Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will hate Apple after seeing this)

[Music] does the tank come with a fast charger no I hear the galaxy s nine comes with a faster yeah but you could just buy a USB see the lightning cable and then also get the fast charging adapter should do the job I have a great day sorry one second it’s loading [Music] [Music] you’ve stopped here can we fix this fun tonight it’s really slow you could turn off the performance management features but it may lead to unexpected shutdowns battery throttling or you can just upgrade it [Music] but I mean the cameras great man better than the Galaxy S nine oh you’ve been reading DxO mark scores haven’t you why is the galaxy s nine rated higher technically according to those schools who believe in the score so I believe in this are you pointing to your heart or to the lunar name’s Pat oh this is embarrassing I can’t find the microSD slot yeah that’s because it doesn’t have one Oh galaxy s nine has one so how do I get more storage load oh I don’t want my stuff up there kind of want it on the phone forget this guy by this guy oh it’s just 140 dollars more so we’re doing this er [Music] can I still use these headphones with the teeth yeah but you’ll need an adapter or as most people like to call it a dongle a what a dongle Abdallah yeah a dongle it comes in the box but what if I just need to charge at the same time then you’re gonna need another type of dog like a double dongle yeah double dongle I guess it sounds explicit [Music] Rose Hey okay so did 10 doesn’t have the fastest download speeds no but it is faster than the iPhone name but the download speeds aren’t faster than the galaxy s 9 mm-hmm and I thought it was the smart phone of the future the notch the notch right doesn’t the knotch cover up some of the screen if you watch a movie not in the default view hmm yeah but what if you want to fill the screen oh you just voila there you go it does still cover up some of the movie yeah not a lot though yeah a little bit though significant enough portion I mean it takes time you get used to it what’s going on over there oh no you come here all the time [Music] close till I get up time is barely outside I don’t always would it’s noise which is leading us will ever trust yeah no I don’t want always what’s like [Music] three scans through the highways so my shadow through sun rays and [Music]

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  1. Who the fucking retarded does compare an iPhone 6/6s to Samsung S9???
    And I think iPhone is much more organised than Samsung or any other android device….
    If you wanna use easy to handle devices, you’re brain is probably not made for handling hindrances….get it?
    And don’t even get me started on privacy
    iOS is much precise in case of privacy….if you wanna live on the edge of confidentiality theft, you’re allowed to hang in there by the cliff

  2. I hate Samsung even more it’s so slower and no warranty and it lasts shorter and costs more like the fold it cost 2000 dollas and, lasts less than a day and the screen it made of plastic when Samsung asks me if I want a freee s9 i say hell nah

  3. Personally , I feel both are good but I have a question , does Samsung hate itself? Samsung has no headphone jack now

  4. 3:24 now every single smart phone have this problem. Lot of things changed in an year.
    Front cam is hiding the screen.
    I can even buy an phone without front cam. I just want full screen.
    I can't even tollerate an small dust sitting on my screen when i watch movies. But now,😖. It feels like someone is hiding behind that specific part when i play PUBG. I just turn to the left an inch while playing. Like 100 times a match

  5. Uhh, I’m apple 4 life! Just bc galaxy is better it will never change my mind, also apple is easier for me.

  6. This video didn’t make me hate Apple. It made me dislike Samsung though. They’re ads are really immature. Show your phone and the new features, not what features other leading phones don’t have and if you want to compare, at least don’t do it in this distasteful mocking way. Show some professionalism smh…

  7. yeah Samsung more better than Iphone! but Samsung always upgrade their phone with the new one. i hate when my samsung get old because Samsung always release new and new.

  8. Lmao atleast Samsung don't explode when you drop them and also my dad bought the Samsung s5 when it came out and now in 2019 it still worked fine and doesn't lag at all. I phones get laggy in like a year

  9. You ruined my life apple will always rise and Samsung will drop anyway I cannot get a galaxy because what are my going to do with my AirPods and Apple Watch

  10. This is why I just stick with my iPhone 6s Plus. Still works with updates, still has the headphone jack, normal looking phone screen (I don't need that massive of a screen) don't see any point in upgrading if the phone still works well. Also, the iPhone 6 (iPhone 6s/6s Plus are different versions) was one of the worst iPhone's created. Do your research. No wonder hers didn't work right. Also, it's how old? Does the 6 even get updates anymore?

  11. iphone is lowtech that notch is annoying asf, even mid range phones dont have notch these days and ishit device cost waaaay more! your days are numbered i shit people!!

  12. Guess what samsung has lost the trust of people their phones they crack fastly and they explose as we’ve seen the galaxy note 7 the iphone is more secure private high quality and lovely designs i don’t think one day ill buy a samsung

  13. Dude apple is better it doesnt lag……

    But my robotics teacher only tells us to get android because the app for controlling is in android

  14. why is samsung making fun of apple? apple is literally the best. its the fault of the person who's handling the phone if he/she breaks it

  15. Imagine making fun of a company that doesn’t give a shit about your company. That’s what you call a real loser


  17. I’m android user about 20 year and change to iOS start using iphone about 1 year a half little bit expensive but I like iphone 😅..

  18. They comparing a iPhone 6 to an s9? They should’ve compared it using the iPhone XR uwu

    Btw, am an apple user, sorry ;-;

  19. I hate android 😒 I have one and it’s so slow, I have to be careful what I’m clicking, it mustn’t get wet, like one dot, its battery dies after one hour, sometimes charger doesn’t fit in, it takes so long to install something, I can’t easily take a screenshot… I had an iPhone before, it was so easier to use… I have an iPad now and I love it and prefer it much more than android. So, I’m not hating iPhone, I’m hating all the androids 😘😘

  20. nobody hates apple after this, Samsung can shade Apple all they want but obviously people are OBSESSED with their phones and will continue to spend thousands of dollars on apple iphones and also other products so it’s just not worth it.

  21. I have a bad experiance when my first time used samsung and than I promise my self never use it again untill now Im still keep my promise, I dont know later

  22. Samsung roasting Apple for things Samsung has done in their new version – The blonde girl screaming
    Apple just sitting there like – the disgusted white cat face

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