Ross’s fun-filled Beg-A-Thon!

PATREON! Hi, I’m Ross Scott, the
creator of Freeman’s Mind, Civil Protection, Ross’s Game
Dungeon, and other videos. [zombie growling]
[“YEAH! HIT ‘EM WITH THE SHOVEL! [zombie growling]
[“THE SHOVEL! USE BOTH YOUR HANDS! [zombie growling]
[“THE SHOVEL!”] Now, this video is a little different because it’s not meant
for my usual audience. Over time, I’ve had at
least… seven people say I should set up a Patreon campaign
so they can pay me more money. …I don’t understand it either!
So, this is for you guys, at the expense of everybody else who
doesn’t want to see these kinds of videos. Now, if the image of some hairy
guy saying he’ll take your money is good enough for you, then here’s a link
you can click on and I’ll take you money. HOORAY! But, some of you may want
to know little things, like: Why is this not a Patreon link? What am I going to use this money for? Can you defeat me in combat? Excellent questions.
I’ll answer all that I can. Right now, I make most of
my income through YouTube. Let me be the first
to say: this is stupid. I sort of fell into this by accident. Before this, I worked many different
jobs. Most of them “hell jobs”. I’ve worked as phone tech support, a
kitchen steward, a security guard– [deep voice] Security! [regular voice]
–grunt work for an entomology department, and, under the table, yard
work and home construction. I can’t even say which one was worst because they were all awful
in completely different ways. For example, would you rather
be covered in ticks every day or only sleep five hours a night? So, making videos for a living
was never really my plan. This isn’t a Plan B. What I’m doing
right now is more like a Plan J or K. I’m kind of amazed I’ve been
able to keep it going this long. And you know what?
I think YouTube is, too. Making money from YouTube is
kind of like flying a sputtering plane that you think might crash but manages
to just barely stay above ground. Except nowadays, I feel like
the plane is also on fire. Now, some people can produce great
videos every week or every few days and I don’t know how they do it. I’ve tried every shortcut I can think of
and it never gets me to where I need to be. It’s been about three years since
my last big income drop on YouTube and the only time I’ve made enough to get
by comfortably and not worry about things, was last year, for one month, when I was
finishing the finale of Freeman’s Mind. During that time, I was spending
every waking moment on the videos. So, in other words, if I
work 80- to 100-hours a week, on my most popular series, during
one of the most popular months, then, yeah, I can get by okay, but anything less, no, forget it. It’s like jogging in quicksand. Aaaaaaah! So, this video is me pressing my luck. Honestly, I kind of hate
making videos like this. I mean, yeah, this
background is pretty sweet, but I’d rather make a video
more people want to watch, rather than going,
“Hey, how ’bout some money, huh?” Because everybody likes that, right? The thing is, I don’t think
I DESERVE money for this. I’m not practicing medicine
or building a bridge. I’m making strange comedies
and talking about video games. Oh, yeah. That’s real pillar
of society stuff right there. Y’know, at his trial, Socrates said he thought he deserved free
meals provided by the city and they sentenced him to death,
so it’s good to keep perspective. I took a personality test before that
stereotyped me as a mad scientist and, yeah, I can kind of see that. I sometimes focus on a project to the
point where I neglect everything else. Does this look like the face of a
man who is financially motivated? If Dr. Frankenstein runs out of funds, do
you think he’ll just give up on science? It would set him back. He’d have to sell the castle, fire Fritz,
but he would get a shack or something, and find some way to get more body parts
so he could continue his experiments. Well, I’m a lot like that. Right now, I have three basic goals in life: One– Make “The Movie”. For those that don’t know, I’ve been working on a full-length movie that I think will blow away
every other video I’ve done. It’s going to be a comedy-adventure
set in a medieval fantasy environment and contains some of my
absolute best material. If I could only make one
more video, this would be it. It is still years out, though, so
this is a real long-term thing. Two– Make more videos. I have all kinds of ideas for videos. In fact, most of the videos I have made are kind of tame compared to
all the stuff I have in my head. Problem is, usually the better the
idea, the longer it takes to make, so I’m compromising all the time. That’s kind of the idea behind
the movie. I won’t be for that. In any event, I haven’t gotten
to half the things I want to do. And number three– Survive. Now, believe it or not, these other two goals, don’t actually take that much
money. They mostly just need time. But, this third one here, that’s the
one that just keeps coming back at me. It messes with everything else. Sort of. Like, don’t even worry the movie. Even if this fundraiser goes to hell,
I’ll still find a way to make that happen, eventually, because I REALLY
want to make this movie. But, dammit, I want to eat
more. But only a little bit. Like, if I’ve eaten, I think,
yeah, I’d rather make the movie, but if I haven’t eaten, then… I’ve had some people think
that I’m a millionaire before. That’s not exactly accurate, but hey,
this video’s talking about money, why don’t I just
tell you how much I make? Well, the most money I’ve ever
earned in my life has been $36,000, so not quite a millionaire, but that
was just for one year, many years ago, under really specific conditions. Still, I felt like royalty
when I was earning that much. I wasn’t even accepting donations then. If I was earning anything close to that
now, I wouldn’t even be making this video. Nowadays, and for the past few years, my pay
has been hovering around $15,000-$19,000. Now, depending on what part
of the world you live in, that can still be a lot of money. For where I am, that means
I’m not quite making it. But what scares me is, with
the way YouTube is going, I think I’m going to
making half that next year. So, how have I been getting by? Well, any time I have a surplus of income,
it’s like a powerup in a video game. I make that last as loooong as
possible and just riiiide it out so I can hopefully bring
things back up again later. In fact, a lot of you probably
know I had a fundraiser before to get an SSD to increase
the quality of the videos. I was asking for $500 to make that happen, and instead, received
about $18,000! Holy crap! I am STILL riding off of that and
I think it’ll last me another year, so I’m fine right now. It’s the part AFTER that
that keeps me awake at night. And, this is an easy
target, but I love using it: compare that to the Kickstarter board game
“The Doom That Came to Atlantic City”. The guy in charge of that raised $122,000,
took the money, moved to Portland– because that’s economical– then ran out of all of it after a year
with absolutely nothing to show for it. Now, eventually, another company
picked up the pieces of his disaster, but the point is, the last
time I got money from people, not only did I make the
videos I said I was going to, but I’m about 17-times
more efficient with money than a fly-by-night Kickstarter
project with delusions of grandeur. So, what do you get if you send money? After all, Patreon campaigns
usually have prizes, right? Well, I’d love to give everybody
posters and balloons and puppets, but I’m kind of at a full
capacity with my time as it is. I think if I were to give everyone prizes,
I wouldn’t have time for the videos. I’m really not a businessman at heart. I always prefer to just give out
all the stuff for free if I can. I have to intentionally fight my instincts to
withhold something I made from the audience. So, yeah, I’m not very good at this
make-people-give-you-money thing, but what I will do is make some promises. First, I promise to keep making videos as
long as nothing catastrophic is happening, either personal or global. I say this because say aliens have invaded
and are scooping people up by the truckload. I may have to stop making videos so
I can train for guerrilla warfare. So, I don’t want people to think, “Oh, you broke your promise.
Now you’re fighting aliens.” I want to keep making videos for decades, so as long as nothing
life-crippling is going on, I’m going to keep making more. Second, I promise any money you send will
go towards either food, rent, or the videos. And no loopholes either. I don’t live an especially lavish lifestyle, I won’t use money for any extravagant costs, so if I ever need more than that, I should
get it another way. Not from your money. So, if you send me anything, I’m not going
to go out and buy gold spinners for my car. Third, this one isn’t a promise
so much as a general plan. If I’m taking money from people, I want to start having monthly
video chats with all the fans. I’ll let you know what I’m doing
and you can ask me any questions. I figure the best thing I can do is be
transparent so you know what’s going on. I’ll have more information on that later. Fourth, I try my best to personally
thank everyone who donates. Sometimes I get emails bounced back, so
I figure those people are secret agents and they need to cover their tracks, but I
figure it’s cool; they know they donated. Okay, I’m sure some people are wondering, if this is a Patreon campaign, why am I
linking to my website and not Patreon? Well, I looked into it, and due to
where I live and how my taxes work, if I were to go through Patreon,
I could have a LOT more paperwork, and would definitely get less money. In fact, I made a chart here. This shows how much money I
actually get to keep from Patreon versus just donating on my site. That’s kind of a big difference. I mean the whole point of this campaign
is to get more money to keep going. Like, if these were stats in an RPG,
you’d definitely go with the ax. Okay, so now I’m sounding like a damned
infomercial, but if you want to help, you can just go to the site and donate
once or do a recurring monthly payment. I mean, that monthly thing is nice
because then I can see the future– –but I’ll take whatever I can get. Now, I admit, these incentives are kind of
lame compared to other things out there, but hey, we’ll get to live chat each month;
maybe we can figure out something better. And, I’ve said this before,
but I want to say it again: If any of you are having financial
difficulty, don’t donate. Seriously. I’m happy for money but not if I have to wring it out of
people who need it more than I do. You get the videos either way. In fact, I don’t want anyone to
feel like they HAVE to donate. You don’t owe me anything. This here is just the last stop
before more extreme solutions. That said, there is one type of
person whom I DO want donate. When I was working on the
phones doing tech support, there was one person that called in who had
been paying for premium Internet access, I want to say about $110-$120 a month. They had been doing this
for two- to three-years, but their account showed that they
had never activated it before, so, in other words, they were finally getting around to
using their Internet for the first time after having paid thousands for it
for years, never using it at all. If this sounds like something you would
do, I want you to sign up immediately. Select the recurring payment option and
just pick a number you’re comfortable with. You can come back and check
the videos any time you want. Maybe you’re the kind of person
has all your bills automated; you have so much money you don’t even know
half the stuff you’re paying for each month. If that’s you, make a
recurring donation right now. You can do it once and forget all
about it! Everything will be fine. Finally, I want to say I really appreciate
just about any help people give me. Hey, a lot of you have played Half-Life. You know that part where you’re
swimming in this flooded corridor and you’re running out of air and
you think you’re going to drown, but then you find a room with
a pocket of air inside it? For me, every donation is like that. [gasps] I want to thank everyone who has donated
or will donate; it’s all more air for me. Okay, that’s it! I’d like to end this with a
quote that’s always stuck with me and it really captures the spirit
of what I’m trying to do here. In the game Vampire: The Masquerade –
Bloodlines, when making a character, one of the career backgrounds
is for a “Cut-Rate Party Clown”. Here’s what they have to say: “It was just supposed to be until you put
things back together after Evelyn left you. “Here it is 3 years
and 3,246 scotches later. “Somehow you’ve kept this gig
going without one repeat customer. “Truly, America is the
greatest nation on earth.” [music] [struggling, growling]
[Subtitles by danielsangeo]

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