Schoolchildren’s Dinner Party

Preparing a dinner
for six intimate friends requires concentration,
and a good deal of courage Choose your ingredients wisely they should be in good condition Peel and wash them thoroughly according to their preparation
and presentation It’s also better
to divide and arrange them in their order of use and to always
have them on hand Can you please
let me know what’s wrong? We’re going to be late! For heaven’s sake, Pauline!
You’ve been in there for an hour! You don’t need
to get all dressed up it’s Trevor and Catherine, remember? How long have we known them?
Fifteen years? I just got my period Oh… I’m sorry.
Do you feel okay? I’m just going to call right now
and cancel the dinner Cathy will understand,
don’t worry No, wait!
I’m not sick I’m just… sad It will do me good to go out It’s been so long since we’ve
gone out together, you and I Lately you’ve just been so,
I don’t know… distant Of course I’ve been distant! I’ve been out of town
on at least three business trips I’m working on
the CalArts course program the Nan Goldin book publication the Düsseldorf conference It’s better if I just call them
and we stay home tonight No, no… this is
an important dinner for Cathy and for you, as well It’s about her blog,
The New York Times All of it She must feel
so grateful towards you We have to attend I got her in touch
with the editors Nothing more For her, it’s a great opportunity a dream come true! I’m sure she is nervous I have to be there for her How do I look? We’ll be late if you change now Then I… I don’t look good? You look fine, I guess Better than fine… who cares? It’s Trevor and Cathy. I wish Jerry and Victoria
were coming too Why? It was much more fun
when they were together and came to those dinners Cathy is just… so perfect She makes me feel awkward, dumb It’s not like I’m that fond
of Victoria, either, you know that But Jerry I do miss him I’m going to call a cab Can I have a kiss? Too much lipstick I understand you’re mad,
and you’re not inviting Victoria not only because of Jerry How dare she start
her own cooking blog? Especially when you’re about to get
the New York Times deal She’s always been jealous of you Do you think I should
open the wine now? They’re going to be here any minute! And this 2005 Château Lafite
needs to breathe before serving for at least twenty minutes! You know what?
I also need to breathe Tonight I will be getting
an asthma attack, wait and see! And even though my opinion
doesn’t matter to you much – I do believe that–
– You’re right, I don’t care Victoria admires you and all she ever wanted
to be is just like you It’s obvious, she’s your sister But okay, alright You want Victoria far away but can I please know why on earth you haven’t invited Jerry? At least I would have
someone to talk to about baseball, HBO shows,
the economic crisis You know, what normal people talk about I feel like such an idiot
talking to Michael He’s just so cool, refined, educated always aware of the [latest] trends And Pauline?
Well Pauline is just Pauline Trevor, sweetheart!
Stop following me! You’re getting on my nerves! The last thing my stomach ulcer
needs right now is tonight’s dinner and another Lars von Trier film Half a film will do My ulcer will take control and will kick me out of my own body! You don’t have a stomach ulcer! Says who, the doctor? What about my heartburn, and pain? It’s psychosomatic As if that wasn’t enough! Trevor! Enough! Next week the editors
of The New York Times are coming over for dinner and I’ll be preparing
the same exact menu as tonight You know we need
Michael’s opinion beforehand You know what
a dress rehearsal is, right? Everything needs to be perfect! Anyways, I also need to thank Michael for this great opportunity Now if you could just
go and get dressed! I need focus Well, I’m already dressed up I hope you’re not thinking
of having dinner wearing that filthy sweater! This filthy sweater is
my favorite sweater! After all, this is my house and I have the right to feel comfy and if I feel like it, filthy Victoria, it’s me, again For heaven’s sake,
answer my calls or I’m going to go mad I’m still at my studio,
and yes, I’m drunk If you don’t come in five minutes I’m heading to that frickin’ dinner and all hell’s going to break loose! For the dinner to build up to its climax I suggest a delicate and light appetizer with a final surprise that
will add an unexpected touch to the first part of the evening giving guests an idea of what should be
an intense main course – Cathy, it’s delicious!
– Thanks, Pauline it’s a Cape Cod Red Mullet
with Pulpitos and Cabbage Ravioli and Vermont Pig Ear all drizzled with
an Anchovy Vinaigrette Are you okay?
You don’t look so good I don’t? Oh, well I have a bit of a headache it’s nothing, really Nothing that a dinner
like this one can’t cure! Although one diazepam can work wonders! Would you like me to bring you one? Oh, no thanks, Trev,
I’m off chemical stuff Right now I’m into homeopathy
and Bach flowers I highly recommend it Placebos just don’t work for me They give me anxiety Once Catherine took me
to a homeopath to quit my antidepressant addiction After one week of just
sucking onto small balls the same homeopath
wrote me a prescription for a stronger antidepressant It was awful! Although he might have had
a worse time than I did Trevor, don’t start!
We all know that story The only thing I like about Bach flowers is that they have brandy in them Hey Trev, how’s that screenplay going? You know I’m dying to read it! Well, Michael, you’re
going to have to wait Right now my time is devoted to teaching my History of Cinema class It’s a heroic mission in life to make my students
understand that a b&w film is not due to a defective projector You and the classics! Talking about movies have you seen the latest Lars von Trier? How about we make a toast? That’s a great idea – Perfect timing!
– Great! I believe it’s my turn Here’s to Michael who has given me
a unique opportunity by getting me in touch with
the editors at The New York Times If everything goes as planned my lovely and humble cooking blog will become a regular
feature for The Times To Michael, for getting me
closer to my dream! Oh, and also to the four of us for proving that sincere
and long-lasting friendships can survive well into our forties! Are you expecting someone? No, it must be a mistake,
I’ll go check Jerry! Well, you’re all here! Only Victoria is absent though I don’t believe she’ll be coming right, Catherine? What about you, Michael? Please don’t get up Keep on doing what you were doing It won’t bother you if I smoke
while you guys eat dinner I would rather you not smoke in here you know, Trevor has asthma Jerry! So great to see you! Why don’t you join us? You know Catherine she’s cooked for at least
five or six unexpected guests Cathy, go bring another plate, will you? Finally, we reached
the eagerly awaited main course It’s the moment of truth When dealing with good friends I would advise you
to be daring with the flavors Start with a sharp tune but don’t be afraid
of a conflicting flavor one that might leave guests with a bitter taste in their mouths Amazing, Catherine!
You outdid yourself tonight! Next week she’ll be cooking
for The New York Times’ food editors! Michael got her in touch with them Well, Michael, you don’t waste
your time with the sisters! Jerry, please! You’re drunk! That’s why tonight I will
do without hypocrisy and fuss! Catherine deserves the opportunity She’s talented and hardworking And Victoria, who lacks talent and doesn’t work as hard Hmmm, what opportunities
have you given her? It’s been a long time
since I last saw Victoria – Can we change the subject?
– No! Am I missing something? What does Victoria have to do
with all of this? Oh Jerry, you are still upset about
what happened with Victoria You have to get over it! You have to understand that Catherine
can’t invite both of you It would be uncomfortable Dear Pauline, it’s you
who doesn’t get it! What do you mean? So, Michael, it’s really been that long
since you saw Victoria? Michael, what does he mean by that? Have you seen Victoria lately? Oh come on, Pauline, wake up! Victoria left me because
she was involved with Michael! – What?!
– How do you know? Michael, is it true? All of us knew about it,
except like always naive and poor Pauline Hold on! Hold on!
Don’t drag us into this! I wasn’t aware of it,
and neither was Cathy! Right, Cathy? Catherine! You knew your sister, and your
best friend’s husband were sleeping together and you said nothing about it?! We’re not sleeping together,
it was just a damn fling! Please, I haven’t seen her
for the last month! – Shut up!
– Yes, I knew! Victoria told me! And of course I got upset! I gave her a piece of my mind and I threw her out of my house She’s a conniving bitch!
She’s always been one – She had a great teacher
– What about Michael? You’ve kept in touch with him
all this time, fully aware of… Hold on! Is this because of The New York Times? Well, Trevor, welcome to reality Your wife is a disgusting,
ambitious bitch! Well, I just couldn’t let
an opportunity like this go by Oh my gosh!
How could you?! Anyone got a tranquilizer handy? The truth of the matter is– Where on earth is Victoria? If Catherine threw her out and Michael hasn’t seen her
for the last month and she doesn’t answer my calls Does anyone know what she’s up to? Yes me Victoria is my friend I missed her and went to see her She was so happy to see me, too She was packing,
she was leaving for Japan Her cooking blog is a success over there and she was invited to attend
a creative cooking seminar in Osaka What?! She asked me not to tell you,
and I agreed You’ve always been so jealous of her I’m the one who’s jealous? Yes, yes, you!
Always competing against her but that’s not all, there’s more She’s pregnant What?! Are you sure?
But how could you not tell me? Victoria assured me she would
let you know when the time was right It’s not mine Don’t look at me!
It’s not mine, either! – For heaven’s sake, Michael!
– No, Pauline… I swear, it’s not mine! – It’s impossible!
– How can you be so sure about that? Yeah, Michael,
how can you be so sure? I can’t have kids, okay? I got a vasectomy three years ago Tell me that’s not true! Pauline, I just didn’t know how– For the last seven months
I’ve been taking hormones feeling awful, getting fat crying every time I get my period! And you have led me
to believe all this time that I was the one with the problem?! Pauline, sweetie, I’m sorry I just… I thought you would
get over this obsession I didn’t know how to let you know I just don’t want kids, okay? – I just don’t
– You’re a monster! – Pauline, darling, I knew nothing about–
– Shut up, Catherine! Just shut up! Anyone fancy a drink? I need something strong Sweetie, I hope your New York Times dinner doesn’t resemble this one at all! If the main course has accomplished the symphony of flavors you wished for and everything is going according to the emotional crescendo
you were looking for now it’s time to add
the final touch to the evening with an unexpected dessert Keeping in mind we opted
for a bitter main course nothing feels better
than a cool and fresh ending with a bittersweet touch leaving guests with
an unforgettable memento Oh, what now? Another surprise? Don’t move, I’ll go Come in, come in! We can still fit some more people
in this dining room although it’s starting to resemble
the Marx Brothers’ cabin Dude, do you want anything to eat? There’s plenty of food,
come sit down No, thanks. Someone named
Victoria sent me. Victoria Lieberman? I have a note to read to all of you
once I pour you a glass of champagne – Do you have any glasses?
– Of course! Catherine, don’t move You don’t look too good,
I’ll get them This is ridiculous,
it isn’t funny at all! You sure, Michael?
I just started enjoying the evening Dear Friends and Sister I’m sorry I missed the dinner.
I’m sure it was emotional As you may all know, since Trevor
is unable to keep a secret I’m in Japan, and I’m pregnant I’ll be back next week,
the perfect time to introduce you to my boyfriend
and future father of my child Michael already knows him Actually, he was the one
to introduce us It’s Daniel Book, Cooking Editor
for The New York Times He has asked me to go with him to the dinner Catherine is having
in his honor next week Nothing thrills me more than to share such
a special occasion with all of you With love Are you Catherine? Hey, congratulations!
You’re going to be an Auntie! Did I say something wrong? Pauline, I think we should leave now Go ahead, I’m staying You heard her Bye, Michael He’ll get over it Boy, what a night! I thought it would never end Are you alright, Pauline? I’ve never seen Michael so angry before You were incredible
telling him to leave by himself I couldn’t agree more with Jerry You’ve been magnificent tonight Oh thanks, you guys! Excuse me, I think I should be leaving Don’t even think about it! Sit down with us,
let’s toast together! Victoria would love it I’m not so sure Oh, come on, don’t be shy you saved the party! Let’s do it! To Victoria! – To Victoria!
– To Victoria!

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  1. For all the scenes leading up to the climax, it feels as if we could have more insight into the characters' personalities with fewer but more revealing lines. The sets and color are worthy of a high budget film, but with the exception of the beautifully embellished transition scenes, the way the film makes use of the scenery feels wanting in composition, like a multi-camera television drama.

    That being said the intrigue culminates beautifully in the table scene, the narrative is cheeky and poignant, and the child actors gave marvelous performances. Not without its criticism, something tells me that in several years Moya will look back on this and realize he had only begun to tap into his creative potential. That talent is manifest here, and I hope we see more of him in the future!

  2. Tonight I will be getting an asthma attack, wait and see……this is my house and I have the right to feel comfy and if I feel like it filthy…

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