Romantic Halloween Dinner

hello this is Jackie from the Dave Forsyth
band with quick flip decor and today we are going to do a romantic Halloween and
you know what it takes because everybody’s gonna do it a little bit
differently you’re gonna do it a little bit differently your friends might do it
differently not to worry about that trick is to
gather a few items that you might want to use have some things that are black a
table covering and copper I have chair covers and copper things that you’ve
collected throughout the years if you have any black silverware with black
ends that’s great if not just regular silverware will do if you have any black
dishes lovely if not don’t worry about it use white or orange or yellow
anything like that we work for your table setting you will put together a
table with a little romance tablescape do whatever you need to make it simple
but fun I took a branch there’s some fall leaves
in here it’s very very simple you can get these little wooden cutouts from the
dollar store whatever you see you paint them up a little bit
stick a little twig and a little vase you need a couple of pumpkins some of
them real some of them faux whatever you have just use it now the trick is more gauth and less gore hear that noise and it sounds like psycho shower scene about
to happen don’t worry about it it’s not it’s just Charlie it’s making his
presence known what I have used I have used ribbon
sparkly ribbon nice for fall doesn’t take very much I’ve got a little bit of
festive pumpkin fabric now copper works well for this look nice it a little bit
of shine little of a sheen a little bit of fringe if you have lovely Halloween
decorations that’s awesome these have a satin color to them and
show up very well in your decor a lot of black that I’m using but I’m brightening
it up with the orange have some fun with a twig and little decorations this is
like a twig look it doesn’t take very much you put it over your fireplace and
you can use it all year round just decorate it up a little bit differently
have some autumn looks some orange lighting so I have white and orange mini
lights these little feather masks you can get they’re pretty cool you just use
them in your display there’s some stars you want to use some candle lights now
don’t forget to light the candles pour a little bit of wine and serve the appetizer now made some
little crackers and this is black garlic it’s delicious I’ve got my black garlic
at the vitaly health store in st. albert very delicious and very healthy and some
strawberries to make that look kind of sweet you can throw some cheese on there
and you have your appetizer all ready for you keep your dinner simple the meal
that you know your honey loves that will do it have a little red wine and cheers
to you this is the Jackie and Charlie Forsyth with quick flip decor and a
romantic Halloween

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