Roblox Family – GETTING MY FIRST CAR!? MANSION MAKEOVER! (Roblox Roleplay)

Welcome to your room Gold! Are you guys excited to see our new place? yes! Welcome to our new mansion Do you like the new family home Okay, I have to tell you guys something so I have what I’ve entered us into a pleb your house up challenge And we have won the contest and they have remodeled our home, and now it’s amazing Awesome aha so I have to show you guys something too. They also gave us didn’t it Look it’s a new car wait. This is my old bicycle and two scooters. I’m not a fan of this one I think rainbow is though rainbow enjoy your new pink moped love is beautiful bye guys Bye rainbow go have fun on your new moped. Oh wait. Do you guys even know how to drive? You know why you guys are-
:O gold get back here! Called cold-cut, okay come on don’t you want to see your new race We had e so did you have design this yes I have helped because I did not have the monies too, but I have helped design it welcome to our new home I Can’t even tell the same house is yours all pretty house no this is the same house just with a couple of upgrades when I turn on the lights and Welcome to our new fireplace area. This is where we like discuss about family things and talk and look for it into the fireplace That’s true any potato chips. I’ll show you guys our new gourmet kitchen a real gourmet kitchen here It is it’s kind of empty though. I love it Are you sure we’re not on some kind of prank show or something like they’re gonna be like oh just kidding This isn’t your house. Haha. No it’s it’s our house 100% it’s our house cool. We can make food talking about food. I’m actually really hungry. Can you guys make us up something? I’m gonna make some pie oh The moon is gonna make pumpkin pie. I love these two things I Guess I’ll make food too. Are you sure we need this much food though. Yeah, it should be a party We’re celebrating our new remodeled. Oh that is fun, and I would have some coffee at 7:00 p.m.. At night Don’t mind dat. I don’t make everyone hot chocolate Okay, guys. Let’s grab some food until it time are not new title of its kind of dark here I feel like they didn’t install lights here. Yeah, their house is a little bit darker kind of spooky just in time Thank you. Gold for the cute little marshmallow drink. That’s actually adorable. You’re really cute Hmm what drink this? Thanks girl? Oh? It’s so good. Thank you so much. Oh. Oh it’s really keeps me busy Yummy, I guess here how about I help you make some chocolate here. We go. This is our last chocolate replace it. Yeah, and Enjoy some pizza Wow lunar this pipe looks kind of burnt It’s not it’s a little What flavor is it anyway ha Okay, guys come on stop eating. We still gotta go do stuff We’ll leave the food here for our third dinner tonight because it’s an 8 p.m.. I will show you this long ominous, hallway I have no clue what to do here yet, but we’ll ask our fan mail for that keep on going This is office room. Are you ready for it? Yeah? Yes? Welcome to Rainbows new room This is your new bed oh Yeah that the paintings kind of dark It’s a drowning roblox character classic fighting look rainbow you got your own new khatai You have a shop a super super duper chill Lounger. I love this what we do that lunar stop little stop pretending like there’s a ghost haunting us This is your washroom Which is sadly not done yet because the home Renovation people were like we cannot renovate everything so it that’s it we’re gonna go upstairs now into our new living room pachoo It is 100% bigger but It’s still a little plebeian mean. We still need to fill it up with stuff, but I really like it whoa Whoa? There’s part of the plan too, they placed a girl in your house nothing scary Jesus ran out get it close That was scary I screwed our intruder, okay. We’re going upstairs. This is your new room Luna Oh my god track, are you really complaining here, and this is kitty wait. I never bought this pizza for chitty chitty Must have been hungry Yeah He sometimes does that this is Lunars closet and the best of all you get to share washrooms with dracto This is your new modern washroom, and this is your room Drac Oh, yeah, the posters are still pretty creepy, so um don’t like these creepy posters, but this is your walk-in closet I have my room. Be ready yeah, you could go do that later Drac. Oh, let’s keep going guys This is still the empty rooftop Still empty and this is our porch now as you can see they have changed the floor in now we even have our own grill Look you can see the beautiful moon in the starry sky for you. It’s so cool. This is actually the best place now Let’s go back inside guys. We gotta shut the doors We don’t want to let any Ghosts ease in cuz that was we’re gonna have to ask fanmail what to do with this room – we actually have tons of rooms And I don’t even know what to do with them like this what is this room? To be a bath Another kitty room. No that’s enough kitty boobs lunar And this is our storage Closet where we stick brooms and foreign stuff we stick tackles in there Or you can stick track goes in there going on this is our open two below viewing area so cool so cool You can see what everyone is eating look you can jump Wow That’s dangerous. Don’t do that Open it up this door and boom our new balconies in the back Oh Even though we have no landscaping done it is still gorgeous I Have and I love the view of that tree over there beside the rock wall Freddie get down you’re gonna fall Wait what do these wait lead to this is a dangerous? Yeah? This is pretty dangerous nobody climb up here Nobody climb up here. I think you could fall off. Let’s just go back in extreme parkour It is okay, so I feel like we have to go upstairs again to a third floor We’re in money in Gold’s room. It is up here rainbow. We are on the third floor This room also empty this room empty – Supposed to be a washroom guys. This is not done yet, but welcome to my new room Yep, I have my old computer it is a classic we also have my bed This is going to be my washroom soon, but it’s in renovation don’t mind it It’s empty – but we also have menu balcony, which is awesome because now I can look at the beautiful ferris wheel over there Are you ready to see your room good yes, I’m super excited okay, I have to tell you something first wait um They did it once. They got up to the top floors. They actually ran out of a budget so still act surprised Okay, called you ready oh Welcome to your room goal I call buck. Don’t look you get a magnificent view though look at this Don’t you just love it I guess but I mean you guys got your rooms. Fully like decked out and look at my room. It’s clean It’s not looks boring. Don’t worry girl. We still have a nine thousand dollar budget I mean cash right here, and we can decorate your room. Yeah, you know what it’s better this way You can do whatever you want. You know yeah, I feel like you mean more lights though. It’s pretty dark in this house Yeah, it’s almost like a spooky house talking about Spooky, I heard that this place Finally has Halloween decorations, and we can decorate our house. Let’s go now. Let’s go get a little mean decoration Yeah, okay, come on. Let’s go decorate look at the new shopping catalogue guys. We have a candy bucket and Let’s actually place it downstairs, so people know that we’re super festive Let’s actually put it in the kitchen right here a candy bucket And you can never go wrong with too much candy – candy buckets. She’s moving our life Andy buckets five candy buckets, okay Five yeah, you’re right because each of us do need a candy bucket. We’re gonna put another candy bucket right here in the corner this will be Someone’s candy bucket candy bucket and candy bucket. The kitchen is looking super festive now. We need to move on with the jack-o’-lanterns We’ll put a pumpkin right here, and let’s actually decorate the house We’ll put a pumpkin here Actually like these these are pretty cool a pumpkin here and last But not least let’s put a jack-o’-lantern right beside the piano So people know you’re festive look at this pumpkin guys is so sinister look at it its face, too Sweet, and we also have cute pleb pumpkin q plat pumpkin can go right beside the trash Oh What else do we have let’s see what hunk is oh There’s actually a happy ghost. This is cool. It’s a spooky ghost Can you put a fog machine blowing in front of the ghost yeah be cool. That’s true. Okay. Let’s make a ghosty area We’ll put some ghosts here And let’s go grab ourselves a fog machine the fog machine one here and another fog machine right here It’s look super scary. Let’s go back to some decorations and last but not least what else do we got here 200 oh wait you guys look gravestones oh Those are the scariest That’s right, we like these gravestones and let’s get some more pumpkins. How come there’s so many pumpkins? It’s like hard pumpkins small pumpkins We got all the pumpkins in the world and last but not least there is a fifteen thousand dollar Gravestone, that’s expensive Wow what’s so special about that one it says oof Okay, we can’t afford that but is that all I think that’s it Put some creep of pumpkins in the graveyard, and this is practically yeah This is our new stuff guys, and we’re gonna go get some trees. If there are trees We’re gonna go to decorate we’re gonna go to the tree section the gardening section and select this dead tree Now this epic is the most epic oh, there’s even a leaf pile Wow Our house may look like random scattered garbage, but it is spooky scattered Is not any regular one, okay? So we’re gonna move this bicycle in here because it is a waste of space the most important thing We’re missing here because it is Halloween we need to put a console table here. We need to put a temporary table and allow Trick-or-treat and put a candy bucket right here, so it’s easier to give candy out to all of our neighbors He would give candy bucket, and she would get fruit out guys no Eggs at our house never mind. You know what I’m leaving it here for the healthy ones the ones like no Thank you. I would not like a candy bar. I would like a banana I mean, you know nobody’s gonna grab the outlet for you right. Hey, maybe someone’s gonna grab the fruit Okay, let’s add another ghost in here and our house is looking Spooktacular that’s right you heard what I just did there That’s so funny. Honey. Let’s put a sinister skull above our doorstep We can also change the color of the ghost. You know what’s a creepy ghost a red ghost a Big ghost or a purple ghost what is there to look too? Happy funny some scary if who knows us? Maybe okay, red ghost fine. You know what I’m making a scary pumpkin there It’s demonic pumpkin a piece of pure evil. I think we’re good guys Yeah, well let’s do let’s do an open house party yes We should try a house party, but wait you can’t throw an open house party if you have no food Okay Your lunar mule go make food. Yeah, you guys go make food goat We need to fix your room still we’ll do that at the end and what else do we need oh By the way, we’re allowed to get two jobs now should we just go be janitors? No, we gotta find a really cool job, and then make more money. Okay. I have a cool job dracco Goat get in my car. I know how to drive toda You see what you can’t oh, this is awkward for you coach a car doesn’t have a backseat You didn’t track. Oh, just follow us on your moped Where do we get the secret job you were talking about earlier track? Oh don’t tell God follow me I know where this loopy job. Is yep. That sounds fine a spooky job Gold It is the best job in the world to get a wear your own outfit. There is you got to pick stuff up get treasure cool Come on track Olli. That’s the way where is it exactly okay? We’re here This is green Oh, Oh close your eyes Why this is your new secondary job? Treasure hunting yeah clean clean janitorial, I mean treasure services you go get cool clothes you get a we’re gone You guys told me we’re going treasure hunting not being janitor and gold This is exactly what we have to do in order to decorate your room. Oh, no this sounds like a dirty job We are janitors Our job is the most important in the world we get mean trash because without us these cities will remain filthy We utterly zero Brady Road, yeah, we’re technically superheroes you know what I’m the supervisor I’m gonna supervise you guys. Oh God you cannot cheat? Okay? You have to help clean up the city Come on. Go. I’ll show you Drock. Oh. Do you see a trash pile anywhere yeah over here? Let’s show gold goats that is your first trash pile your one true Love go ahead and clean it up and you get a promotion. Hey Drock. Oh, yeah I’ll give you like 20 bucks, and you clean that up for me Thank you. Go – you serious – try a new strap. It’ll clean up your trash Huh fine I’ll just look it looks like someone barf tin this pile. Honestly. I’m gonna I’m gonna give you a hard truth. Here. It probably is just Plug my nose and clean it out really quick clean faster come on janitors Yeah, we got even clean huh that was hey dogs for your second janitorial job You must wipe this XD graffiti off these walls Did this wait I didn’t want to buy wait you can’t even hey you can’t wash this you liar It’s pretty cool. Look at this glitch. It makes me by block sinkhole other words Oh, there’s so much who did this? What’d I just say it’s the creator of blocks, bug. We’re cleaning up. Maybe it was a mutant We’re gonna clean up all of this mess and tweet. Are we done yet could we go home? You know what guys I’m getting tired. I’m just gonna call lunar and Rainbow and see what they’re up to Hello hello hello guys are you done setting up for the past yes Yeah, there’s so much food make sure you invite the entire neighborhood. Yes, we’re gonna invite the whole town Sixteen old dollars that kind of size honey, you missed a spot you missed a spot. Okay. Go clean up the mess Isn’t this a fun job the janitor life super swiggy you get your own bucket come on guys Let’s go home to the party ah we are home to our oh, I’m kind of bad at driving. Let me just Go where you go, I’ve got their parking skills on point. Let’s go inside and see I really like the Halloween decorations I’m ready. I headed to see what they cooked Mm-hmm let’s go inside. Oh, boo Luther I hear them, I hear they’re making their home hello. Let’s crash the car something. It was loud. No No, no, no don’t hear that track. Oh, did you bring your janitor stuff home? I thought I could clean the house before the party okay What did you make This is apple pie. This is pumpkin pie This is a hamburger and pizza and hot dogs and tacos okay How about we all get cleaned up first because we all smell we don’t want any I got your new neighbors over and they’re like Oh my god. We have stinky neighbors and friends, so let’s go take a bath. I think there’s only one washroom so far wide Awake imagine, and there’s one wait there’s a washroom right here. I wouldn’t use it first. Hey, I said Get out of the water Drago come on. This is my washroom Just need to finish brushing up my teeth and you guys we are ready for a Halloween house party yes Buckets Okay, are we ready to invite everybody to our house Open the Soraa. I’ve invited everyone to a house party. They are all excited. They are dressed They got the little shoe the three pigs. This is super cool Look at this Wow three people have come may you be my mama no Cannot be your mom’s Look at all of the neighbors that came to visit our house party you guys welcome. We have food in here Don’t mind the spooky ghosts come on in guys well some of them really smell they they did not think about they were too excited Before this is righty come on Come in everybody we got burgers french fries You know what I might help myself to a burger – oh we don’t have music yet. Oh Oops, I stepped on the food who needs a Music when you could dance awkwardly what – that’s true – no music no music. Yeah, hey hey Everyone is dancing in the party everyone has having a great time you guys. I think it is time to go check fan mail It is Time of the day we gotta go check our fan mail Spoon we’re gonna Call it spooky fan Mail because it is time to look at all of it you guys have left a lot of suggestions And it is time to read it our first letter is from Kirsten. They said funny. You need a backyard girl oh, you mean this new backyard that is still pleb II Well You know what we have one thousand dollars, but we also have to decorate Cole’s room so in order to fulfill this comment Let’s go to decorate. We’re going to put one beautiful magnificent tree back here once. We get enough money from our janitorial job We will continue. Let’s put this tree boom one tree in the backyard. I’m sorry We don’t have enough money yet in order to furnish our backyard with an amazing pool Corina said you guys should add more like gadgets in your living room because it looks twice as boring as mine so create She’s calling a living room boring so What type of gadgets can we add let’s see decorate? Electronics, and we could you know what? I hope this is good enough for you Corina look at this I am going to purchase this raw trous Game cabinet, it’s gonna make our living room look twice as better there We go our last letter is from nur they said can you make a guest room in the blank room on floor number two? Well as comment kind is out of context because our house looks different now But I feel like we do need a guest room Where we put a guest room guys should guest rooms always be on like the main floor the second floor mean Honestly it should be on the main floor because second floor has no rooms because they’re all taken how about we put it right here? We make this long Scary hallway a little less creepy and a little less joy So let’s put a door on this this this right now is just gonna be a very cheap room Okay, guys a cheap guest room because we don’t have enough money to get a beautiful guest room Let’s get one bed in here $200 bed This is where like our party guests will stay you know because they they were partying all night long And they don’t have enough energy to go home a little cute end table last But not least to make this room a little brighter painting lamp boom Now it is time for my favorite one. It is real life fan Mail you guys if you didn’t know we opened up our p.o Box recently and I will leave a link to it in the description box below, but a cute shout-out to and Nessa Brianna Ashley avec ad laila and my biggest fan they didn’t they just wrote funny I’m your biggest fan you guys if you’d shut up to you for mailing of stuff. It is so awesome Because I was saving it for this shining moment get ready Tada this is where we are puttin up banner I’ll change it throughout each episodes, but look and all of these amazing things from our fan box look at this I even have a picture for me to wake up to every day. Anyways you guys the link of my p.o Box is in the description box below. Thank you so much for the mail I love it, and I can’t wait to hang it in my office We hope you guys enjoyed this roblox family episode if you did as always make sure to smash the like button down below For more we’re trying to reach How many likes this time we reached so many you guys are so supportive keep feeding in 10,000 last time, right? Yeah, we beat 10,000 so how about? 20,000 eggs for our awesome fam you guys don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel if you haven’t already Thank you so much for watching, and we will see you all in the next one. Oh, I also forgot Don’t forget to leave a comment down below on what we should do with those empty rooms our house They’re just honestly so empty so make sure to leave a comment and we will see you guys all in the next one. Bye

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