Sarah Palin’s Husband Files For Divorce After 31 Years Of Marriage | TODAY

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  1. I'm so sad I'm sad when anyone gets divorced I've been divorced and it's not a good place to go I wish them both healing and restoration and Rejuvenation of their hearts the grass is not greener on the other side believe me it's a mirage and there are thorns and minefields but I understand I've been at wits end and I've made that decision and it affected so many people around me I didn't even realize I was so selfish many regrets hope to see you both regain love and respect and if you've kept that please hold on to it tightly❤🌻💕😘🌟🌸loves & hugs🌷

  2. It was such a hoot – and revealing in an unflattering way – when GOP accused Katy Couric of asking "gotcha" questions when she asked Palin what she read regularly! 😀

  3. She is a racist, which is the same as a "BULLY". Racism is a an avoidance of the troubles that you are dealing with in your own life. He finally realized what a "MONSTER" he was married to. Maybe she will fill a cabinet position with that man in the White House. Her voice is like NAILS on a blackboard. Would you stay married to her?

  4. Thanks Sarah for your patriotism.
    Sad you split— like any compassionate American it is sad to sea a marriage split. You guys withstood a lot of trouble. 🥺🥺

  5. Todd is PROBABLY Having affair with Omar . An that's why he is leaving Sarah .lol …SARAH IS TO GOOD FOR TODD ANY WAY ..My OPIOION.

  6. No one is yet explaining clearly how they made this discovery when the personal identifying information about the parties is not available.

  7. Thank you Sarah for your service to your country and your sons service to our beloved nation. Sorry to see this and big hugs to your whole family including Todd.

  8. At least some people have the class to end
    It instead of keeping
    A sham marriage together for political
    And bill.

  9. Tina Fey mocked Sarah Palin on SNL. Palin's divorce announced same day as Trump's rally in FAYetteville NC. Why? It was a sad attempt to spin the leak in my profile exposing a secret operation to catch corrupt officials with Sarah Palin right at the center of it. Her clueless act was just that, an act. Read the leak and learn everything the media is NOT ALLOWED to report. (Palin propaganda exposes the entire Obama Osama lie)

  10. This just breaks my heart to hear. I mean 31 years of marriage, 5 kids, and they couldn't find a way to work it out?! That's just sad to me

  11. We pray for this family ; very special people , true patriots and people of God . I think Todd's accident was a big contributor to the alienation of the couple ; most likely with permanent damage and in need of care and attention that , most likely , he found with another person .

  12. So sorry they couldn't work things out , Sarah is a lovely lady and Tod is a great guy. May God Bless them both and join them back together.

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