Sandra Bullock On ‘Ocean’s 8’: ‘It Was A Big Party Happening’ | TODAY

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  1. I can watch this Cast over and over again without getting tired of them
    They are amazing love them ALL
    What an atmosphere to be around

  2. Lol, about time we got a heist film staring a group of women? Did they forget Queen Latifah's Mad Money from 2008?

  3. This movie wasn't so bad. The only time I really rolled my eyes and I hated it, was when I had to see Kim Kardashian! Really? Way to scum it up Hollywood.

  4. where are the men? this isn't diversity. why are there 9 men in prison for every woman. sexist laws and a sexist society. toxic!

  5. It was only released today in Paris I went to see it with my friend and the squad SLAYED 😎… Well as expected

  6. There's nothing empowering about feminizing masculine film franchises.
    Try making a decent original film made for women instead of using women to promote feminism and lesbianism.
    There have been many successful films that had leading women or powerful well written female characters.
    How can Warner Bros. call this a spin-off when it's clearly a rehashed feminized version of Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's 11?
    And despite what the biased controlled media says, Ocean's 8 still didn't have a better opening weekend than Ocean's Eleven.
    Adjusted for inflation Ocean's Eleven made an estimated $53-54 million on opening weekend.
    Ocean's 8 only earned $41,607,378 opening weekend.
    The "girl power" fails again.

  7. omg please upload the unedited version when Hoda says to Cate "you're not what I expected". Sarah started asking Cate if she's ever had such a conversation and I need the rest of it.

  8. Idk but I can't ship Cate and Sarah like I ship Cate and Sandra. Hahaha Cate and Sandra has this romantic chemistry. While Cate and Sarah as Best Friends.

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