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– Hi, guys, I’m Amy Pham, and welcome to The Sneak Peek Show. The show where we gather as family to talk about tonight’s
television line-up on MTV. And speaking of families, up first we’ve got a
sneak peek of tonight’s Jersey Shore Family Vacation. But what are we waiting for? Let it roll. – I felt so uncomfortable. – I don’t wanna talk to her anymore because I’m afraid I’m
gonna slip up, not knowing. – No you won’t, you’re not that dumb. – I have feeling that something
bad’s gonna happen tonight. – Yes. (calm music plays) (white noise of a restaurant) – What you thinking ’bout? – I wish I could get in the jacuzzi. – What? – I wish I could get in the jacuzzi. Sounds so good.
– It’s too hot, right? – Has it even been used yet? – Huh? – Has anybody got in it yet? – What? – The jacuzzi. – Uh, just the first night when
all those people came back. All those girls or whatever. Vinn offered out the jacuzzi services… – Yeah. – Yeah. – Were you in there? Doing what?
– Yeah. – But that’s not all from the Jersey crew. Today we’re celebrating
Throw Back Thursday by remembering our fave,
or most embarrassing, fashions from our past selves. Mine would be my sleeveless
turtleneck and overall combo. Vinny, care to share yours? – Every season of Jersey Shore is an entire fashion regret. All the bedazzled and the Ed Hardy, and the Affliction, and
what was I thinking? I thought they were dope, I’m like “Yo, do you see this bedazzles? Look at this bedazzled cross and the wings and the crucifix here, and the skull. Yo, you see this skull babe?” Stop. – Oh yes, I remember those shirts. Can’t say I ever thought
they were your best look, but to each his own. You’ve come so far, my friend. Speaking of going far,
here’s a look at tonight’s Ex On the Beach, in which Angela goes far to hurt someone she once cared about. Everyone better get out of the way. – I want to make this
perfectly clear moving forward. Me and you are done. You had enough time to tell Cory but you didn’t have time to tell me? – Because we were gonna talk about you. – Yeah, because you’re f*cking fake. – Yeah, yeah, (mumbles). – Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re f*cking fake! – That’s you, that’s you. Why’re you acting like
that, why is you always… – You’re a joke.
– No. – You’re a joke, bro.
– No, that’s not… – You know, I should’ve stayed
with my f*cking ex (mumbles). – Yeah, you gon’ keep saying
that cause you are trying to hurt me, so you’re just
throwing shots my way. – I’m letting you know that
you’re going to be f*cking hurting when you see me with
other people in this house. – Why, why? – And I’m gonna get you back. – Why, yo? – And I’m gonna get you back for that. – Why, yo? – You care about me so I’m gonna go out of my way to hurt you. Lying ass piece of sh*t. – The whole faith in tuh-rad-dade… No, no, Angela… Like, if you’re gonna be real, Angela never stopped… – [Angela knocks on Door] Let me in. – Oh, wow. – You were supposed to wait for me. Talk to the devil. You were supposed to wait, move over. So selfish. – Oh wow. – What’s good, D-rock? – You tell me what’s good? – Oh my god, what, stop it. – Who would’ve thought this? – (energetic pop music) – Wow, Angela is on a mission and no one should get in her way. I will definitely stay out of her way as I watch all of the drama unfold from the comfort of my own couch at 9/8 Central, on MTV. That’s all for today, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and feel free to let
all of your feelings out using the comment section below. Think of is as your very own diary. Except it’s public. Just something to remember. Oh, and I almost forgot! We’ve got an all new
Catfish special tomorrow, so check back here for your sneak peek. See ya, then! Bye!

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  1. IS THAT A TRANNY?? HER BROW AND JAWLINE IS STRONGER THAN HIS. And hes a swoll muscular masculine Alpha male. It looks and talks like one and its got a fake nose and lips. Can't tell with these really ugly busted plastic face broads 23-35 years old these days.

  2. This seems so scripted. Their acting is cringy. Lol Ronnie spits out his food when she mentions jacuzzi. And she mentions that out of thin air. How does anyone watch this garbage

  3. This whole season has been about ronnie this and ronnie that. Throughout all the episodes they all talk about how ronnie fucked up. Like okay we get it who cares about ronnie! Give me some new content

  4. does anyone know the name of the song that was playing when jen was leaving towards the end of the episode?

  5. Damn now I see why Sammie ain’t stay wit his hoe ass 🙄 I’m glad she had the courage to move forward and not look back

  6. lol jen is soooo dumb for a lot of reasons, i mean she is dumb plus literally no education whatsoever and ugh her voice is annoying af

  7. That girl he cheated with was ugly as hell, but then again heaters don't care they just need their dick wet lmao

  8. Jens fuckin hottttttttt😍😍💣💣💥💥🌋🔥🔥🔥 Dump Ronnie. He's not done playing the club scene

  9. Why would we possibly need to bring back these brainless egotistical wastes of oxygene to television? Crap like this show are exactly the reason people stopped watching "Music" Television. The network is joke now.

  10. I am not suprised is typical for the white woman being a hoe.
    I just hope that brother gets over that bitch.

  11. They ALL look horrible but ironically mike is the only person I have come to respect. Props to him for getting sober & committed to one woman. She’s matured a lot unlike the rest of the losers.

  12. The best thing two low class ratchet drug addicts should do is make a baby and torture us with their drama for 18 years.

  13. Again Ron's a narcissist. On the other hand she's a step down majorly from Sammy. At least Sam wasn't a stuck up witch.

  14. I have seen pictures of Jen Harley where she actually did look better then Sammi. Jen Harley dragging Ronnie from his car while he is still buckled in, and there is blood all over. She got charged in Las Vegas for a mistaminer battery only. She should be charged with attempted murder no matter what Ronnie did with any girl. She's a psycho! Ronnie and Sammi fought over EVERYTHING! I really would hate to see all of that fighting again too! The entire incident is crazy. Would if Ronnie would have been run over by the car instead of just drug by it.

  15. most married people cant stand each other after just 6 months      Its a  big gamble like playing rush and roulette              Only 20% of couples are happy after being stuck together over 1 year       Single people are normally much more happier   gl you guys

  16. Ronnie siempre fue un mujeriego y le jugó chueco a Sam y ahora siento que le llegó el Karma con está tipa, espero que el madure mentalmente ya que es papá y que el mejor ejemplo de respeto que puede tener su hija como mujer vendrá de sus padres sobre todo de su papá que tanto el se de respeto como sepa respetar a los demás, sobre todo a la mujer que no es objeto sexual si no persona.

  17. Sam is the real queen. She chose to stay out of there and I am so glad she did. The show is fake and scripted anyway but their feelings do get hurt for real sometimes.

  18. He's a cheating dirt bag
    There both so wrong for each other everyone feels so bad for ron but I deff don't he sets out to cheat knowing he's cheating but yet is surprised when Jen goes insane for finding out

  19. Legit my fiancés family who live in inner city Chicago, hate her and call her a hood rat. They say she would fit right in with the others

  20. Ron needs stay single he can't stay faithful to any girl. Sammy was smart to leave when she did. I think ron is fakest one in the house. I can't stand him and his cheating ways. He deserves everything his gf does to him.
    Bcuz he's pos. They both love drama they feed off each other.
    He likes crazy jealous girls.

  21. People act like you need to stay with your baby mama just because you have a child with her but newsflash everyone, you can co-parent without being in a relationship. Ronnie and Jen don’t have any connection at all, I honestly feel like they’re only together for their baby. Ronnie needs someone he has an actual connection with, someone who he can trust and have deep conversations with. He had that with Sam but he ruined it. It’s never too late for him to find someone else. Sam did it and so can he. I just want the both of them to be happy.

  22. Lmao at the girl at the end, she said shes gonna get that guy back and end up making out with another guy, jokes on u it just makes u look like a slut in front of the world. I doubt u care though, typical slut.

  23. Wow haven't watched this in ages saw it in recommend but damn that is a grenade as they call it that Ronnie picked up. Better throw that away

  24. They both are the problem and honestly shes trash. Shes a straight hoe and so is he and it will never work out. She's a mother! She needs to take the high road but no she leaves her baby with him who she talks about constantly. If you feel that way why would you leave your kid with him? You cant just blame ronnie.

  25. Ronnie has to be one of the lamest dudes I have ever seen. I see his roid connect dried up he shrunk alot.

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