School of Mermaids | New Bali Breeze Fin Fun Mermaid Tail

– Hey guys, it’s Blakely, and today I, as you can see, have a really old and ripped tail. That’s why I got a new one, and it is called the Fin Fun
Bali Breeze Mermaid Tail, Limited Edition. I’m really excited to open it. Let’s get started. (chime rings) Start. Here’s the tag. It is here, and here is the bikini stuff, and here are some instructions. Okay. Let’s get started. (childlike music) Here is the tail. It’s so pretty. It’s a yellow, and then
it fades into a green, and then it fades into a blue. Here is the fin. I’m going to put the Monofin inside the tail. Here’s the Monofin, and it’s still a little
ripped up on the ends, but it doesn’t matter. It won’t show. Let’s get to it. This is so beautiful. (childlike music) Here it is. It’s a little loose on this part, because I have the Monofin Jr., but it doesn’t matter. My friend has this, and it
looks very pretty underwater. Here is the bottom and the top for it. (childlike music) Here is the top. Here’s the back. (childlike music) Here is the bottom. Now I just am so excited that I can’t wait to try this on, so I’m just going to put it on right now, but I’m not going to put that on yet. I’m going to put the
full suit on at the pool. (childlike music) Here are the results. Don’t worry if it’s up to here, because it’s actually
meant to go all the way up, either past or to your belly button. I’m going to clean up the area with my new and improved tail. It’s so pretty, and it has (phone rings) a
different material on this part, because it’s most likely (phone rings) to get a rip on that part, and so it’s a different
material, and it’s harder to rip. (phone rings) See you at the pool. I got rid of my stale tail, and now I’m looking cool in the pool. (laughs) It feels so good. – [Girl] Is it upside down Chloe? (splashes tail) – Yes, it feels so — (laughs) Watch me flip. (girl shrieks) I’m going to do my backflip. Woo. – [Girl] Whitney. Whitney, you have to — – This is so awesome. (girl splashes) (water splashes) – Thanks for watching. Bye. (upbeat music)

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