Sanders wins New Hampshire primary, emerging as party’s front-runner

we turn our focus to the u.s.
presidential race now the New Hampshire Democratic primary closed with a narrow
win for Bernie Sanders continuing his campaign from four years ago the Vermont
senator is making history in terms of mainstreaming socialist views in America
Kim Jiyeon has the full story Bernie Sanders has nearly Wandy New Hampshire
Democratic primary followed by P Budaj itand second place there emerging as the
party’s frontrunner in the US presidential race according to the New
York Times the results show Sanders on top with nearly 26% and Buddha Jed with
around 24% the two were tied in la suisse Iowa caucuses in which Sanders
carried the popular vote and Moody Jed won more in terms of Delegates
anticipation for a two-way race between Sanders and former Vice President Joe
Biden has subsided as Biden in New Hampshire was relegated to fifth place
two other candidates Michael Bennett and Andrew yang have dropped out Sanders
victory in the primary marks a turning point boosting momentum for the
socialist XI sweeping the US mainstream particularly among young voters while
his Democratic rivals suffer from a split in the moderate vote the Atlantic
reported to say that in the modern history of American politics no
candidate as far to the left as Sanders has been strong enough to capture the
Democratic nomination the 78 year old senator from Vermont calls himself a
Democratic Socialist and his standard remarks include a demand that America
create an economy i worse for all not just the very wealthy as a Democratic
Socialist he has promoted debt-free college and Medicare for all which would
outlaw all private medical insurance his climate change planned the green New
Deal entails spending tens of trillions of dollars to boost renewable energy and
replacing fossil fuel plants with the aim of making the country carbon free by
2030 pundits point out however that neither Sanders nor the 38 year old
centrist boo digit has shown yet that they can really win over African
American voters who comprise around 12 percent of the u.s. population also
there’s the so-called wild card in the Democratic race Michael Bloomberg who
chose to skip their early contests to focus instead on the Super Tuesday
states including California which vote on March
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  1. Minor correction; Bernie actually polls very well with African American voters, much better than Buttigieg could ever hope for.

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