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  1. Marco that was fantastic. So powerful. 
    I got a good feeling about the 22nd. I trust in Ireland to make the right choice. 🙂

  2. Thank you for making this amazing video Marco! You have a way of letting your heart be heard through these videos and it's inspiring to see! I am sure the people of Ireland are going to vote yes! i think below the surface everyone knows what is right but it just feels scary not knowing! 🙂

  3. Marco, you are just incredible! wow!! Your video was truly moving & it came right from the heart! It literally gave me goosebumps watching! Such an empowering video & I'm praying that Ireland votes yes to equality!!!!! <3 #yesequality

  4. Amazing video Marco! I really hope the Irish lead by example and the Yes vote wins by a landslide victory! 🙂

  5. My University held an internal poll, and the result was 97% Yes! 
    Great video! This will hopefully help make a difference! 😀

  6. Beautiful, Marco! There aren't too many days left until the referendum but there's still plenty of time to change people's minds who are still on the fence. This is a beautiful message. xx

  7. Marco, this video was so beautiful. I can't vote in this referendum and I hope the people of Ireland vote yes. This is this generations chance to make a difference. I may or may not have had a tear in my eye by the end of this video.

  8. If I were able to I would vote yes. How terrible that in this day and age everyone doesn't have the same rights.

  9. Yes, absolutely YES! I think that the equality is the force that holds together the humanity, but as I see, the people is failing in this goal.
    I don't understand the people who discriminate gays, lesbians only because they think that these are different people, see? DIFFERENT! Why? I'll never understand it.
    So is for this reason that I say yes to omosexual marriage. Everyone we are a family.

  10. Ciao Marco, vorrei poterti aiutare anche io, ma purtroppo vivo in questo paese nordafricano che si chiama Italia. Sono convinto che un referendum popolare sia il modo sbagliato per giungere alla parità del diritto al matrimonio, ma se può aiutare a raggiungere lo scopo, allora tanto meglio. Buona fortuna per il 22 maggio e per il futuro col tuo ragazzo.

  11. It's not hard for me to say it
    Do it because someone's life can change.
    There is nothing more beautiful than the love of whatever form

  12. Ciao Marco…bellissimo video e soprattutto bellissimo messaggio!! Spero che un giorno anche in Italia le cose cambino 🙂 in bocca lupo!!

  13. Ciao Marco, questo video è carico di positività e trasmette ottimismo in vista del voto. L'Irlanda è un paese bellissimo, e ha l'opportunità di diventare mozzafiato con un semplice si. 

    Incrocio le dita per te e per tutti gli Irlandesi che sognano di sposarsi. Good luck! #VoteWithUs

  14. Hi. I just want to let you know that a lot of people who are voting No are doing so not because they think homosexual couples shouldn`t have Civil Marriage, but because the government has tried to amend Article 41 titled "The Family". By doing so same sex couples will then be considered not just equal but the same as hetrosexual couples thereby stating that a child BY DESIGN does not need a mother and a father. The Yes campaign has tried to brush these reasonable and genuine concerns aside by saying the referendum is all about "equality and love". This is an oversimplification of the issue. This referendum is a lot more about family than a couple in love.

  15. Carissimo Marco, sono italiano come te, e l'anno prossimo mi sposerò in Spagna con il mio ragazzo spagnolo. Non sai quanto ti capisco!
    Grazie per queste bellissime parole.
    Buona fortuna! un abbraccio

  16. ciao mi fa molto piacere che l'Irlanda abbia detto si ai matrimoni gay…almeno tu puoi essere felice,visto che qui in Italia si dorme!!!!! Anche io sono gay,è difficile esserlo qui in Italia,siamo arretrati anni luce rispetto alle altre nazioni del mondo. Per me è difficile vivere la mia omosessualità qui,mi fa molto piacere che un italiano abbia potuto realizzare il suo segno. Spero un giorno di poterlo realizzare anche io con il mio ragazzo(sempre se lo trovo…) In bocca a lupo ad entrambi!! IT'S OK TO BE GAY!

  17. Potevi supportare la causa anche senza sputare sul tuo Paese comunque…
    Chi non combatte per cambiare le cose è responsabile tanto quanto chi le cose non le vuole cambiare. Tu te ne sei andato, perciò non hai più diritto di criticare e lamentarti.

  18. Your story, your understanding of this issue, and the emotion in your voice,
    melted me. I cried, hoping that one day you will be able to legally marry in
    your home country. I wish the two of you a long and happy life together.

  19. I'm not Irish either but I know my favorite author who is voted yes and he wrote a really nice post on facebook about it

  20. You have phrased it PERFECTLY Marco. Love and empowerment are what it's all about. Thank God the referendum passed, despite the clergy's well-mounted campaign. It made me ashamed I was Catholic.

    Alan is so lovely, and the two of you are such a beautiful couple, that you two are the poster boys for gay marriage. God bless you now and forever.

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