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hey guys welcome back so today have another romantic dinner idea for you guys and tonight we’re gonna be making Italian and you guys know I love making dishes with a little bit of a twist so we’re gonna be making a lemony truffle alfredo pasta with a super simple plain crispy chicken and one of my favorite salads that I’ve ever made so hopefully you guys enjoy today’s video and you try these recipes out and definitely give the video a thumbs up if you enjoy it and also consider subscribing before you go so today’s video I’m going to be doing a little bit different I wanted to take you guys through a full evening and kind of show you guys how I do everything in chronological order to make things a little bit easier for you at home if you’re gonna try to recreate this and just kind of show you guys in what order I do everything so this year I decided to buy already pre-made chocolate-covered strawberries but you guys can totally make them yourself and then I also found these truffle chocolates they’re so good if you like Napolitan ice cream will definitely love these chocolates so I just cut them in half and just made them look all super cute and I went ahead and stuck that in the fridge and that way I can just pull it out when I’m ready to serve everything and so the very first dish that I made was the salad because this is going to need a little bit of time to marinate and then you can also stick this in the fridge first thing I’m doing is making sure to wash all of my produce that includes the tomatoes to end up getting the ones that had four different colors I just thought it would be such a beautiful presentation and I’m basically just cutting them in half and then if they’re a little bit bigger I went ahead and cut those into four so you just want them to be bite-sized I also went ahead and chopped up some fresh basil what I love about this salad is that you can really make it to your liking so if you like a lot of basil then go for it if not you can just sprinkle a little bit on top we’re going to season our tomatoes and basil with some sea salt also some extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar I would definitely go with an aged balsamic vinegar for this recipe the sweetness is gonna really complement the rest of the flavors so now comes the fun part we’re gonna assemble our salad parfait I’m using martini glasses but definitely feel free to use whatever you have the very bottom I’m using pesto sauce feel free to either make your own or use a store-bought one the next layer is marscapone cheese and this is basically an Italian cream cheese it’s a lot milder than traditional cream cheese and it’s just absolutely delicious they use this a lot and like turn masu recipes but it is savory and flavor and trust me guys when I tell you that it’s just gonna take the salad over the top I put it in as a bulb bag and then I cut the corner off so that I could pipe it into my glass I just thought it made the presentation a little bit nicer on top of that I added my tomato salad making sure to also incorporate some of that balsamic vinegar and then I added these tiny little mozzarella balls are just so cute and they’re so fun I piped a little bit more of that marscapone just I like a little swirl on top and then I added a parsley leaf for a little bit of green and I’m gonna stick these in the fridge until I’m ready to serve them you can also drizzle them with a little bit of balsamic reduction at the top right before you serve them and they are just amazing so the next thing we’re gonna be making is our lemony alfredo with panko crusted chicken so I like to start on the chicken first because the pasta cooks super fast and we’re gonna lay out all the ingredients to add that really beautiful crust to the chicken all we need is a couple of eggs also some plain Japanese panko crumbs and some flour and I always season all of my dipping ingredients the egg the panko and the flour with salt and pepper [Music] so we’re gonna get our chicken breast use whatever you have that has a flat edge that you can kind of just pound that chicken so that it starts to flatten out but what this does is it’s going to help it cook a lot evenly and it’s also gonna cook a lot faster without it burning so now we’re gonna go ahead and season the chicken breast also super important and these are all the seasonings that I’m using if you guys have never tried the Nami seasoning from Trader Joe’s it’s like a mushroom salt it’s a it’s got a little bit of a kick to it it’s not super spicy but it’s so so good and I’ve been using it on like everything but if you don’t have that salt pepper garlic and paprika will do the trick this is one of those dishes where you just have to get your hands dirty so just make sure you have clean hands and start by dipping the chicken and the flour make sure it is fully coated and you can’t see any of that chicken skin peeking through then you’re going to go ahead and dip it and the egg mixture you can use a fork if it gets a little bit too messy and then from there we’re going to roll it around in the panko crumbs again this part is super important you wanna make sure it’s fully coated make sure you get in the little folds and everything and then what you can do is you can stick this in the fridge for about five to 10 minutes just so it can set a little bit while your oil is heating up so this is also a really good opportunity to do a little mini cleanup so that you’re not overwhelmed at the end so I went ahead and added my oil to my pan I used grapeseed oil it fries beautifully it doesn’t get too hot it doesn’t burn your chicken so highly recommend grapeseed oil once I was done with my cleanup session I went ahead and started heating up the water for the pasta because that’s gonna take a little bit of time to come up to a boil as well the important part here is to make sure that you salt your water properly so by now the oil should be nice and hot and I always like to kind of dip a corner of the chicken in and if it starts to bubble then you know that your oil is ready and it should look like this this is how you know your oil was ready and you literally only have to fry it for like 2 to 3 minutes per side so this gave me just enough time to create my Parmesan cheese which honestly I should have done like the night before or earlier on I forgot so you just need enough for the pasta dish and also for the cheesy bread that we’re going to making later also my water for the pasta started boiling by this point so I went ahead and added the pasta to the water and we’re gonna be using pappardelle which is my favorite pasta in the world it’s a little bit wider than your traditional fettuccine pasta but you guys it’s so good if you can finally definitely recommend it if you can’t just use fettuccine pasta that’ll do the trick you want to make sure to cook the pasta al dente so the package said from 11 to 13 minutes and I cook it for 10 minutes so sometimes in between those 10 minutes your chicken it should be almost done and once it starts to get that golden color on one side that’s when we know that it’s time to flip it and then cook it for another two to three minutes and once it is fully cooked you can go ahead and remove it from the heat and just make sure to either lay it on paper towel or somewhere where it can kind of strain some of that grease off of it and if your pastas not cooked at this point you can actually stick that chicken in the oven at like 170 degrees so that it can stay a warm the pasta should be almost done and now we’re just gonna make the sauce so I’m actually gonna be using the same pant that I cook the chicken for the sauce because I don’t want to dirty another pant honestly so I went ahead and just remove that grease and you can use like a mason jar and just save it for later just be really really careful to this oil is super hot like I said the sauce is gonna be some very similar to Alfredo with a little bit of a twist so we’re gonna need some heavy whipping cream Parmesan cheese also some red chili flakes for some spice lemon zest also some black truffle oil this is going to add so much depth to this dish so to make the sauce you want to make sure your pan is super hot so I have it on like medium-high heat I added half butter and half of that truffle oil and we’re gonna be sauteing our pancetta in there the pancetta adds a really nice saltiness to this dish without it being overly salty the way that regular bacon is so right when you start to see that pancetta starts to brown you’re gonna add your garlic and also your red chili flakes if you guys don’t want to make this spicy definitely feel free to omit this part but yeah this definitely does give it a nice little kick and we’re gonna saute that for about 30 seconds so until you can start to smell that garlic [Music] and then immediately after we’re gonna add our lemon juice be careful because of the oil in there it might kind of sprinkle a little bit and then we’re gonna go ahead and add our vermouth remove those a type of wine it’s honestly just gonna take your sauce over the top if we’re gonna let that cook on medium low that some of that alcohol can evaporate then we’re gonna go ahead and remove our pasta from the pasta water set it aside and hang on to that pasta water because we’re gonna need a little bit later to mount the sauce and yeah and I also added the cream to my sauce and I’m gonna let that simmer on really low heat and I also added just a little bit of lemon zest the lemon just adds such a nice brightness and I’m gonna go ahead and make a cheesy bread to go with this so I’m making my mixture with butter just a little bit of truffle oil Parmesan cheese mozzarella cheese garlic of course dice a garlic already and parsley and we’re just gonna mix that up and meanwhile I do have my bread in the oven just kind of toasting a little bit at 400 degrees it only toasted for about one to two minutes while I prepped everything and then I go ahead and spread that mixture onto each piece of bread and this literally takes like seven minutes in the oven so I do like to do it once the sauce is almost ready so that everything is gonna be served at the same time if you want the chase to get kind of brown then after it has completely melted put it on broil for one to two minutes and that’s gonna create that really beautiful brown crust [Music] so while that’s in the oven we’re going back to our sauce and it should be a little bit thicker by this point and now we can go ahead and add our Parmesan cheese once all of that cheese melt in there it’s a perfect time to do a taste test and you can add pepper salt if it needs it you can also add more truffle oil at this point if you feel like it needs it you want a creamy consistency with this sauce you don’t want it to be super runny but you also don’t want it to be super thick if you find that it gets too thick you can go ahead and add some of that pasta water and yeah that is it you guys our sauce is ready our chicken is ready our bread it should be just about ready so we can go ahead and add our noodles into the sauce it just gives them a good mix and this is what they should look like nicely coated with that sauce and we can cut up our chicken you guys see how one chicken breast comes out so large so you can actually just make one and split it between two people just kind of depending if you’re big eaters or not [Music] definitely set your table at the gettin of the evening not at the end like I did but we’re here now and also don’t forget to put your wine or whatever you’re drinking in the fridge so it can chill but I do always like to have an ice bucket just so I can stay cold thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed today’s video again give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe if you’re new and I will talk to you guys in my next video [Music]

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