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We’re not rolling here, are we? Always rolling. So we… Well give, give us a hint. [Laughing] And action. [♫♪ Music ♪♫] It’s so funny that we’re here at Craig’s because the first time I went to Dan Tana’s, who was eating there? Don Rickles. And my heart was pounding but I didn’t want to bother you. And you walked by and I accidentally, I turned and all my silverware dropped to the floor. Then you said something very quick and mean and amazing and my life was made. And then Craig opened up Craig’s and now here we are. Seen you here a couple of times since. Yeah, there’s not, not too many places around that have that homey atmosphere. Yeah. Totally worth the overpriced spaghetti. [♫♪ Music ♪♫] And you’ve been traveling now doing stand-up? Yeah, I’m going out, um, most of January and February, which I never look forward to but I always enjoy. Why don’t you look forward to it? I go alone. Sometimes I have an opening act, you know, that’s a friend and that’s nice, but we’re not always coming from the same place. Yeah. You probably travel in style. You’re out with Regis. You do gigs with your best friends. All right. Here’s my question. Bob Newhart or Regis Philbin? You have to pick one. Only one can live. [Laughing] She’s a million laughs, this broad. [Laughing] Don’s career continues to skyrocket. [Laughing] It will be announced in a few days in the trades, in the papers, that Don has been chosen as the national spokesman for Preparation H. [Laughing] I think you were on the “Tonight” show, maybe, showing vacation pictures of Bob Newhart and his wife and you and Barbara. I love your impression of her. [Laughing] It’s really good. I’m married 27 years. I got a Jewish wife, just lays in bed and goes, “Is that about it?” [Laughing]
OFF! With Barbara, you never know if the tongue is good or bad. Like, she’ll go… We had a place in Malibu. [Don laughing] Then we moved to Manhattan Beach. [Don laughing] And I’m not sure if she, it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I love it. Well, if, if she sees that on camera and we go home, I have a gun. [Laughing] When I think about getting older, when I think about the future, I never think about a partner or a boyfriend, a husband necessarily. I just think about I want to have enough money to retire in a community with other comedians. Can you, Frank, can you see we’re talking here? I’m sorry. It’s a callback to an old, that’s a callback to an old Rickles classic, which brings me to… Listen, can I tell a story about what this man did to me once? Long before Don got married, I was eating dinner at a restaurant in New York. Then he came over to the table and he said, “Frank, do me a favor, will you?” He said, “I’m sitting with a very pretty girl and I’m trying to make out, you know.” And he said, “I told her I know you, and she really doesn’t believe me.” “Would you stop by the table?” I said, “All right.” I was just about finished. I was down to the espresso. And I walked, finally he went back and I walked by the table, and I said, “How are you, Don? Nice to see you.” He said, “Can’t you see I’m eating, Frank?” [Laughing] He was special in my life. He really was. I know he really was. But in all honesty, like, are you sure he didn’t have JFK killed? [Don laughing] [♫♪ Music ♪♫] Who were your idols growing up? I mean, there’s nobody like you so it’s not like you were able to emulate anyone per se, you know. Well, when I was a kid growing up, Milton Berle was my, he knocked me out. I thought he was terrific. Then as I got older, I realized I was bigger than him. [Laughing] I’d like to say that also he’s here tonight, Mr. Television. One of the great stars, Milton Berle, who’s been my idol. But I was in a state institution for many, many years. [Laughing] When you started stand-up, comics weren’t really doing crowd work, were they? Or… No. Everything I’ve ever done, I’ve never had a writer, I made it up myself. And so I developed this style of kidding with people but not being mean. There has to be some goodness, kindness and earnestness, a menschiness that transcends, that makes you get away with anything. Yeah, well, they gotta be a fool if they think I, I was trying to be mean. [Laughing] We laugh. Why do we laugh? Black or white? Because we must laugh. That’s right. Look who, look who became the priest. [Laughing] Hi, doll. Thank you, Ashley. Incredible. We’re both wildly enjoying our food. [♫♪ Music ♪♫] My daddy loves you, but not as much as I do. My God, that’s very sweet. He’s a heckler. He sits at Starbucks and he, he lives in Boca and a guy will drive in in a Bentley and he’ll go, “That’s good you have a Bentley.” “That could probably feed 80,000 people in India, but good for you.” “You need a Bentley.” [Don laughing] He got punched in the face. But that’s what you get. You ever get in a fistfight? You ever get punched in the face? No, I have people that do that for me. [Laughing] [♪♫ Music ♫♪] All set here, my friends. If you need something else, just let me know. Great. Maybe this is a good time for me to go to the bathroom. No, don’t worry about it. Can I kiss your cheek? Sure you can. Thank you, sweetheart. Please give my love to Barbara. I will, sweetheart.>>All right.
>>Thank you. And we’ll be right back. That’s a wrap, Charlie. [Laughing] Now I can really eat this. I’m starving. [♫♪ Music ♪♫] I’ve been a fan of Don Rickles since I can remember. I loved how mean he was. I loved how quick he was. You know, whenever he was on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson was a special night. Comedy is not evergreen, for the most part. Things that aren’t offensive become wildly offensive. Things that were once very offensive are not offensive. A lot of stuff he did, racial stuff and everything, it’s miraculously stayed fairly evergreen even in the times we go through now because of what transcends. This is not a racist saying racist things. It’s a lovable Jew talking about every kind of person, including himself, and, uh, meaning none of it. There’s something timeless about him. You know, I was very excited to get to talk to him today. [♫♪ Music ♪♫] What it do? It’s your boy, big Snoop Dogg, and I need y’all to go subscribe right now to the AARP Channel. You know what I’m talking about? So you can see Don Rickles and see his right-hand man, no, his left-hand man, Snoop Dogg, live and direct. Go subscribe right now. What you waitin’ on? What did he say? [Laughing]

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  1. The guy made money for his bentley, that doesn't mean he owes it to everyone who is poorer than him. Sarah you're fucking insufferable.

  2. Why is everyone in these interviews either jewish or Italian? Besides the one with a black person snoop dog. Besides that also find it funny because Rickles comedy by today's standards would be not only politically incorrect but racist and because he's a Jew he gets a pass…

  3. I thought Sarah did a fantastic job interviewing the King of Comedy. She was respectful and it was obvious how much she admired and loved him as a good many of us do.

  4. Rickles always has an expression and vibe that says, "I used to sit with the rat pack, I had Sinatra on speed dial and now I'm here talking to unfunny infants"

  5. You don't have to be a comedienne to be inspired by Don Rickles' humor. He was a great influence in my life because he taught us all how to laugh at ourselves. RIP and thanks for all the laughs. Try not to get kicked out of heaven, which is where all the best hecklers go because ours is a forgiving God. Sarah, I am so glad you got to meet this awesome man, and that he got to meet you!

  6. Don is a shinning example of how one can use comedy as a means to voice their bigotry in public without retribution. Don was shockingly outrageous, but never really funny.

  7. Hi Sarah. I think you're exceptional and in credible, actually. If you'd ever like to travel to AU for a break (or tour, & you could have a bed here with me and my two kids (20/24, who work from home), please. Please contact me. Your humour is insane. I know the average person doesn't get it.

  8. I did a impromptu skit on stage with Don on my first Honeymoon in 1983. We got a great response from the crowd. Many thought I was a plant by Harrah's.

  9. "This is a Jew making fun of everyone including himself and meaning none of it."

    Best description of Don Rickles I've ever heard.

  10. Sarah the sexiest woman in the world (her humor and spirit) Don the funniest man that ever lived….besides maybe Newhart. Lol

  11. Don is so quiet in this interview (very low voice). is he trying to keep the volume down because he is embarrassed to be too loud at a public restaurant? or something else?

  12. I have seen Sarah Silverman onstage condemning stereotypical , racist or sexist comedy yet she sits there telling how much she loves Dons humour !!

  13. 100% You can tell that Don didn't like her much. He talks to you and zings you.
    Nothing here… She was just Yak Yak Yak..

  14. Am I the only person that doesnt feel obligated to claim don rickles as a great comedian? He was average at best. He did begin the age of comedy that started to roast the audience, but that doesnt make him more funny.

  15. I'm not old enough to be watching AARP but I've sat and watched a bunch of these. Really quality guest. Sarah is just funny as heck and Don Rickles is one of the top of all times.

  16. Sarah, you had a clear picture of Don which few people had. And those that knew him best lived to be insulted by him. And, of course, all the top comedians adored Don. Take a look at Vince Vaughn's interview. Quite good.

  17. When this interview ended, Sarah began to chow down her salad furiously and Don said to her "you are really hungry" and she said to him……. "Don don't you see I'm eating here" !!

  18. When Silverman said she had to go to the bathroom then very next thing she said was can I kiss you? Rickles in his prime would've said yeah you can kiss me in the bathroom! May the king of Comedy rest in peace.

  19. Dan Tanna's! OMG! Been a while – but yep, been there and great Mems!

    Also knew Don – know Tony O! Truly a Soul Special Friend – I adore Tony O.

    May Dons soul enjoy Eternal Positive Energy – hurry back and make us laugh – from our Inner self, again!

  20. In her own way Sarah does something similar to Don- she's really sweet but she can say really raunchy edgy or controversial things and gets away with it most of the time. in today's PC culture it's probably more difficult than it was in Rickle's day

  21. I don't care if Sarah Silverman still pees her pants. She's attractivr but in a very strange way that I can't explain. Maybe it's her hair and eyebrows

  22. Her: “You ever get into a fist fight?”
    Don: “No I have people that do that for me..”

    I love OGs like Don 💯💯🔥

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