Ryan Gosling & Jimmy Kimmel Go to Space

[DRAMATIC MUSIC] It is now time for a
first talk show interview in outer space between Jimmy
Kimmel and Ryan Gosling, who is very, very sexy. Here we go– 3, 2, 1, space. [ROCKET ENGINE ROARING] [LAUGHTER] Whoa. Very bumpy, huh? Getting up here? Yeah. Yeah, it’s– It’s just amazing. We’re 200 miles above Earth. Is this a ship or a capsule
that we’re in right now? These are the questions? [LAUGHING] Well, yeah. I bring you all
the way up to space. [LAUGHING] I got to know. – It’s a capsule.
– It’s a capsule. – Yes.
– OK. Can this thing fly on its own,
or does it have to be attached to that big rocket column? It’s got to be attached
to the column, yeah. – It does?
– Yeah. How long would
we be in this thing if we really were like
spending a long time in space, going on a mission? Well, we are.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. Oh, we are.
– Right? We are. I mean, now that
we’re on this mission– – Right now–
– How long are we– –we’re traveling at
17,000 miles per hour, right. Oh my gosh. That’s fast. And we could be in here
for, I don’t know, two weeks. JIMMY KIMMEL: Two weeks? RYAN GOSLING: Yeah. No– for real, two weeks? – Yeah.
– Like Neil Armstrong? And I hope the
conversation is a little better than it is so far. [LAUGHTER] Neil Armstrong was in
this capsule for two weeks? No, not Neil. But the mission
before, Gemini 7, I think they were in for
about, yeah, two weeks. They saw 400 sunsets, fun fact. Is there a bathroom in
here that I don’t know about? [LAUGHTER] Like, where do they go? I mean, you’re sitting in it. For real, for two weeks? Yeah. Wouldn’t it reach like
your mouth eventually? Wouldn’t it fill up? Let’s go back down. [LAUGHTER] – We can’t go back down yet.
– We’ve been here for a minute. You’ve already taken
it into the toilet. [LAUGHTER] Are there laws in space? For example, like, if a couple
of guys were up in space for two weeks’ time, let’s say. Legally, could they
get married up there? Wow. Actually, it’s lonely up here. If they were in love. JIMMY KIMMEL: If
they were in love? OK.
That’s nice. Yeah.
If they were really in love. – Oh hey, look at that.
– But you couldn’t throw rice. That’s a disaster.
– Look. Yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: It’s
George Clooney. [LAUGHTER] Well, that’s pretty exciting. I wouldn’t imagine there
would be celebrities in space. And this is really a lot of fun. Yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. Yeah, so. Why is it so dark in space? It’s the endless mystery.
It’s space. I see.
Oh, that’s– It’s a mystery. It’s just filled with–
look at the mystery. What’s something
that you learned? Look at the infinite mystery. Just look at the
infinite mystery. Oh, look at that. What’s something
that you learned making this movie that
was a great fact that you did not know before making it? Oh boy. [SIGHS] About astronauts or whatever–
or Tang. Well, you know, Tang. – About Tang?
– Yeah, Tang. I didn’t know about the Tang. Do you think Tang
is going to make a comeback after this thing?
– I hope so. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah.
I hope so too. Did you have any Tang? No Tang. – No Tang!
– No. I went all the way to space
and I didn’t even get any Tang. I don’t know how the
hell you make a movie about going into space without
Tang, but that’s on you, I guess. No. But they had enormous
personal sacrifices, them and their families,
and it was an incredible– you know, I’m sorry. Let’s just talk about the Tang.
[LAUGHTER] I can’t talk about that now. This, I will say, I have–
just sitting in this for 4 minutes or whatever it’s
been, I have an enormous amount of respect
for these astronauts who went up into space. It’s incredible. Tang or not, it
really is incredible. And you know who’s
even a bigger hero? The actors who play
those astronauts. Right. [LAUGHTER] Right. “First Man” opens in
theaters on October 12. Thank you so much for taking me
into space, Commander Gosling. If you like that
video, click Subscribe, and we’ll be together
until one of us dies.

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  1. Was this cut for time? I watched the whole show and didn’t see this sketch or Ryan Gosling on the show at all….

  2. Funny how the people who “landed on the freakin moon” can not make a rocket to take them to the ISS!!

  3. So Jimmy respect more those actors who plays astronaut…so Jimmy you respect Matt Damon for his role in Martian I wonder 🤔

  4. Harrison Ford educated us last year on how to pronounce Ryan's last name. It's Guzzling. Ryan Guzzling. Not Gosling or Gasoline, just plain Guzzling. Get it right!

  5. I love when Jimmy does the “ask the dumb questions” bit like when it was he and Sally Field lol

  6. Boy stop, why send rockets to the moon? I mean gosling n flo ryda was sent there in January right??? But for what… To build air bubbles on the side of a floating comet… I don't sail to NZ with a canoe

  7. It’s obviously fake but those helmets are too funny to ever be used in a mission lol no visor or anything

  8. Imagine that! Jimmy and Ryan are faking space just like NASA does….I think he summed it up when he said "You know who's even a bigger hero? The actors who play those astronauts". LOL

  9. Looks like they are saying the real actors are the astronauts. Jimmy points out a few things that make a trip to space in 1969 ridiculous 😉

  10. October 4th? They're really getting jump on things. – I'll still see it. I loved Ryan in 'The Nice Guys', 'Blade Runner 2049' and 'Drive'.

  11. Funny little video. Wish it had also had Kyle Chandler in it. Funny seeing George Clooney fly by. LOL Now for a movie starring Kyle Chandler, Ryan Gosling and George Clooney.

  12. People are advocating how boring and dry Jimmy Kimmel is but that’s just their relationship now as to what I see. Ryans been on multiple of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show hosts so I feel like they got that connection in a way despite the fact that Ryan has a hard working life but fortunately blessed in many ways.

  13. George Clooney in orbit drink coffee… an ice freddo n-espresso , you put an ice with espresso in the mixer and then you put more ice and a periscope and you drink it … don't ask me why , just drink it!! I usually drink chocolate or tea , but some times coffee is a good way to relax for a second , with a very small dose every 15 minutes …

  14. Listen I’m not trying to be a Know-It-All but:

    He said the mission before Gemini 7 (Gemini 6) was up for 2 weeks, that’s wrong because Armstrong’s flight was Gemini 8. Frank Borman And Jim Lovell we’re in Gemini 7 The real flight that was 14 days

    I just had to get that out

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