SAUSAGE PARTY – From The Comedy Musical LearningTown starring Paul & Storm

-OK, guys. Rehearsal’s up for the
“Jobs” episode. And action. -What kind of party are we
having, Paul and Storm? -Is it an ice cream party? -A cake party? -A Donner Party? ALL: Even better. [MUSIC – PAUL AND STORM,
“SAUSAGE PARTY!”] ALL: A sausage party! [SINGING] Sausages! Sausages! For every type of man! Sausages! Sausages! Grab ’em while you can. Sausage party! -This is weird, right? -[SINGING] I’ve got a tubby,
chubby fat one! -Mine is long and thin! -They all look so delicious! -I can’t wait to put it in! ALL: Spicy meat’s a
tasty treat, no matter where you work! -Check out my little wiener! -Try my big Jamaican jerk! ALL: Sausage party! Waa-waa-waa. Reach down on the ground! Pick it up and spin it ’round! -Or you can trade your bratwurst
with a friend! ALL: Sausage party! Here at the sausage party,
no two are the same. And whatever type of man you
are, you’ll be glad you came! Sausage party!

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  1. OMG! LOL! Mind blown!! I was on set a few days and knew it was going to be funny but that was AWESOME!!! Clearly editing puts it over the top!! I can't wait! 🙂

  2. For some reason my mind keeps doing a Learning Town/ Adventure Time mash-up. I keep wanting to shout: "What time is it?" "Sausage Party Time!"

  3. Can you sneak preview another clip? Maybe THE ENTIRE FIRST SHOW? Waiting until next week just seems counter productive to my wanting to watch Learning Town.

  4. I love this. I have to make my 4 year old isn't in the room when I watch it so he won't go to school singing sausage party, haha. Fantastic.

  5. The most hilarious part is that small kids wouldn't read anything into this. For them, it would just be a party where people eat a specific kind of food.

    It would be awesome to find a daycare center where the parents of the kids are major biggot assholes. In the days , you'd show this clip to their children multiple times. I would love to see the look on those parents faces when their sons come home begging to have a big sausage party for their birthday, while humming this tune.

  6. My 4 year old daughter heard the music and ran to watch it with me. Now she's asking to watch it again and again and again. She can't understand why I keep laughing so hard. Next time, I'm wearing headphones.

  7. and for the two people offended by Paul and Storm who leave, 50,000 more signed up because of their humor.

  8. i thank it would be fun to do some thing like that but not with a daycare center but with xboxlive instead and i would do thing in the hopes that it would teach tharos asshole parents to not let thare kids play game that are out of thare age range

  9. This is hilarious. And yes, if it actually were on a kids' show, it'd go over the heads of the kids, who'd be wondering just why their parents are either shocked or laughing themselves silly.

  10. I want to tell a story, and it's true. My girlfriend who is about to move in and eventually become my wife sent me this video. After she sent it to me I asked her "this is funny as hell why aren't we dating" here we are 8 months later and we are sitting on the couch about to watch this again. This video made me find the love of my life. whoever posted this I wanted you to know and give a huge THANK YOU :-)!!!!

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