S. Korea’s ruling party, gov’t, Blue House agree to cooperate to resolve trade dispute with Japan

meanwhile senior ruling party lawmakers
the government and Blue House officials have been discussing last week’s
decision to conditionally extend G Sonia vowing to resolve the nation’s trade and
historical disputes with Japan our political correspondent kim morgan has
more top of the three sides agenda was Saul’s decision late last week to
conditionally extend jus somya during their meeting at the National Assembly
on Friday senior lawmakers from the ruling party and top officials from the
government and the presidential office agreed the decision was appropriate and
timely and with Japan agreeing to hold a director level meeting next week they
expressed hope the talks will be an opportunity to start rebuilding frayed
relations between Seoul and Tokyo progress between surrender casts
momentum for change the term is to be was to simply solve the trade dispute we
hope the perceivers be engaged in the talks and we can resolve the program
together after their hour-long closed-door meeting the three sides
agree on the need to further communicate with Tokyo until it agrees to withdraw
its trade curbs against South Korea and puts halt back on its list of trusted
trade partners however the three sides stressed the need for efforts to develop
the nation’s manufacturing competitiveness to protect the South
Korean economy from similar incidents that might happen in the future
the ruling party government and the blue house agreed that South Korea should
continue to strengthen its manufacturing of industrial materials parts and
equipment the ruling Democratic Party said that it will work to pass related
legislation in the National Assembly and actively promote the need to pass a
proposed 1.8 billion US dollar budget in the area for 2020 which is double last
year’s amount the top office also promised utmost efforts to strengthen
related policies and ensure the planned negotiations with Japan goes smoothly
we’ll make sure the high-level negotiations with Japan will be held
without a hitch the government will keep implementing
policies to develop the local industry materials and equipment sectors on the
diplomatic front the three sides pledged continued efforts to narrow differences
with pan to find a wise solution on the
compensation dispute over Tokyo’s wartime forced labor of Koreans Kim
Morgan Arirang news

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