Ros survived to celebrate another Christmas

I’m a mum of 3 kids. I’ve been married to Ian for 32 years. I just love live itself. The Saturday, I went to the
movies with my daughter, then I went to the footy. Came home late that night
and the Sunday morning I collapsed and was unresponsive. While I was in the shower,
I heard a noise. By the time I picked
up my clothes, walked into the other part
of the house where the laundry is, I found Ros,
collapsed on the floor. Immediately there was no response,
I noticed, so I rang triple 000 straight away. There’s absolutely no doubt that bystander CPR saves lives, and in this case that early
recognition of cardiac arrest, Ian being home to
hear Ros collapse and start CPR immediately, and calling triple 000 as early as he could,
saved Ros’ life. As a result, Ros is here
today for Christmas. He said, “Okay, we’ll have to do
some resuscitation now.” And then the doorbell went. I just bolted to the front door, opened
the door and there’s the firies there WIthout them, the outcome might have
been a lot different, I think. The firies and the ambos, fantastic
effort, because a lot of them worked on Ros that
day, it was fantastic. Without the CFA and the paramedics, I wouldn’t be here. And thank you to Ian for ringing triple 000, because without them I wouldn’t be here, sharing Christmas with family.

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