(7 drops of light) (Falls from the sky) (poof) (glitch) (Unidentified Conehead fell from the sky) (Alien language?) Where is this place? (Conehead Alien, KwangSoo) Could this place be… Earth? (First encountered mysterious creature
on a strange planet) Where is this place? Are you… a human? (Another alien crash landing on earth) I told you to drive properly!
I fell somewhere else! (Muscle Elf JongKook) (Short-hair alien’s crash landing) I used to live next to that sun What kind of planet is this?
(Ajumma style alien, Gary) (Weird alien with a half bald hairstyle) (Kiddo alien, HaHa) What’s this poop smell? (Out of all the places,
he fell next to the cowshed) (Aliens who fell on Earth while dozing) (Purple Alien Princess, JiHyo) Teacher Hadong… Choi Cham Pan House? (From the outer space) (Falls the Grasshopper) Is this Earth? (Andro-Grasshopper, JaeSeok) (Why did they fall on Earth?) Nice to meet you Where is this place? (beep beep beep beep) Emergency! Emergency! Currently, you have crash landed on planet Earth what? Go to the meet place where the R flag is at Is this place called Earth? I have to go to where the R flag is Let’s go! (This is the front-side of the face) (bizarre) Why did I fall on this land? My people … Where are my colleagues? Oh, Gary! Why did this happen? Where did we fall at? Why am I suddenly speaking
in the ancient Korean style? I don’t know either! (Ancient Korean house background + Alien make over
bringing confusion to their character setting) what? What’s this.. (Golden Muscle Elf, JongKook) Brother, are you a woman? Why do we keep crashing landing? I don’t know I’m confused about whether a you’re woman or a man What is this, brother? What is your character? I don’t know Gary, I’m Gary Oldman I’m Gari-opatra You’re eyebrows… What happened to your eyebrows? nice to meet you I knew there was something
that made you become more handsome What are you, brother? I don’t know… Am I Legolas? What is Legolas? The guy who shoots arrows
in the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – Does he have a beard?
– No, but I have a beard Hey! It’s Grasshopper! (A real Grasshopper is here) JiHyo is cute! She’s just cute You’re not an alien I’m an alien too! from ‘The Fifth Element’ (On the other hand, Cosmic Grasshopper’s
appearance is so hard to get used to) Did you wear sunglasses to be less embarrassed?
Take them off I originally need to wear them – Take them off!
– I can put them on or take them off whenever I want to It looks the same! He looks exactly the same Gary, are you a ajumma or what? I’m Gari-opatra You have something smudged here Hey, let’s go find the R flag! – it’s over there!
– Quickly find it using your antenna Who is that? It’s a Conehead, Conehead! Don’t come near me! Isn’t he a Fish Roe soup? Wow, it’s a fish roe soup! It looks delicious Hey, Fish Roe Soup! (Looks like its full eggs) Hey, I want to eat it Hey, where is SeokJin? SeokJin oppa! – He’s coming!
– He’s coming, he’s coming what is that? (Looks like they’ve seen something
that they should’t have seen) (Most extraordinary appearance) Did you get hit on your nose? Why do you have such a strong appearance? what? Why are you so normal? Did you get hit on your nose last night JaeSeok, this is my nose (Stuttering) It’s hard for me to look at you straight SeokJin’s make over is the best You guys have to eat the cookies
that are on the moving treadmill Set the order of the players and eat as much as you can Next player will continue eating the cookies,
it’s a faithful relay game You guys have eat 100 cookies in total – 100 cookies?
– 100 cookies? In order for you guys to succeed,
all 7 of you have to eat 100 cookies in total Show me them the basket What kind of cookie is it? Oh, that? You have to eat 100 cookies
before this whole basket of cookies run out Can you put the sound effect for me later Boop boop! Oppa’s nose is keep falling (Foot on dining table) Don’t put your foot there! Why do you keep putting your foot on our dining table? I’m not going to eat – You didn’t learn your manners!
– I’m sorry Let’s go! It’s starting! It’s fast! It’s fast! (0 cookies, SeokJin) Is there a time limit? He can’t even eat one! (Finally he now gets to taste the cookie) Seven, eight, nine! Keep eating, please! (Dropping a mass of cookies) (But only ate one) (Ting) – Get out! Next!
– How many did you eat? (2nd runner, Gari-opatra) (Looks like a frilled-neck lizard) Hey, isn’t it difficult? Gary is good at this It’s difficult because your back hurts He ate a lot! (‘If food fell from the treadmil’l) – Give me a lot! Give me a lot! Give me a lot!
– That’s a bonus chance! (3rd runner, HaHa, ​​super concentrated) That’s right (30% of the basket already used) Good! Eat a lot, Gary He’s doing similar to how I did,
why were you guys so mean to me only Gary, you’re doing great! He’s sucking them all It looks like you’re vacuuming them next! next! (Gary successfully eats 14 cookies,
they’ve eaten 20 out of 100 cookies) (3rd runner, HaHa) (Wow~ He’s good!) He’s mouth is too small, too small Haha’s mouth is small (Eating the cookies with his small mouth) Still he’s good at this Now you get the gist of it, right? Wow, that’s right You have to suck them in!
Look at him, he’s good! He’s really like a vacuum cleaner Good job! (HaHa made a big accomplishment) Good! Good! next! next! (HaHa eats 19 cookies,
30 out of 100 cookies eaten) (4th runner, JiHyo) Why do they all bounce off? You have to suck them like a vacuum! That’s right! Good! (Loading a bunch of cookies) Bonus!! Don’t close your mouth! Open your mouth! (Rioting Conehead) (80% of the cookies in the basket is already used) (5th runner, JaSeok) Put your head down further! It’s harder than I thought Brother, drink them! Good, good He now gets it (His advantageous protruding mouth,
sucking all the cookies in) Drink them, drink them He’s so accurate How many did he get? Eat a lot! bonus! bonus! bonus! (Here it comes!) (Couldn’t get any) (Whole basket of cookies is already used!) (1st Round, got 53 out of 100 cookies, FAIL) Someone who is good at this should do this There is no good or bad at doing this A person with a big mouth is advantageous A person with a big mouth Now, ready (2nd Round START) Eat them all! Eat them all! (All the cookies are going into his mouth!) here! here! (Ooh, very agile!) He ate a lot! (Mouth full of cookies) Brother, you should have done this earlier! (1st Runner Muscle Elf,
got 19 out of 100 cookies) The formation was really good this time We have to keep this up The intervals are important, interval! (Monday Couple’s role in putting the cookies
in the best formation is also very important) KwangSoo’s mouth has a lot of space inside (Large mouth Conehead,
now it’s time for him to use his advantageous feature) Pull your chin! Pull your chin! (First line of cookies, sucking all of them) It’s okay, that’s it! He ate a lot! We’ll also count the ones that fell on the blue mat He ate a lot (Continuously sucking them in with his large mouth) (2nd runner KwangSoo eats 20 cookies,
got 39 out of 100) I’ll have 10 groups of 5 cookies! And with speed 3! Like this! (The ‘Outer Space Vacuum Cleaner’
chose the zigzag method) Please set the speed to 3 Haha, do you think that’ll work? I’ll eat them all It would be cool if you really eat them all Good idea, brother! Bam! Bam! I’ll eat them all like this Are your lips going to be fine? Get your hands off! (OMG!) (It hurts a lot …) Oh, this doesn’t work! What are you doing? What is this? It hurts so much… What are you doing now? (HaHa sacrificed his lips) (3rd runner HaHa ate 11 cookies) (Got 50 out of 100) 11 cookies is a lot! I’ll go next! Finish everything Eat first and then chew,
don’t chew and eat OK, I got it Let’s go Wait, put the tray under! (bang) (Kwang Conehead, bumps into the camera) Please be careful (Sorry Kwang Conehead) Is it okay to have the speed set at 5? It’s OK Don’t do it like this, you have to get it from below There’s is no time to swallow,
just chew them to decrease the volume Now, ready (Let’s go back to our planet,
after completing this food mission) You need to open your mouth wider Get closer, more closer! Chew! Chew! Here it comes! Here it comes! (Chewing chewing) (Sucking the cookies until the last moment) I told you to go down further! (Crying) I told you to put your head down so many times,
but you kept raising your head! He did it quite well, why are you scolding him I think he did a good job! (Wasn’t this enough for you?) If he had his head down a little bit more
he would have done better! He ate a lot! (4th runner JaeSeok ate 19 cookies,
got 69 out of 100) 19 cookies is a lot, why… You could have gotten more! I saying this for you! Okay, I’m sorry, so sorry (It’s hard being a fake older brother
with scolding Muscle Elf) (5th runner, JiHyo) Let’s go JiHyo! Let’s go! Wait a minute Oooh, what is this? It’s nothing weird… Are you giving her a ‘knee pillow’? Okay, make your mouth wider! Here? Is this right? (Like this, Ah ~) Her mouth is small Chew when the cookies drop It’s coming! It’s coming! Oh wow! Chew! She ate a lot! She ate a lot! (Awesome) I thought she was a xylophone because of the sound I ate a lot You ate a lot I’ve done a lot for a girl I ate 15 (5th runner JiHyo ate 15 cookies,
got 84 out of 100) – She ate a lot
– Good job I think this is a good tactic My hair is so uncomfortable Gary, you do well! Tie your hair with something like a hair band Lend me one hair band please How do I tie my hair? I’ll tie your hair up for you, brother (Powerful appearance that makes everyone laugh
by just tying his hair) He looks just like an ajumma at my town He looks the same even when he ties his hair up (Interesting) (Transformed into Gari-opatra’s ponytail style) You’re so pretty It’s cute You look 10 years younger Good, good, Gary that’s good! Tell me when I need to chew (If he eats more than 16 cookies,
then they’ll success) (Strategy: Place them into 2 rows,
eat as much cookies from the 1st batch
and if necessary eat more from the 2nd batch!) Start! Gary, You have to finish this Let’s finish this here Get you hands off! Chew! Chew! (A lot went in!) (Ate all the cookies from both rows) (The 2nd batch was a bonus) He got at least 20! – It all went in!
– Well done! Hey, good job! (Chewing chewing) Hey, you’re amazing (6th runner Gary eats 20 cookies,
got 104 out of 100) We did it! (Successfully gathered food on Earth!) (MVP goes to Gari-opatra) Gary did it! This is the best result for us! That’s right Gary, you’re very attractive Why are falling in love with me, it’s burdening You look much better with your hair tied up Your face looks slimmer with your hair up Can you ‘You~’ for us You~

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  1. I like when haha and kwangsoo think that they're the hero in the episode 😭 i also miss thiss kind of opening. Not like nowadays, so many talk anc chit chat

  2. I sometimes wonder why the current running man PD doesn't want to bring this type of game back. It's easy to understand, funny and show off their great family relationship. Nowadays, the game is so complicated with coins, bomb stickers, roulette… Hopefully the new PD can actually bring some simple yet fun games back again. Not forgetting to show off their great family bonding.

  3. my friend introduce me to running man by making me watch this episode. i didnt know any of them and didnt find it funny at that time. he then force me to watch another videos, then i have to admit to my friend its pretty good. been watching it ever since and even went to the fanmeeting.😂

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