Ruling party, government agree on aggressive fiscal measures; extra budget to be submitted on Friday

South Korea’s ruling party and the
government have agreed on the need for a swift and aggressive fiscal injection to
help tackle the cove 8:19 outbreak the two sides met this morning to discuss a
supplementary budget which the government aims to submit to the
National Assembly by the end of this workweek now the exact size has yet to
be determined but officials say that there are forecasting more than the 5.1
billion u.s. dollars that was set aside to handle the 2015 MERS outbreak listen
to this we have the dual task of curving the corona virus outbreak as well as
preventing a shrink in economy the extra budget will be the first step to dealing
with those two tasks in order to take care of the issues we will need a
significant fiscal injection the two sides agree that the money should be
directed to the most urgent areas such as quarantine measures and helping small
businesses hurt by the outbreak funds will also be set aside for the hardest
hit areas like the southeastern city of Daegu and Kong Songbook de Provence
they said it’s important that people feel the impact of the extra budget
especially the vulnerable the ruling party and the government aims to have
the bill passed before the current National Assembly session ends on March

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  1. They should use the money to fight the Coronavirus instead of trying ways to divert money in their own pockets! Corrupt politicians! Anyone who gains money or politics out of others suffering should be put in prison!

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