. As far as Paris Hilton she is far removed. Say what you will about what she gave but do not forget she showed up and gave.

  15. I hate the way she delivers the info… its like she cant find the words or cant read her cue cards or something. So many awkward pauses and it annoys me.

  16. Well that's what happens rob when you put your thing in just anyone and dont wear a condom. You have a chance of getting them pregnant. She seen the money behind your name and she took it

  17. December 7 show hot topic , You were talking about Rob Kardashian and China or whatever her name is, you made a statement nobody would buy anything off of Rob because of the way he looks. That was rude and insensitive and that remark let alone other remarks you make I will no longer be watching your show. I dont understand how you can make fun of the way someone looks. Wendy remember the old saying what goes around comes around and that was totally wrong of you saying that. Fat shaming or calling somebody ugly is totally wrong! You better watch yourself it will come back to bite you. How are you doing! 儭儭

  18. Kardashian Family: The Bibles says you shall reap what you sow. Kim got rich because of "nastiness," let Chyna get rich because Rob was dumb….

  19. He ruined his own life fool N Tyga had Chyna b4 Rob N Rob came after Tyga N get UR facts N informations right lady N seriously Chyna also effed her own terms

  20. Dude Rob stay away from Your family they are fame hungry people. It isn't good anyone and blac chyna I never liked but Rob ain't a Saint either. So he needs to take care of himself and his child and find his own path in life that's it.

  21. I really like what Paris Hilton did. Every woman likes to smell good and feel good about themselves and okay, perfume ain't gonna change their lives or help in a dire situation but having that little treat that's just for them could give these women a little boost in the morning and help them feel a bit better about themselves. When I'm feeling down, making that little extra effort with my makeup, having some ME time to paint my nails or spraying myself with my fave perfume genuinely makes me feel a bit better. I'm sure every woman can relate to this. I personally think it was very sweet.

  22. Paris Hilton does not know what it is like to not even have the bare necessities. This was a PR stunt to promote her own products that probably are not selling in the stores.

  23. Rob should work do something and he does have a child by Blac Chyna, does he regret his child? Jerk.

  24. Nick Jones got free gifts to give boys and got mega vodka why not !! Netflix is the place not TV i don't need a TV

  25. With all the money that the Kartrashian's have, u would think they would find Rob a good head doctor!

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