S. Korea’s centrist, conservative lawmakers form ‘Party for Future Integration’…

in domestic politics with South Korea’s
April general elections a matter of weeks away
lawmakers of three centrist and conservative parties will come together
to create a integrated blog it’s going to be called the party for future
integration this new party will be comprised of 115 lawmakers from the main
opposition Liberty Korea party the new Conservative Party and the onward for
future 4.0 the latter two were formed by lawmakers who broke away from the
current Perrin mere a party they hope the move will help them win the April
15th general elections the committee preparing the merger said the party’s
main color will be millennial pink to represent the integration of moderate
and conservative forces the deputy korea party’s color is red the party for
future integration will officially launch next Monday

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  1. Every Country is Turning Red and Switching to Putting their own Citizens First!!!
    Party for Future Integration Hahahahahaha that won't go down well when Communists come into it.

  2. God I hate centrists I want to kick all centrists out fo the democratic party in both countries 😏☹

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