S. Korea delivers President Trump’s birthday message to N. Korean leader

nation’s top security adviser and met
with President Donald Trump the u.s. leader sent birthday wishes to his North
Korean counterpart many now wonder how this will affect the prospects of the
deadlocked nuclear talks packagin starts us off from Washington South Korea has
delivered to the north president Trump’s message wishing North Korean leader Kim
jong-un a happy birthday this is according to South Korea’s national
security advisor Tony Oh upon his arrival from Washington on Friday the
day President Trump and I met happened to be chairman Kim’s birthday
president Trump remember that and asked president moon to deliver a birthday
message I understand that the message was sent to North Korea yesterday
through an appropriate Channel during his three-day visit to Washington
Chung how they briefed surprise meeting with President Trump in which Trump also
sent his regards to president moon jae-in the birthday wishes for Kim come
amid rising tensions between Washington and Pyongyang which are strand to take
what it calls shocking action against the u.s. it’s unclear what else was
included in Trump’s message but the big question is whether it will help the
leaders regain trust and find a way to steer day-long stall negotiations
into a different direction Chung also held trilateral talks with his us and
Japanese counterparts to discuss various regional issues he says those talks were
very meaningful we were thoroughly briefed by the u.s. not only on the
situation on the Korean Peninsula but also developments in other regions the
three countries coordinated closely especially on ways to achieve
denuclearization and lasting regarding the possibility of South Korea sending
troops to the strait of hormuz Chung said there was no direct mention of the
issue passatti South Korean government is
still reviewing its options considering the best way to protect Korean citizens
and companies while contributing to international efforts to ensure the
region security packagin eye on us

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