RuneScape JMods react to Brazilian food (10 Year Community Anniversary)

HUE JMODS TRY BRAZILIAN FOOD COXINHA Looks like a fuzzy little teardrop. Looks like a dumpling. I don’t know how you call it in English, but it’s like one of these fish and chips stuff. It looks like a small pear. It’s not a pear. But I assume it’s probably cheese. That’s really good! Chicken? Chicken? Is it chicken? It’s actually stuffed with chicken. -Really?
-Yes. Only chicken? It’s good! Doesn’t taste like chicken though, at all. It’s nice. I like it. It’s good. CHUCHU This is the next dish. Looks like a galia melon. Looks like some kind of fruit. A cross between avocado and melon or something. Go for it. Do you like it? Not bad actually. It’s not bad. It’s just… It’s not what I expected. This is the name of what you’re eating. CORAÇÃO DE FRANGO This is your next dish. This is probably some dodgy stuff. Some what? The sinister person in me looks and goes “Are these little hearts on a skewer?”. It has some chew to it, isn’t it? What do you think? It’s chicken. How can you tell? Because it has the texture of chicken, I think. And it tastes like chicken. It tastes better than what it smells like. Very tender meat. That’s actually the chicken heart. Yes. Really? Yes. It’s like I’ve just devoured the soul of my enemy. Like such is the usual weekend, really. How do you find them? Lovely. -Yeah?
-Yeah! Through your nose. Yes. That’s it. PÃO DE QUEIJO This is your next dish. Now it looks a bit like a bready dumpling. It looks like Windbeutel. Yes. There’s a German confectionery thing that is sweet and filled with cream. It looks a bit like it, but probably not. It smells very not sweet. It smells cheesy. Yeah, I like these. Yeah, me too. Tastes like oil. Like olive oil. Is that olive bread? Dough balls. Yeah, that’s very cheesy. I’ll put it all. Yeah. Cheesy. Of course it’s cheese! Yeah! What are they called? How do you say that? That’s a very important word for you to get right. Nasal. I’m not going to make this word. Like, nasal. BRIGADEIRO Is this the final one? Where’s my guinea pig? I’ve been looking forward to this. I saw these scattered around the office earlier. You told me I’d eat guinea pigs. You are the guinea pig. Oh, I am the guinea pig. This should be some sort of chocolatey thing. Like some sort of nice chocolate mousse. It’s squidgy. But so far I’m convinced it’s not. You will trick us. I’m hoping this is like condensed milk fudge stuff. You’re in chocolate heaven. I’m disappointed at the lack of churros, but apart from that… Churros are not Brazilian. What? It’s surprisingly pleasant so I’m waiting for what the twist is. No. There is no twist. I couldn’t eat a lot of them. But those hearts, I could eat all day long. It’s tasty. It’s just my arteries are clogging. Brilliant. It’s just chocolate. Yes! Hi, folks. PT-BR team speaking here. We just wanted to thank you for all these ten years of RuneScape. Without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating such an important milestone in the history of this game we love so much. So, from all of us… Thank you and here’s to the next ten years! Watch out for Geofredo, man! I didn’t hit him, did I? Don’t kill the poor critter! Oh, baby.

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  1. As a brazilian RuneScape player for 10 years this was really funny. The mods face eating brigadeiro was really good haha!
    Congratz to the brazilian crew at Jagex!


    **And yes, I really hate Brazil's president

  2. Precisamos de um servidor PT-BR Old School!!! Urgentemente! Façam algo a nosso favir pelo Amor de Deus! Eu imploro!

  3. Brazilian, Runescape player since 2007, got a runescape tattoo last week and we DESERVE SOUTH AMERICA SERVER on osrs! It’s terrible to play when u can’t make a move as fast as everyone else

  4. Achei interessante o vídeo e o apreço pela comunidade brasileira e à nossa culinária. Espero que esse ato amistoso se reflita em um servidor sul-americano, a maior prova de respeito que poderiam dar a nós que participamos de atividades PvM e PvP com uma séria desvantagem, graças ao nosso ping ridiculamente alto, superior a 1/4 de tick.

    Comunidade BR osrs clama por um servidor SA!

  5. Valeu galera! Jogo incrível, voltei faz um ano (capa de 10 anos ja garantida hehe) e tô reaprendendo tudo. Só falta por membro hehe

  6. Mod Mark are you ok? I hope the beard is something that you love and not because you are depressed or anything like that.

  7. Muito legal e divertido o vídeo fico feliz por lembrarem da gente, jogo a uns 14 anos, so gostaria que melhorassem o ping para ficar perfeito

  8. Obrigado a vcs, Equipe Br! Rune é fantástico, profundo, complexo e cheio de conteúdo. O server SA não seria nada mau, mas só de ter os mundos Br com a maior parte do conteúdo traduzido e adaptado pra nós já é ótimo! Eu tento convencer meus amigos a jogar na esperança de que a comunidade continue crescendo e fique firme sempre! Parabéns pelo trabalho o/

  9. we went from useful patch notes about runescape to j mods eating food …. nice bring back mod lee at least he talked about the game

  10. Me mostraram essa maravilha de game 1 mês depois do lançamento do servidor PT-BR depois disso virou um casamento e to ai, o game que mais tempo me dedico, 10 anos…é muito amor por Runescape

  11. that nasalized ão ãe sound gets all foreigners… including spanish speakers, since it's absent in spanish.

    the word PÃO is quite tricky… since if it's pronounced wrongly, it will sound like PAU, which means stick or… err… dick.

  12. Jagex could at least comment on our requests.

    They ignore us in reddit, forums and other media and appear here celebrating something that doesn't work?

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