Rogue One Comes Home, a Big Celebration Panel Announced, and THE Star Wars Collecting Rule

Star Wars is turning 40 at Celebration and
you can finally watch Rogue One in your underwear without getting into trouble! What he said. I’ve gotten into so much trouble. This week on The Star Wars Show! Andi sits down with the Toy Hunter Jordan Hembrough! Checkin out new Star Wars toys at Toy Fair! and much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters its The Star Wars Show! Hey, I’m Anthony Carboni. And I’m Andi Gutierrez Welcome to The Star
Wars Show, a show where the rumors are fake and the news is real. Which means we’re bringing back Teek. Thats right, you asked for it! Is that news or a rumor. You’ll find out! Yesterday, Lucasfilm officially announced
the start of principal photography on the still untitled Han Solo film by releasing
this image from Pinewood Studios in London. The image shows cast members, Woody Harrelson,
Donald Glover, Emil Clarke, Chewbacca, Alden Erinreich, and Fleabag creator and actress,
Phoebe-Waller Bridge gathered in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon with directors Christopher
Miller and Phil Lord at the controls. The untitled Han Solo Star Wars Story hits
theaters in 2018. May 25th marks the 40th anniversary of Star
Wars: A New Hope, and this year, Star Wars Celebration is kicking things off with an
epic tribute to the film that started it all. The panel, hosted by Warwick Davis will feature
Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, as well as discussions with some of the saga’s biggest
stars as they reminisce about the impact the film has had on generations of fans. And because it’s celebration, and celebration
is a place for surprises…MAKE SURE YOU ATTEND THIS EVENT. That’s all we can say. Read between the lines. The panel begins bright and early Thursday,
April 13th, and for tickets and more information check out Star Wars
Rogue One may still be in theaters but you can bring it home very soon. And by very soon we mean it will be available
on Digital HD on March 24th. But wait! There’s more! Rogue One will also be available on Blu-Ray
3D and 2D, Digital HD, DVD, and on-demand on April 4th. Plus! A Rogue Idea detailing how John Knoll pitched the idea, Visions of Hope:
The Look of Rogue One focuses on the filmmakers design choices, The Princess & The Governor
shows how Leia and Tarkin were created for movie, plus looks at the characters and actors
behind Jyn, Cassian, K2SO, Baze, Chirrut, Bodhi, and Saw, a featurette about Rogue One
Easter Eggs, and much, much more! Do you know if they got my email upstairs about doing a 9 disc special edition thats just 5 discs of Chirrut and Baze hanging out? No I don’t. For complete details check out Star Wars .com. I should hear back any day…yeah! Toy Fair took place last weekend in New York,
and wouldn’t you know it, our own Justin Bolger was there to show you all of the new
Star Wars goodies you have to look forward to in 2017. Ugh I’m so jealous of Justin right now. What’s up guys I’m here at New York Toy
Fair to check out all of Hasbro’s 40th Anniversary Star Wars collectibles. And to see what other Star Wars stuff we can
find on the floor These are brand new Star Wars, we call them
MyMojis They’re blind bagged which means you don’t
know what you’re going to get and they should be in stores within the next month or two. This is the Star Wars model kits from Bandai
The screws are molded in colors which makes them easy to put together because first of
all you don’t need glue but you also don’t need to paint them. Over here we have the movie realization line
and they are based on real Japanese characters so you can see the armor is faithfully recreated
And then you got the other line Threepio has been released already and Artoo
is coming out soon. These are our new Rogue One sets that will
be coming out March 1st. The Battle on Scarif and the Y-Wing Starfighter
Here we have some of our new 6 inch Black Series
The 40th Anniversary die-cast collection We upped our game another step with Poe Dameron’s
X-Wing pilot helmet. We’ve actually put surround sound into the
helmet itself And it actually fits my big head! The great thing about centerpiece is that
it acts essentially as a centerpiece to your collection. We’re still carrying on with Rogue One action
figures Star Wars is full of character, I don’t
think we’ll ever catch up. 40 years ago, a little company called Kenner
started making Star Wars figures They made 12, we’re kind of re creating
the display stand so you’ll be able to buy the early bird Legacy pack which is the reversible
stand and you can put all of your 6 inch action figures against it and recreate that original
12 lineup. Now there are a couple figures that we haven’t
produced which we’re revealing today The vinyl cape Jaw and also the Death Star
Commander as well. And these are on the original Kenner packaging
right? Exactly so yeah we went back and looked at
the original Kenner packaging We had to change the design a little bit to
allow it to hang but essentially we’ve taken a lot of inspiration from what it originally
was. That’s a wrap from Toy Fair, the ultimate
power in the toy universe. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all the
awesome Star Wars stuff you saw today on the Star Wars Show. The captain says you are a friend, I will
not kill you. Alright guys, this week we are joined on the
couch by the Toy Hunter, pop culture expert and Star Wars supergeek, Jordan Hembrough. Thank you for joining us! Thank you! Thank you for having me. So what would you say was the toy that had
you hooked? The original Star Wars 12 Packs. I will never forget that I was in my classroom
in New Jersey at Jesse O George school in New Jersey and I see my dad come into the
classroom and he gave them to me in class and I opened them up and actually used them
for show and tell. Show and tell, here’s my Ben Kenobi! Wow, so what’s more fun for you? The hunt, or the find? The real joy in everything is connecting people
to their childhood I’ve actually seen grown men cry and say
“I haven’t had this since I was five!” And that brings up an interesting point about
Star Wars completists, people who buy everything. Can you tell me how things have changed this
time around? Toy companies are making stuff in such mass
quantities nowadays, looking forward the only way these new toys are going to be worth money
is if the companies really make a consorted effort to produce them in limited numbers
as well. Exclusives, you know you got your Comic Con
exclusives, you have your limited runs, stuff like that…is that worth holding onto in
boxes Yeah I think that stuff is always going to
go up in value because right off the that you have this perfect synergy of limited quantity
with very savvy marketing. And what happens is, people stand out in line
for these figures and they hold them and covet them and invariably they go up in value so
you have these compeltists who want everything. I gotta get everything. What kind of tips would you give Star Wars
collectors? The biggest thing I tell people is collect
what you love, don’t worry if it’s going to make you money or it’s going to be worth
money. Just really really collect what is important
to you and then when you get to that you find the vintage stuff. Try and collect it in box and trust me there
is a lot of box stuff still out there and just preserve it. Keep it in good condition and most importantly,
if you have it store it someplace safe. And I always tell people, your toys just like
everything else in life, just like your pets should live where you live. That’s what’s really going to give you
the most joy out of what you enjoy collecting. You said in an interview that no one ever
asks you for Jar Yeah nobody has ever asked me for a Jar Binks. Why? He’s awesome
Jar Jar kind of got a bad rep. And he has such fun merch. Jar Jar I’m going to say right now, Jar
Jar is really underappreciated. Let’s bring him back. Alright, should we do it right now? Alright we’re officially bringing him back
Cool, start your movement guys Jar Jar 2017 (Chopper beeps and boops)
Uh, I don’t know. (laser blasts, Chopper screams) That was a VERY toy filled episode. I know, its almost as if we planned it that
way. And since we spent the last 9 minutes or so
talking toys, I see no problem in keeping this Star Wars Toy Tacular going by asking
you, I just can’t believe we’re going with
Star Wars Toy Tacular Yeah, Toy Yoda Thon didn’t get approved. What! Who didn’t like that? That is gold. People I guess… But we want to know what your favorite Star
Wars Toy of all-time is. I had a breakaway Kenner speeder bike, the
little crash damage one and I used to just slam it into things in my backyard all day
long. You would. Send your favorite to us using the hashtag
BestStarWarsToy, and we’ll feature our favorites here next week. What was yours? It was actually a toy Yoda, a little Yoda. How appropriate
Thanks you guys for watching and may the Force be with you. including their early encounters with that card playing swindler Land ca Land Cat that card playing swindler blahhh…land cat including their early encounters with that card playing You’re looking for the word, Land Cat that card playing swindler Lando Calrissian, the untitled Han Solo ahh!! LAND CAT

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