Science Fun: DIY Crystal Geodes

Science Fun.
[Beakers bubbling over]
[Primrose Schools logo] [music starts]
Fill a bowl with boiling water.
[Red bowl is filled
with boiling water.] Add salt and stir until
it no longer dissolves.
[Salt is added and a whisk
mixes the contents of the bowl.] [Salt is added again
and whisked again.] Add a few drops of food
coloring and stir.
[Green food coloring is added
and the bowl is whisked.] Place half an
eggshell in a bowl.
[Half of an eggshell is placed
in a small yellow bowl.] Fill with salt water solution.
[Bowl with eggshell is filled
with green water solution.] Let soak for 3-7 days. The salt particles
crystallize on the eggshells. [Various eggshells with
crystallized salt in different
colors are shown- blue,
green, red, yellow and purple] [music stops]
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