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– Hi I’m Krista Smith, and welcome to “The Corner Booth”. And I’ve got Scarlett
Johansson in the house. – I’m in “The Corner Booth”. – You are in “The Corner Booth”. And we’re gonna talk about her new movie “Marriage Story” and a lot more. (sorrowful music) – All the problems were
there in the beginning too. I got smaller. Who the fuck is us? I think about being married to you and that woman is a stranger to me! If I was honest with myself, it was like a small part of me felt dead. (relaxing jazz music) – So I’m very vested in your career and your choices and I see
everything that you’re in. And I feel like this, is the greatest role
you’ve had yet to date. – When I actually committed to the film, it was a couple of months of months after Noah and I first started
talking about this project. And he sorta gauged my interest and he said, “Okay, you’re interested, “I’m gonna keep going.” And he was writing. And writing with kinda me in mind and with Adam in mind and Laura in mind. He said to me, “Okay,
I’m contacting you again, “I have something for you to look at. “I wrote, like, a seven
page scene for you.” And it was the moment when my character first meets Laura’s character and I’m basically just presenting myself and telling her who I am, how I got there and he came, he delivered these pages and what he’d written, I just could not let anybody
else say those words. I just worry ’cause we
weren’t gonna use lawyers so, I don’t wanna be too aggressive. I wanna stay friends. – I was gonna ask you about that scene because it feels like
it’s one tracking shot, you’re just reciting
dialogue from you get up, you go to the bathroom, you get a Kleenex, you come back down, you get up, it’s like an incredible scene. How was that to shoot? – It was fun getting to play
around with this dialogue and have as much time as I want. And I mean, it never happens
that way when you’re filming. But anyway so, while I was there, the producer invited me to see a play. (Scarlett sniffling) Took place in someone’s
apartment with all the lights on. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. You know, it’s work to get to a place where you feel confident enough that you can get it in a few takes. And it’s just so different than the process of doing theater, but this actually felt
more like the process of doing theater. And the fact that I had, you
know, seemingly endless time to play around with it and have as many opportunities
to get it wrong, as I wanted. – Well you had so many louder scenes, for lack of a better word, but the quiet scenes
you just broke my heart. – I think what I was so attracted to and what I could relate to in this was actually what remains
between the characters which is just love, a lot of love. And it actually felt pretty
much like a love story to me. Which of course is heartbreaking but also so much more poignant than a film about two people that, y’know, have grown to hate each other because that’s not really
what this is about. – So I love your voice
and you’re a singer anyway but what was it like when
you read that in the script that you were gonna do
that song from “Company”? – You know, I thought it was so strange that he chose that song. I mean, I was just, “Why, why
this song from this show?” I still have no idea
why, it’s so crazy to me, but it was so annoying to
get there on the first day, I had so much work to do, obviously the dialogue’s extensive, I had so much to shoot. And they were like, “So
your vocal coach is here, “and the choreographer.” And I was like, “Oh my god.” ♪ Do-Do, you can drive a person crazy ♪ ♪ You can drive a person mad ♪ ♪ Do-Do, do-do, do ♪ The whole choreography, I was like, “Why is this happening to us?” We had so much other work to do but actually, it bonded us. You know, it bonded us,
the experience and it was, we all cursed, you know,
with that, we were just– – How was working with Adam? – It was wonderful. It was really one of my most
kinda treasured experiences, I think, as an actor,
was being able to develop this relationship with Adam. – Do you view relationships
differently now that you’ve lived through this process and said those beautiful words and kinda acted out this stuff? – I had heard someone once say that, “Divorce is not a failure.” You know, a lot of people,
it feels like a failure when you’re going through it and I think a lot of
people view it that way. But actually, you should
still celebrate the time, the marriage that you had, that you spent 10 good
years or whatever it is with that other person and all you accomplished in that time. You wanted something, you were
married, you made something, you gave it a shot. And I think that it’s an
idea that this film deserves a Valentine for the success of that decade of time with somebody. – Well you give a stunning performance. – Thank you. – Thank you so much for stopping by. – Thank you! – Good to see you. Thanks, you too, in the corner.

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  1. After that amazing 7 minute monologue, Scarlett essentially disappeared from the film and it focused solely on Adam Driver better totally did her character a disadvantage.

  2. I think the scene they referenced in this was the second best I’ve seen all year. The first being the argument in Charlie’s apartment later on

  3. Just finished this movie I love the transparency of both husband and wife. I love the depiction of the couple, it makes you root for both of them to be happy in the end.

  4. This movie was so heart wrenching and felt so realistic as if I was their child being an audience to their marriage ending.

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