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Hi I’m Liz from San Diego Bachelor Party
and our mission is to change the wedding industry. You guys have already gotten
engaged, you’re ready for the big day, you have engagement parties all planned
everything is going to work out. But now, it’s time to plan the bachelor and
bachelorette party, it’s here in San Diego, for a destination bachelor party weekend.
We know that you guys want to get together and go on a group weekend
excursion, and we can help you plan yacht parties, booze cruises, beer tours,
buds and brew tours, and you can also get into bottle service at the Downtown nightclubs.
Give me a call, give me your current itinerary if you have one and
I’ll help you finite all the details, to ensure fun for this bachelor party.
All the planning comes a custom package based on your budget.
Most of you guys give me a cost per person, that you want to spend, and i work with that budget to
plan the ultimate bachelor party. But guys, when you call me right now on the
number on your screen you don’t have to do anything I plan everything from start
to finish from the moment you land to the moment you leave I can fill your
weekend with all kinds of fun activities to do for the San Diego bachelor party.
Now a bachelor party those are usually typical groups of 4 to 5 guys that’s a
small group typical groups about 15 guys at a bachelor party I’ve been able to
service transportation yachts to the entire group of 50 to 100 people.

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