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Brooklyn: Eww, I want it out of my mouth! Bailey: Ughh my tongue is like- burned! Asa: What Do I Do?? Brooklyn: Ew! Ew! Bailey: **Throwing Up** Brooklyn: Are You Okay? Hi! I’m Nell! You Should Follow My Instagram @realboomboom & subscribe to my channel which is in my insta bio!! Now on to the video!! B&B: Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and Bailey ! Bailey: … and today we are going to be filming the back-to-school lunch food challenge, gross-out version! But halt! Bailey: Before we go onto this video, we have a request for you guys. Drumroll please… Bailey: Go subscribe to our channel if you are not already subscribed and do that by clicking the red button down below. Bailey: Go click the red button Bailey: right now. Go, go go. Click. Now.. Bailey: Onto the gross out food challenge. Lets kind of explain how it works. Basically, Bailey: we had some people prep some food and we’re gonna get two brown bags and on it is going to have a B&B: category of the lunch foods, for example vegetables, fruits Bailey: meats… sandwiches. I don’t really know and they’re going to have one gross out version and one good version Bailey: And we have no clue which one is good and which one is bad. Brooklyn: We have no idea who is going to get the good one and the bad one so we have to eat it. The rules are that we have to keep in our mouths. The foods aren’t necessarily like gross out foods because, y’know, you don’t eat grasshoppers everyday for lunch so these are just normal lunch foods that people find gross or, not us, not technically people just us. We don’t even buy school lunches because Almost everything that you buy at the school is like plastic. It like bounces when you throw it on the ground. It really does. We take homemade lunches. We have our siblings take turns on who makes you threw it on the ground it really does we take all made lunches and we have our siblings take turns on who makes lunches. The thing is when Rylan makes the lunches, they’re always disgusting, every time. (Bailey: nothing is good about it) One time I opened my lunchbox and there were rotten strawberries! Bailey: so that’s what we mean by nasty lunch food, is things that we would typically have in our lunch that any student might have in their lunch, but we don’t particularly enjoy putting in our mouth and chewing and swallowing Bailey: Get ready! Let’s go! I’m not ready for this… Bailey: Numero Uno, we have all of our lunch utensils to eat our food Brooklyn: But I smell tuna Bailey: I don’t mind tuna, it’s not that bad Brooklyn: Are we allowed to switch? Bailey: No, I’m keeping mine! Why? I’m keeping mine, my bag looks better than yours. Bailey: One, two, three. Bailey: PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY! Brooklyn: Ugh, what is this? Eww, pickles and tuna! and tomato! and mustard…. Bailey: It’s like all the worst sandwhich things combined in one Brooklyn: (ewww) Bailey: Take a big bite. Brooklyn: I don’t want to take a big bite! Bailey: BIG BITE! Bailey: One, two, three. Bailey: Mhm, chew it (ewww) Chew it, chew it! Bailey: Chew and swallow, chew and swallow, chew and swallow, chew and swallow! Brooklyn: There’s a pickle in there and I don’t want to bite the pickle! Bailey:
(chew, chew) Bailey: It’s time for the vegetables. We’re not switching, we’re sticking with the ones that we have. Bailey: Cucumbers and ranch! Woohoo! Brooklyn: I don’t even know that okra is! Bailey: What even is okra? Brooklyn: Eww, it’s squirting all little white things! Bailey: Pleasantly opened mine! What even is that? And I have a really bad gag reflex too. You need like two of them. I only need one! I only need one! These things are big! I’ll eat two cucumbers Oh, you poor thing (mocking) I’ll eat two cucumbers pilgrimage McGarrity whoa, I’m harmless Hey I’m poor look it for legitimate what I like granted things are ready to light bar in a bag But what it takes I agree raining. It takes a big fan. I’m not risking it screaming another one We need another Ride Okra our knockoff green beans I like that Mm Pretty good. I can’t see where I’m at now. I can think of a fruit that I really think What is that and? What is that way? Yeah? cottage cheese with a fruit cocktail Someone tell me what all of these three I have fallen on it is a peel great There is no skin on that great what? I’ve never seen a field Brick rip in my life. Oh, I’m making a mess Like bar, but doesn’t even look good. Yeah, I believe this all the time why would you miss it and whether we’re gagging cotton tape isn’t even like good and she’s a baby pull up oh Anyone want to buy it looks so great all right one two three oh oh Oh no, no no no no no no no no no no I don’t like Everybody oh ho ho ten nine. Hey. I’m Gonna go oh terrible Time and I actually very picky with my tips always about what it’d be like the doritos extra spicy Cheetos like I even smell to you. I just wrecked gagging I had the worst stories like I’m will you see the warm-up everywhere would you take me in my bathroom into A bag of salt and through the filled up on my shoes, oh What is this? Oh? For instance what kind of drink already. It’s look good. Do they smell good? It might be coffee. This is looks like it’s infected burn my mouth off Oh fucking way. Go in any way. I can know that earning in the fire already I’m bringing blood save itself. I see it looks Keep it keep it keep it keep it follow oh She’s like throwing up Hey, come on She just cried. He threw up a little bit. It’s okay. She’s a pitching back guys please eyes for me Move this hot inside the sweat is this water to what I do? oh Breno pires Feel like a fire-breathing driving. My brethren like on fire still a good kind of like burn Finn days love wristbands Facebook ever rip with Hashtag Rips Bailey’s pay foot three times oh Please be good. I want like a comic with you something Llama unless I get down. What shout out to the ripest wind Is like Raisin and it looks like I hold on my moment And I’m gonna save you okay Tom collins of you this actually looks like someone grew up an improved on Is coming up Dadada. I harvest keys put a tremendous like Kobe ah Keep talking on fish there we go Is it really that gross oh are you giving? Up on you, it’s especially kills me every time oh my God that is great with the lingering taste of talkies in your mouth. Oh Ha ha ha the Mafia She’s so daddy Nobody’s Gonna want to be taking that trash out holy mostly for different things a Dream are you ready to finish the meal? I didn’t wash down that Chunky ripe and raven enough look something even chunkier dude. Oh Mix it all up eight a one turn off the drinkin vegetable drink up when you’re in Rose water or soda business looks like Come on. Throw a bit. Can you open a bottle? And screw the lid on my hands are kind of covered in barf right now because I throw them out Faster than our water bottles quicker always is open there are four Hmm. Oh How I love you pokin oh You’re gonna still be drinking like that. You have to take a big swing so comment if you want her to take a big You’re only doing on it My throat is all destroyed does it seem something that I see Cocky? Chunky Rice pudding and I don’t even want to know why we did it all that try to know I do every every day long. I write three I can’t forget food with broccoli ah Keep it country He had been shocked because he’s thrown up so much and she ought many things at the taco burned my throat the singed it mixes it is the black easy isn’t it and This was the coating of cream cream make it feel better But it really did taste like a racist I Had never thrown up in a basket for the cows video But I threw out twice today we eaten a lot of domestic sling But this was off this little bit things that people actually eat Do our breath we are brave must believe me I know these Aliens like burn and k or comments mom down below which boot you would hate to the most which one What do you think look than their worms and most disgusting now you guys make sure to click over here and subscribe to our channel If you guys haven’t worked out last week’s video is the best over here and you want to be more of our challenge videos click? the box right below that in Japan Thank you guys, Nirvana and hopefully I won’t grow and is going to go down some guys milk to go from yellow to But we’ll see you next week Rip you

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