Saviors of Uldum Fun is too expensive: The Best Hearthstone Decks, Before the Nerf!

Hello my friends. My name is Bot Mathematician, and this is
Holomancer. We are very glad to see you all again. We are still broadcasting directly from the
Tent of the League of Explorers right in the center of Uldum. The League of Explorers has arrived in Uldum
to put an end to the perilous plagues and pernicious plans set in motion by Arch-Villain
Rafaam. We, in turn, have decided to create detailed
review of what you can meet in the churning dunes
and dusty tombs of Uldum. To do this, we analyzed HSreplay statistics and considered deck analytics from Hearthstonetopdecks. Then we decided on the most optimal versions
of decks for you. You will also receive an answer to the question: Why is fun in the desert so expensive for
players? Gentlemen, let’s cut right to it. What balance changes occurred in the meta
game since the release? Daring Reporter, we are very glad to see you. Let’s look at the popularity of classes in
the metagame. In general, dramatic changes did not occur. Hunter lost its lead to Mage, but Rexxar is
still very strong. By the way, Mage is the most diverse class
at the present moment. Despite the fact that Warrior shows very good
results on the ladder, he lost almost 5% popularity. Paladin made the biggest comeback, he rose
from the bottom of the list to the middle. Unfortunately, the Warlock, Druid and Priest
still are outsiders among the popularity of classes. How did the new cards affect deckbuilding? In short, we got two main concepts in this
set: Quests and Zephrys the Great. Each class received a legendary quest, and
each hero managed to create a new archetype. But unfortunately, at the moment, almost all
of these strategies look too weak, although they are quite fun. Players continue to experiment and seek the
best solutions, but so far without success. The priest managed to create several archetypes
based on quest mechanics at once, and some of them look quite viable. The Mage, Warlock, and Warrior were unable
to use their quests effectively at all. To many players’ surprise, Paladin’s Quest turned out to be one of
the best ones after the release. This version of the deck costs 9980 dust,
and has a win rate of 58%. We got enough that the deck can consistently
finish the Quest around Turn 5-6. And after that, the Quest reward becomes really,
really annoying. Getting 2/2 copies of Reborn minions is one
thing – it’s good, but probably wouldn’t win that many games. Far more appealing targets are Mechano-Egg
and Mechanical Whelp. On one hand, your opponent does not want to
clear those, but on the other, he has to so you can’t
summon more. What about Zephrys? How did this card change the game? This is a great question, thank you. By far the most exciting card from the Saviors
of Uldum set is Zephrys the Great, a minion that has really pushed the envelope
on what’s possible in the digital card game. Exactly a year ago, there was a release of
Whizbang the Wonderful, another incredible card. It seems that developers need a whole year
to create a card with very complex mechanics. Zephrys is the neutral tool for Highlander
support, and gives you a chance to discover the perfect
card for your specific situation if the no-duplicates condition is met. The developers created the legendary characters
of the League of Explorers for Highlander decks for four classes: Mage,
Paladin, Hunter and Druid. Zephrys the Great made Highlander decks viable. In addition, this card is so great that even the classes
of the League of EVIL began to use it for their evil intentions. Zephrys is an excellent card, and a wonderful
way to have fun in the game. There’s only one problem, this card alone
is absolutely useless. You need to collect an incredibly large number
of expensive cards for your Highlander deck to be competitive. There is only one exception to the rule: Murloc
Paladin. But even this seemingly cheap deck will cost
you from 7 to 10 thousand dust, depending on the version. Highlander Mage is definitely one of the best
decks. Specifically, this version of the deck has
more than 60% win rate. The only drawback of this deck is the high
cost of almost 20 thousand dust. Reno the Relicologist turned out to be an
amazing tool in the archetype. Given its minion-heavy nature, a buffed Luna’s
Pocket Galaxy is extremely potent, and can often close out games as soon as Turn
6 or 7. Before we announce the best decks so far, we want to do a short analysis of Uldum packs. According to the results of the first week, Saviors of Uldum is the most popular set in
the game, with 25 percent popularity. In other words, every fourth card in the meta
game is from this set. This is not a surprise for us, as players
are happy to experiment, and seem to give preference to fun decks rather
than effective ones. Here are the top 3 most popular legendary
cards, and top 5 Epic cards. The most popular legendaries are Zephrys the
Great, Siamat and King Phaoris. This trio is often used in Highlander decks. Currently 93 out of the 135 cards introduced
are being used in competitive play. This means that 69% of the cards are involved. On the screen you can see the number of cards,
which are distributed by rarity. 11 epic cards have more than 1% popularity
so far. The popularity of all legendary cards is 35%. Currently 20 out of the 23 legendary cards
are used, with varying popularity in meta-decks, and
17 of them have more than 1% popularity. Tell us a little about Pack Benefits. OK Dora, listen. We have created a special indicator, which can help you imagine how many useful
cards you can get in your pack. Potential Benefit of Pack Buying is affected
by: popularity of cards in the meta game, and drop rate of these cards. At the moment, this set has the highest Potential
Benefit ratio in the game. Potentially, you first pack will bring you
3 or 4 useful cards out of 5. After the 50th open pack, you will get about
1 useful card out of 5. After the 100th pack, you have the opportunity
to find only one useful card in your next five packs. Now let’s take a quick look at the most effective
decks. Be attentive, each of these decks can potentially
receive a Nerf in the next few days. Control Warrior is an unquestionable #1 when
it comes to win rates. The deck has only changed a little compared
to its Rise of Shadows version. Militia Commander was replaced by the new
Restless Mummy. We also got a small Taunt Package. Highlander Hunter is one of the best decks
on the ladder. This deck is also very expensive, as it uses
three new legendary cards. This version of the deck costs 13900 dust,
and has a win rate of 60%. Murloc Shaman didn’t really get any new
tools, except murmy, the new reborn murloc. This deck does not use legendary cards at
all, and this is its main advantage: it only costs
2920 dust. For this price, you get a deck that in most
cases is trying to punish early experimental builds. The deck has a 59% win rate. The Divine Spirit plus Inner Fire combo is
played around with every single expansion, but this time it seems to be even more powerful
than usual. The main new tool for this game strategy is
High Priest Amet, who turns every single minion into a huge
threat. Looks like we have a variety of decks for
any budget. Dora, it’s not that easy. This time, players were able to open an incredibly
small number of new packs. Only approximately 30% of the players, most
of which made a pre-order, could potentially receive a sufficient number
of new cards. But even this third part of the players probably
has difficulty getting a variety of decks. In general, free-to-play players only have
a few options. If you have few resources, you can only use
old strategies, which on the one hand are very effective, but on the other hand are very boring and
tedious. If you want to experience new emotions and
try new strategies, you will have to spend too many resources
for this. You may be able to collect one Highlander
deck or several Quest decks. You also have a third option. You can use Whizbang the Wonderful to try
out almost all new mechanics. In our opinion, this card is one of the most
important in the game if you like fun. The last two weeks I have been actively using
this wonderful card, since I can’t determine which decks to invest
my dust in. Despite the fact that I opened more than 110
packs for gold, I was able to create only a few decks, and
I need more epic and legendary cards. It seems that with each new day I become an
adherent to the Whizbang fans sect. Hey, you better not ask me about this! What about Zayle, Shadow Cloak? Can it be used too? Zayle is a huge disappointment, as the developers have not updated the list
of decks that this card can give you. The best you can get, with a 20% probability,
is Rush-Bomb Warrior. This fact makes this card absolutely useless! Wait. As I recall, the developers didn’t promise
to update the list of decks for this card. Actually, you are right, but without the proper
support, this card is just a formal reward for completing
an adventure. In addition, the adventure, which is not free
anymore, is the main reason why we opened such a small
amount of packs. Let’s get to the conclusions. We definitely got a very good set that is
great for fun. You can be quite competitive without a wide
collection of new cards. Although in this case a competitive game can
be boring for you. The new legendary cards still have quite a
narrow application and a moderate level of power, which is very
cool! Fun in Hearthstone is the most important part
of its gameplay. In addition, we want to remind you that according
to the results of our surveys, more than 63% of players think that fun is
more important than victory. However, winning and having fun at the same time may be too expensive this
time around. In any case, you may be able to remain competitive
thanks to cheap and efficient decks. Can you give some general recommendations
to the players? Yes of course. First, please don’t hurry to craft a new cards. Wait a little time, balance changes should
happen soon. Secondly, if you are a player who doesn’t
plan to spend money, you need a clear strategy for collecting and
investing resources. We made a special video on this theme. It will definitely be useful to you. And finally, if you adhere to the rational
strategy from this video, you should already stop buying Uldum packs and collect gold for an adventure or the next
set. I hope that in the future we will be able
to make a detailed analysis of the new adventure. The announcement for this may occur in a week
or so. So, here are some new questions. This time we ask you to evaluate the efforts
of developers in creating cards. Do you think the new set is good enough? Also, rate your collection of cards and the
metagame. We created a Youtube poll. Find the button on the screen, and please

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  1. Wouldn't total dust and dust outside the classic set be a useful metric? Highlander mage may be expensive but uses several classic legendaries for instance.

  2. You don't need to have fully optimised meta decks to have fun. I have been able to try out and play Highlander Mage without Kalecgos, Siamat or Puzzle box (which backfires) and put in substitutions (Ysera). Though there are still quite a few core legendaries you want: Zephrys, Pocket Galaxy, and Reno is very good.

    I've run my own version of Zoolock up to Rank 2 that doesn't have Soularium, Tekahn. Remember Rafaam? Oh did you craft him last expansion to play Zoolock? Good on you if you crafted him for fun (eg Meme Quest Warlock) , but where is he in decklists eh now? Did you waste your dust?

    It seems the wider community goes ahead and crafts all 30 cards for decks handed to us by the top players in high Legend, when we're not playing in Legend anyway. If you opened them, sure go ahead and use them, but otherwise, the nerf happens, and then where are you now with your dust?

    I did try Highlander Hunter without Brann, and won a bunch, but eh always a voice in my head telling me to craft Brann eh? Since he's so good for the deck.

    That being said, the baseline of cards for newer/returning players is pretty darn bad, there is no way to effectively catch up on older expansions if you weren't playing then.

  3. The game is damn too expensive. I won’t spend a penny on it unless Blizzard addresses the issue. People who are concerned with it, should do the same in my opinion.

  4. Oh well, I spent lots of gold to make a quest paladin and murloc shaman, now I will collect some gold for the next expansion

  5. Huh. The only card I'm missing from that Quest Paladin Deck is Kangor's Endless Army.
    If it turns out none of those cards get nerfed maybe I'll…just continue using my current Quest Paladin Deck.

  6. How comes there is always this assumption that the f2player has to be poor? Ever thought that he/she probably just DOESN'T WANT to spend money even when he/she easily could? I know it's naive and pointless to look for decency and moral in this p2w game but – big news here – some people do not want to buy advantages over non cashers and to get undeserved wins all the time.

  7. Activision/Blizzard and the Devs should look at this urgently. They are murdering their game and once it's dead you can't milk the whales either…

  8. Standard is quite affordable, as long as you disenchant EVERY SINGLE card that rotates out of the format. Are you losing money like this? Of course you do, but at least you can stay competitive without having to pay for this game.

  9. Me as a free to play player found those ''If youre deck has no duplicates do something'' cards very good in sense that I do not have enough legendaries nor epic cards to use 2 copies anyway so why not playing a card that doesn't really affect my deck AND Also does a super strong thing?

  10. Zephris may be fun to play but he sure aint fun to play against. This gives so many players wins they didn't deserve. So he may be exciting, but he ruins the game imo.

  11. Technically they did promise to update Zayle but only after Ziliax and other cards in the premade decks rotated out before Zayle did so not for a while

  12. Quest rogue deck is fun playing but hard getting victory, hopefully any buff can be given to the deck so that fun and victory can be achieved at the same time. Thanks. 😀

  13. So I am a (since release)Full FTP and my Favorite Deck was (still kinda is) Freeze Mage (wich was expensiv Af back then) I now manged to craft myself a Highlander Mage Deck and Its really fun. Still I think Mechs are super strong and I really Hate Bomb Decks. Last Meta's were super bad. Rogue / Hunter and Warrior can go and f**k themselfs.

  14. Ever since they introduced 2 class legendaries per set, they should've reduced the pity timer… or increased the drop rates.

  15. When will the community understand that the thing that makes this game more expensive is the nerf solution?
    No, you don't get your dust back, because most of the time it's not the main legendary being nerfed, it's one of the supporting cards.

  16. Heyo there, if you didnt know, Wild is pretty great for f2p, as most good cards you ever craft will forever be good, and it is a lot more fun with extreme power level, and more overall good cards like Loatheb 🙂

  17. Craft old good cards like Lich King, Ragnaros, Baku, Genn, Gul'dan, Aya Blackpaw, Slyvanas, etc. so you never have to pay for the new cards too much. I know Wild format is more unsable and difficult but otherwise you will have to replace the old decks with new ones in every 3 months. In additition the standart format is a kind of a formation to force players to pay more. Wild format always contains more fun and ladder decks than standart format. You can play Jade Druid (Always stable), Big Priest (Best for almost 2 years), Odd or Kingsbane rogue (Always playable), Odd Paladin (You all know this), Evolve Shaman (Funny and strong), Even and Demonlock etc. Most of these decks are expensive too but when the replacing time comes out, you will have to just replace less cards than standart format, but in standart you have to do this in every 3 months. I am sure wild format is more fun as well as it is harder. IMPORTANT NOTE: Standart format always gets nerfed and you may already crafted the nerfed one before it is nerfed. Play Wild…

  18. Aggro/Tempo rogue has zephrys too and its not a highlander deck. Its pretty viable too as far as rogue viability goes

  19. Good info, shit opinions. Just give us the stats, that is good, don't try to influence dummies. There are people stupid enough to trust you.

  20. Small nitpick, the murloc shaman deck didnt display dust correctly. Great video otherwise, interesting stuff!

  21. The only new thing that Uldum brought us was Zephrys. Feels like Blizzard ran out of ideas right around the time they cut 800 jobs after recording record profit.

  22. Deck codes for mobile users:

    ### Quest Paladin (24K), Cost – 9980, Winrate – 58%

    ### Highlander Mage (9K), Cost – 19400, Winrate – 61%

    ### Control Warrior (43K), Cost – 12520, Winrate – 63%

    ### Highlander Hunter(100K), Cost – 13900, Winrate – 60%

    ### Murloc Shaman (3K), Cost – 2920, Winrate – 59%

    ### Combo Priest (41K), Cost – 4020, Winrate – 59%

  23. It ain't that expensive.. you don't need ALL the cards. Focus on 2 or three classes you like and craft the good cards so you have 4-6 viable decks overtime that you enjoy. It's like 50 bucks for a new expansion bundle.. that ain't expensive. I play this game almost every day. 50 bucks every 3 months isn't expensive it's like $16 a month… well worth it. The uldum 50 pack bundle I pre ordered gave me 4 legend aries and about 15 epics with about 3-4 goldens to boot. If you enjoy it, put your hands in your pocket… it ain't like you haven't had your no monies worth

  24. Renounce Darkness Warlock is the most budget meme deck, wild only tho. you only need 2x voidcaller + voidlord combo and 2x plot twist and of course 2x renounce darkness for consistency. The rest can be filled with cheap warlock cards, preferably board clears. If you go even more budget then it's just 400-800 dust, but I used 3k dust on it.

  25. Playing shameless HS clones frequently and finding they're invariably more fun to play, it's mind-blowing how the industry leader can be so negligent with its own gameplay.

  26. Lets be honest HS has always been free to play, but not free to enjoy. Cause budget decks can win if you are good, but you will miss out.

  27. i mean the set is awesome
    but this time around it was so expensive… u cant release an expansion with ALL 9 legendary quest + highlander legendary + more freaking important legendary cards…
    i understant that blizzard is expensive, but cmon, theyre asking for too much money for a freaking expansion, is not a full 5 star game we are paying for, is A EXPANSION.
    Nice video <3 is awesome to see this approach to hs,
    i hope the next expansion is cheaper…

  28. Tell me about it, I've been playing since GvG, almost every day, and I STILL do not have all the basic cards! The old adventures were a welcome breather for me because I could catch up and get everything with gold, but now adventures release TOGETHER with the other shit and you hardly get any cards from them! There are still 3 wings of Naxx I haven't unlocked because I can't justify the cost to card ratio and they never ever let up! I would have quit this game long ago if I hadn't invested so much time into it, now I just hope Activision will go broke so I'll be forced to quit. 🙁

  29. i got lucky and pulled reno and the box. saved some dust for zephrys. it's not the optimal highlander mage but you can put in some cheaper anti-aggro tools and have fun on ladder.

    what hurts most is that we only got 3 packs at the beginnin g of the expansion. add three from tavernbrawls (which are basically just swapping out a classic pack with an uldum pack, so it's not the same as a free pack) and probably 3 with the adventure launch, i feel like they really are trying to rein in the expansion giveaways, and that's sad.

  30. Does anyone remember the old days where legendaries were mainly weird instead of powerful (i.e most classic set legendaries) instead of making up half of your deck?

  31. I bough 80 packs + 20 for gold.
    No fun yet because of missing cards.
    This is the most expensive free to play game in history.

  32. So far, I have pulled the Rogue and Warlock quests (Rogue was my free one), and I pulled Dark Pharaoh Tekhan. So I've been having a lot of fun with LackeyLock!

  33. I have one big problem. Sometimes I have idea for super OP deck or not that good but fun deck. Problem is I can’t test my idea because I don’t have much of cards. My dream is blizz give us brawl when we get all cards.

  34. I havent gotten one legendary from my daily packs from quests since this expansion came out. All new legendaries i have i crafted from dust 🙁

  35. Me: I'm having fun with hearthstone right now
    Hearthstone YouTubers with HSreplay sponsorships: ACCORDING TO STATISTICS YOU ARE NOT HAVING FUN!

  36. "More than 63% of players play for fun"

    – Okay, have you ever created any archetype for fun?
    – No, i play with Tier 1 decks 🙂

  37. This is the first video I have watched on your channel.
    Great content and really well made. You all put a lot of effort into your content and it shows.
    You earned a sub.

  38. Quests should be given to every players for free tbh. I had super bad luck with packs and only got the shitty mage lock and warr quest, no way im crafting good ones.

  39. This is the worst expansion for me. So many unbalanced cards. The quests are so easy to do and are overpowered and have nothing to sacrifice. Actually is like legendary minions but for hero power. So your opponents cant deal with. Paladin quest is like faceless manipulator and shaman is brann. I dont know how they can save this game anymore. I used to play ladder now it doesn't matter… Every one can play this childish game. Write quest write keyword battlecry or reborn play…

  40. A tip if u want to play any decks if you are f2p player.. create 9 accounts focusing only on 1 class each account.. i can play any deck even though i don't spend any money… I've just created all of them 1 year ago and here i am can play any deck i want.. Monthly I just focus on 1 account to get to legend. The other 8 accounts, rank 10 or above is enough…

  41. Playing quest wall priest. I got the quest for free and most of the cards in it are rares and commons. Always fun to crush the souls of aggro players.
    The key to beat control warrior is to force a brawl on your board before you use Mass resurrection. But, if he's good he will save the brawls for mass resses, then you cant win.

  42. Honestly, this expansion, while fun, has ruined hearthstone for me. Blizzards constant push for aggro decks, with very few decks remotely viable for a control style, makes the game really unpleasant to play.

  43. Im not too sure that whizbang is such an good thing. Now everyone include the newbies are playing the new meta. Which mean you ether have an complete perfect deck, or you should give up creating your own stuff and use whizbang. Which is sad, since creating my own stuff pretty much is the core for me.

  44. So, Hearthstone has become increasingly more expensive for both new and old players. But the heaviest toll is taken by the new players, which do not have a friendly environment to be introduced into the game.

    The game is on a quick spiral of player emigration to other cheaper games. Pro play has seen a heavy down in pro gamers interest, investing companies, and economical viability.

    With all that said, I think these measurements taken by Hearthstone-Blizzard management are nearly all the game needed to be pushed faster to its disapearance.

  45. The place where you are wrong is that they have a lot more powerful nuetral cards. So even though your decks are expensive you can get good nuetral cards for more decks.

  46. They are making more good cards since start year of the dragon but they didn't change the way of getting card :/ wich is either too long or too expensive

  47. I don´t see any fun in control warrior or turn 5 luna deck. Just play burglar rogue, is all you need, you can play all classes and cards.

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