RuPaul & Martha Stewart Talk Studio 54 | Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party

Howdy! Give it up for
my man, Ru. Hello! Good to see you, mwah! Good to see ya. Love ya, I brought a gift. Oh, I love–
I love your red suit. He’s sharp as a mosquito’s
needle right there. Well, you know, when you
come over to folks’ house… Uh-huh. You wanna be happy.
You wanna present something. And you wanna dress up a little
bit, you know what I’m saying? (cheering and applause) What is the gift that you
brought us, what is this? It’s hot sauce. Oh, hot… I love some hot sauce
and I love spicy food. So, I hear that when you get
ready for a show… Uh-huh. It takes hours
and hours. Well, you know,
when we do our show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,”
you know, I take a little– (cheering and applause) Thank you, thank you. Hottest show, by the way. Yeah. Hot, hot, hot. Yes, it’s hot-hot-hot-hot. Uh, you know,
I could get ready in an hour and a half
if I had to. Mm-hmm. But I like to take my sweet ass time. Now, now… I got a question
I wanna ask. Okay. Back in the days
with Studio 54… Mm-hmm. You was a part of that scene. I was a kid watching.
I would’ve loved to have been a part of that. Explain that to the people
who don’t know what that was. Well, this
is the thing. I was more of the ’80s New York.
In fact, uh… Studio 54 was closed
by the time you were born. Well, no, no,
it was, it was… Almost, almost… Well, almost. I used to go
to Studio 54. Really? What? I did. Well, maybe I need to
redirect that question. (laughing) Martha, you ain’t
told me all of that. I know, I forgot. But were you
Martha Stewart then? Like,theMartha Stewart? Did you have trouble getting
in through the front door? No, I was beautiful. Oh! (Fred)
Hello! Hello! Hello!

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  1. That's the most lit hot sauce bottle ive ever seen. Only Mutha.

    Now I want to see younger pics of Martha Stewart 😂 she looks well for her age I bet she was a fox 😏

  2. Hey vh1 i love watching you guys YouTube because it catches me up on things from vh1 on tv n n you guys has inspired me to make my own YouTube n i would love for yu guys to check me out, n this inspired me to never give up n keep pushing

  3. I love this show,so good to to see the good life in AMerica .!!! You always know how to make pipell haapy keep doing what you do show abut food alwayse bring pipell togheter.all the best bela ALAADIN jowllery ISRAEL.

  4. i love how snoop is so chill and cool with EVERYBODY. i know a lot of rappers who wouldn’t be cool with gays or drag queens or anyone a little different. hes so accepting and light hearted i love it

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