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– [Sarah] I’m in Fort Bridger, Wyoming to have dinner with a family
of conservative Republicans. They’re devout Mormons and they’re here at their 30,000 acre cattle ranch. Which has been in their
family for generations. We’re gonna get to the bottom
of their views on Trump. Then maybe I’ll pet
some cows, milk a teat, who knows? Oh my gosh! – [Ashby] Look at you. Come inside
– Hi, Everybody! I brought gifts. Hi, I’m Sarah. My hosts are the Michelis. There’s Matt and Ashby. Matt is a former chairman of
the Wyoming Repulican Party who’s now a partner at law. I brake for nuanced political discourse with Hollywood liberals. (family laughs) Then there’s Ashby. Ashby trains horses. She’s a tough nut to crack
but I love a challenge. Matt’s brother Frank, works at a big oil company
as a drill engineer. So in other words, he does fracking. He’s married to Michelle. The couples have three kids each who are about to see some
real Silverman classics. Here you’ll be ja… (slaps hand)
Ow! You’re too strong! Okay will you be gentle this time? Okay. Ow! You’re still too strong! Come here a second. Just the girls. I am a princess but I dress regular so people don’t treat me differently. (family chuckles) Keep it kinda between us, okay? Alright, great, brake. – [Frank] Hey what’d she say? – Can I ask questions about being Mormon? Only because I don’t really know, besides seeing the musical. – Well that’s a documentary right? – That’s a documentary written by Mormons. I know that at 19, you do your mission. – I went to Chile. Southern Chile. – (gasps) I’ve always
wanted to go to Chile. – It’s wonderful – I went to Moscow, Russia, so… – Really? Did you know anything about it? – No I mean I grew up here, right? In this a town of 150 people – How’d you not drink vodka? Isn’t that illegal? – Every place we went tried
to get us to drink vodka. – Yeah that’s like their vitamin C. – [Matt] Right, yeah. – Where did Ashby go? – To Florida ♪ Orlando ♪ (Matt laughs) – Girls do what they want. – And guys have to go? What is not being said? (family laughs) It’s like you’re trying
to communicate with me with your eyes. You’re like… (family laughs) Tell me about Wyoming and
living here and your life here. – I do horses. Training
horses, riding horses. We just had our county fair. – That’s so cool. – What I do, I’m a petroleum engineer. Which is, you’ve heard of fracking? – [Sarah] Yes. All I know of what fracking is, is you like push liquid
in incredible pressure into like subterranean rocks and then that pressure
forces the like gas and oil to come in through like fissures
and the rock or something? And then you gather it? Is that even close? – [Frank] It’s not bad. – I read on the toilet. – Yeah. – It’s actually safe and clean, but if there is a leak
it could ruin groundwater and water is how we all stay alive. – Every energy source has risks. – [Matt] Nuclear energy. – Well wind and solar doesn’t. – How many, how many birds
do you think die from those and we support wind too but… – You guys shoot birds, right? – No I mean I’m just sayin’ – Let’s not be disingenuous here. (laughs) You’re a lawyer for the environment right? – Right. – But are you a good witch or a bad witch? – I’ve been a lawyer for 16 years. I’ve never had any client
want to do anything other than what’s best for the environment and what’s best for the company. I’ve never had, I’ve never even had that conversation.
– Best for what company? – Well I mean what’s best for the country, is what I meant to say. – Oh, ahh. Freudian slip!
– No, no, no what’s best for the environ…
– That is a slip that has so much truth in it.
– No, but… – For a country that is
very much is a slave to oil – We need oil for our way of life. That’s just a fact. We need fracking. – Until we figure out other options
– Until we need, right now today we can’t stop. – [Sarah] I probably should
have challenged him more but I was so hungry. In what store do you buy a bowl that big? (family laughs) – [Michelle] That’s one good
thing about being a Mormom, is you get everything in bulk. Because of the kids
– That is true. I forgot to have children. You’ll be my child. – Okay. (Matt laughs) Can we get real? I mean like we were in the kitchen. I’m not getting realer. How are you feeling about Trump? Do you all agree about
your feelings about Trump? About the administration now? About…?
– So I’m not a big fan of the antics or personality. The tweets and that aspect. – [Michelle] We’ll all agree with that. No the only thing that like
I always get offended is, is when they ask me how I felt as a woman. Like why did I not vote
for Hillary as a woman? – I got that pressure too
– You know like…? – As someone who loved Bernie. – As an american, why
I didn’t vote for her, is different policies, you know? – Right? – Liberals don’t understand. I don’t care about Russia collusion. – You don’t care about the…
– conspiracy theories. Like I don’t care about the email server. – Right – Those aren’t important
critical issues to me. – But a foreign government has meddled in the American election. – That’s not the deciding
factor for who I vote for. It’s, it’s philosophy. – I think, liberals believe, you give money to the government and they’ll do good with it. Conservatives believe, there’s things that the
government has to do but on the whole, the government’s gonna be really
inefficient with that money they’re gonna waste it
and there are better ways, there’s better things that
that money could be doing. – Are you guys members of the NRA? – None of us are – I know that you like guns
for pleasure, or whatever, but what are your feelings on like gun regulation of any kind? – I don’t think gun restrictions help. Because there’s so many
guns in our country that like if you’re a criminal, you’re not going to say oh there’s a law that
says I can’t have a gun. – I would say like why
do we have guns of war that are available for
citizens, like AR-15s. But then, other people have said yeah we hunt with AR-15s and then I’m like do you fish with dynamite? Because that doesn’t
sound like a sport at all. (family laughs) I talk a lot about gun regulation and the damage of guns. But the truth is when I’m
watching The Walking Dead, I’m like get the guns! (Frank laughs) – There’s studies that show that when the zombie apocalypse comes, Wyoming’s the best place to be. – [Sarah] Of course it is! (family laughs) – [Frank] It’s gotta be right? – First of all they have tons
of cattle to eat, at first. The cattle aren’t going to become zombies unless it’s a whole new genre, which I just though of. And I’m copywriting it right now. – For us, guns are a recreational tool to just have fun, I guess. You know go hunting. – Cole if guns are so great, why don’t you show me how to shoot one. – Let’s go right now. – [Sarah] Alright, let’s do it. Clear my plate. (girl scoffs) – [Matt] (laughs) (country western music) – [Sarah] I’m obviously not a big gun lady but in the spirit of adventure, I let the Michelis take me
out for a shooting lesson. I really don’t get the appeal
(gun shot) but I’ll give it a shot. Whoa! I feel alive! Alright, what do you want me to get? The apple, a can…
– um… Lets go for the apple on top of the can. (gunshot) – Ooo, you got it. (gunshots) (funky music) (loud gunshot) – Oh my god that was terrifying. (sniffs) Smells like freedom. In a time where there’s not a lot of consideration for nuance, I find it really hard to
categorize the Michealis. Do I think they’re possibly ignoring some inconvenient truths?
(gunshots) Yeah I do. – Did I try to take them to task? I did. Did they take me to task? They did. Did I enjoy firing that gun? F*ck yes! I mean don’t tell anybody. – I don’t think we
changed each others minds. We both are pretty solid in our beliefs. – She’s really genuine. And she’s more than just a comedian, more than just a democrat but a person with different viewpoints
who’s super kind. – We learned a lot of things today. Different people from
different backgrounds can come together with
stimulating conversation and… – Bye. Thank you so much – [Michelis] Bye. – Make America great! Woo! (cow bellows)

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  1. If you join the cult of Mormon and attempt to leave their cult, you or a family member will be suicided! They practice " bloodletting"

  2. That mom looked like she was about to go for Sarah's throat in the kitchen. She looked like she was mouthing a prayer to keep from doing it. I love Sarah!

  3. if you are not a fan of HIS personality, antics, and tweets… how did you get past that to vote for HIM… and if it was all about policy, those were some racist/sexist views. If its about philosophy, HE said the tax cuts would be about "main street" then gave it to "wall street"… and no supporters said anything.
    This is the truth: conservative are emotional, easily fooled, stubborn, hate filled, and scared. And republicans have been lying to them for decades with religion, anti intellectualism, nationalism, racism and all kinds of conspiracy theories to get them to hate government (and not wanting to fund it fully) then pointing to its flaws… The conservative leadership wants them to TRUST corporations fully (they charge way more money to ensure profits and have less accountability) and the republican politicians get donations from them and a job in the private sector afterwards. It is a con-job and conservatives are the fools.

  4. Living in Canada I know gun regulations work. The problem we have is American guns coming into our country cuz you just don't give a damn about human life. – You people put up with massacres everyday. – You let people die of preventable things everyday. Your laughable health care system. So don't try telling me I'm wrong. If you people actually gave a damn things WOULD change, but you just let it happen every single day, day after day. People dying for stupid stupid things every single day. No respect for human life but big bible thumpers with no leg to stand one.


  6. I just……… in awe. You don't care that foreign powers meddled in the election?? That's not a deciding factor for you? And, that wife is a stone cold un-accepting in any way bitch, and you know it!

  7. Hey, this family didn’t have to have Sarah over, but they did. I thought they handled themselves well. They didn’t even burn her at the stake. A lot of other republicans would have had her basted and turning on a spit.

  8. What? Why didn't Sarah talk about the main point?

    They are deeply religious and supposed to have moral values, what they think about a president that tells people in his rally to punch others, cheats on his wife wife porn starS, call africa shithole and so on.

    That is not christian at all.
    Unless Jesus was grabbing by the pussy.

  9. Mormons wear a big smile and will fake befriend you, underneath the fake they want nothing to do with you as a person unless you join their cult. They live in a hostile closed society, don't ever waste your time with them, they are hopeless white racists who will reject their own children if they are gay, and will vote against their own self interests if their leaders tell them to.

  10. As a liberal Democrat and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I loved this episode and I love this show! Always been a huge fan of Sarah Silverman!

  11. 2:33 sorry this is irrelevant but HOW IN GODS NAME is she 14? She looks at least half a decade older than that

  12. The one reason the mom said nothing at all. Is because she couldn’t justify her views. She just hated Sarah right from the get go, was doing this because she was told to do it and was passively aggressively angry at even1% of her faith in herself being a good person being challenged. You are only that defensive when you can justify your beliefs.

  13. these people are delusional as hell. They would have made great worshippers at Rev Jim Jones congregation.
    Everything they've said was a crafted talking point they heard on conservative talk radio or Faux News. Much like lemmings.

    The fact that they constantly use the word "Liberal" as if they're are talking about members of an Evil Empire, who are outcasts with leprosy is the telltale sign.
    None that I've met irl, have an original idea or thought.

  14. My conservative families are not this nice, they are so extreme it's hard to visit them but Sara is great with communicating.

  15. The wife was probably wondering if Sarah was a bad influence on her family. Or her husband may like her too much with her youthful liveliness! Either way…bet there was some words said.

  16. I read on the toliet!! Yea trump to except he has a golden toilet he calls his throne and writes executive orders while making mr hanky Christmas poos

  17. So the wife is almost at the minimum regarding hospitality, understanding, and being cordial.
    This is what's wrong.
    Barely trying to understand another American that's different then they are.
    Really. She should be standing in a corner with her arms folded she's so out of touch.

  18. Sarah isnt very knowledgeable herself so this is pretty rough to watch. She honestly just spouts basic liberal talking points that are trending today guns, environment etc… basically things you can have an opinion on without doing any research at all

  19. This is great. Love Sarah’s commitment to properly listen to people, and honestly, if the only religious people were Mormonists like this, we could live together believing different things.

    These two sides are the middle that need to stick together

  20. Hahaha 5:07 is sarah, a jew, literally lecturing an American family about why a foreign country meddling in elections is bad

  21. We Conservatives think if the govt get our money …..Do Americans truly not know that the US has consistently done better economically under a Democratic administration.? Republicans put the country into a recession and Liberals take it out. Bush was the financial collapse of 2008, then Obama was in office and the country saw considerable improvement then DJT contd to claim his administration was doing well, till it wasn't. Republicans have NO clue how to carefully protect other peoples money, the ones to get caught stealing or defrauding is most often Republicans.

  22. "It's better to be ignorant ,than to be misinformed"

    The Mormons are "ignorant" (By Leftists' delusions ) ,and the Sarah Silvermans are grossly MISINFORMED

  23. Mormons are weirdos. They have magic underwear and believe they will become God’s. Go to Utah and witness for yourselves the depression, suicide, incest, drug use. Mormons are a demonic cult with cult members passing through on the way to Hell.

  24. look how well beheaved the conservatives are. now imagine a conservative visiting a leftist familiy. they would shout and insult him/her all the time.

  25. btw: 75% of gun violence is caused by smal hand guns. want to forbid them too? and look at chicago. the most strict anti gun laws in the USA and yet the crime capitol of the USA with hunderts of gun deaths each year.

  26. Merman's are GreyT! Every religion has all kinds of people doing all kinds of jobs. Merman's and Jewels can talk. Take Bernie to those red congressmen led by Romney

  27. This didn’t hold up too well with the whole Russian collusion conspiracy falling apart.

    Sarah used to be funny but he political “comedy” isn’t good.

  28. The comment "we need oil for our way of life" …..well what life will you have once it runs out? And its going to, its not forever. Ah, yes, invade the middle east for theirs…..that wont cost lives…..Yes, their way of life.

  29. AR-15s are not a Gun of War Sarah I absolutely love this show I will say that I am a conservative I am a gun owner I open carry a 44 on my hip every single day but I absolutely love your show absolutely love the person that you are Sarah but you really need educated on guns and the guns aren't the problems AR-15 anybody will tell you that has been in a combat situation you will be dead in minutes if you are going up against actual weapons of war an M16 shoots a 7.62 round now in AR-15 shoots a glorified 22 it's just not there's no comparison We the People and stated in our constitution or to be armed and ready any man between the ages of 16 and I believe 56 in my state of Ohio or to have a rifle and a sidearm in to be ready and in case anything should happen it's not only our right to own these weapons it's our duty down and then to protect the future of our kids and our way of life

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