There’s a snowflakes I’m leaving Mom: Look, there’s snowflakes falling There’s a snowflakes It’s beautiful! But then, it’s not really cold Weird It’s beautiful! Sorry I’m speechless because of the snow It’s been a long time since there was a snow My last snow experience was My last snow experience was February 2019 That’s when we just got here It’s embarrassing someone’s looking at me So, as you can see, the sky is very bright already Because we have a 2-hour delay for the bus This is what happen when there’s a snow It means that your bus will be 2-hour delay from the
usual time If your bus arrive by 6:13 A.M., The bus will arrive by 8:13 A.M. This is actually my first time vlogging with snow It’s like when you go outside, it’s so white and pretty I thought about vlogging today because it’s homecoming And it’s a perfect timing because there’s a snow We’re now here in 3rd period. We didn’t go to 1st and 2nd period
because it’s already 9:34 A.M. The result of me and Thalia dancing the Tala Dance
Challenge, I left my camera bag in my teacher’s classroom Okay, wait. Calm down. We’re now here at school Today is homecoming That’s why we are dressed up This is what my dress looks like Today is basketball homecoming The last homecoming was I feel like my look for tonight is overwhelming I don’t know if I look okay or I’m so extra Also, this is the first time I did this makeup look I did something like smokey eye? I don’t know. I don’t know for sure but that’s what I did. And I just curled my hair Because I feel like it’s for special occasions Later we will go to the dance I don’t know, but I’m confuse I’m confuse because like for example right now, me and Nanssy We really dressed up for today’s event. Because you know how in the Philippines,
we like to dress up for events and stuff. That’s what I observe. They let us go to the longer way to go to the dance room It’s very cold It’s so cold why they didn’t just open the nearest door And my shoes, I was not aware that this is like 5 inches high I didn’t pay attention to it that much because it was only $12 My first thought was like “I’m gonna buy it.” Because it’s cheap I’m shaking I connotes endurance of pain to be beautiful Nanssy said “Michaella, walk faster.” I’m okay with the cold, but my feet really hurts. No, ’cause like, I know how to walk with heels Omg, I sound defensive. I really know how to walk with
heels but that was back then when I join pageants Then I go to the gym now Yeah, just a little update for you guys, I go to the gym now because my birthday is coming up I feel like I’m gaining weight I go to the gym with my sister, Jeromae We split the membership fee Very Filipino in that part It’s tiring You know, I didn’t enjoy it very much
because my feet hurts the whole time I’m sorry if I look haggard already As I got home, I took my shoes off, I sat down and I rested for like 30 minutes Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and all but my feet hinders me from having fun It’s just nice that they have something
like that for the students to have fun even without alcohol My vlog will be consistently 2 weeks span every upload for now Because I’m so busy I have work And as a senior, we have a lot of things to do So, as of now, I just want to finish all these stuff I have to do first For us to be able to upload consistently with 1 week span

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  1. Hi michaella ghoorl… bet ko ung mga vlogs mo. Fan here starting today #PIPAYBRAZIL. I love your animals print to print outfit.u nailed it for that. .God bless u more in your channeL. Hugs

  2. Hi michaella ghoorl… bet ko ung mga vlogs mo. Fan here starting today #PIPAYBRAZIL. I love your animals print to print outfit.u nailed it for that. .God bless u more in your channeL. Hugs

  3. Sabi ko na nga ba! Nagtataka ako kung bakit familiar ka sakin, yung napanood ko pala sa netflix na to all the boys blah blah! Haha akala ko ikaw yun🤣🤣. Tas sakto nag recomend for you nanaman yung channel/video mo na ito. Anyways yun lamang po.

  4. Every filipino feelings 😱😱🤣🤣😊🤙 kulang na lang magpagulong gulong, pero inisip pa rin na nasa kalsada at mag-isa lang kaya, kalma lang 🤣🤣🤣

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