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The Science Party is dedicated to thinking of long term solutions to advance our society We believe that innovation, education and economic reform are key to the advancement of Australia into the future. Scientific and technological developments are the main reasons our quality of life has improved. Weather it be improved healthcare, faster communication, better and safer transportation, or cheaper energy, science and technology have progressed our society forward. The government currently spends $9.2 billion dollars per year on scientific research. That works out to just 0.56% of GDP. The Science Party will double research spending to $18.4 dollars, this will increase scientific output and hence increase the rate at which we make discoveries that kill deceases, prevent mortality, improve efficiency and protect the environment. We’ll also create an Australian Space Agency, that will be responsible for developing the Woomera Launch Facility, attracting private space investment, and Launching Australian Space Projects. Education provides students with the skills they need to reach their maximum potential. Public Education also improves the economic outlook of the poor. making sure societies gains are shared amongst all its participants. The Science Party will enact the Gonski Recommendations to make sure that education is funded more fairly and add an additional $6 billion dollars worth of federal funding to public schools. The Science Party also has innovative educational plans such as introducing programming at an early age and our universal extension school, which will be funded by the federal government. The Science Party will work to protect native forest to preserve biodiversity. We’ll also implement, not just the carbon tax, but a carbon emissions trading scheme. Doing so will drive clean energy adoption, such as wind and solar power, and put an upper limit to carbon emission. We’ll also fun research into renewable and nuclear energy sources to drive forward clean energy production. The Science Party has a number of reforms that will stimulate the economy, and improve our quality of life. We want to simplify regulation to increase business spending and unlock value in the economy. We’ll also remove the 50% capital gains tax discount, which favours the rich and we’re hoping to close the superannuation tax loopholes We’re going to end wasteful war spending, which is a drag on our economy We’re going to encourage housing density, to improve housing prices and we’re going to replace stamp duty with a broad based land tax. We’re going to make child care affordable for all, to ensure that all people to have the opportunity to advance their careers and provide for their families. Everyone should expect to health to be looked after weather they can afford it or not. Public healthcare also provides important preventative healthcare programs The GP co-payment proposed by the Liberal government is a direct attack on Australia’s preventative healthcare programs and show how little the Liberal government understands healthcare in Australia. The Science Party is opposed to a American style system, where health and life is sacrificed for budgetary savings. The Science Party is thoroughly committed to evidence based policy. We believe that all policies should be based on evidence, where available, and if that evidence changes, than our policies should change respectively. Open and efficient government is necessary to protect democracy and tax payers money is spent most effectively. We believe that excessive use of government secrets encourage corruption, waste and other criminal behaviour. A Science Party government will release information about the operation of the government whenever possible. The Liberal Party has used national security laws to prevent journalist from find out about on water matters. Making the outcome of a core policy platform a national secret, is the opposite of democracy and that will end with the election of a Science Party government. The Science Party will also implement whistle blower protection to ensure that all criminal behaviour that occurs in the government is reported quickly. The Science Party believes that should be compassionate safety net. We don’t believe that starving people to death, when they lose their job, will achieve anything in our society. We’ll make sure that the welfare system, is well tuned to getting people off welfare when they’re able to. We’ll do this by removing welfare traps. Welfare traps cause the effective tax rate of people who start earning money while on welfare to go through the roof, sometimes up to a 100% or more of what they’re earning. This traps people in poverty. We want to get rid of this and get people into work, when they’re able to. The Science Party believes strongly in migration. We believe that Australia was build on the back of migration and will continue to be build on the back of migration in the future. The Science Party has an ambitious plan grow Australia by bringing 20 million people in, in 20 years. We need to do this. It’s because Australia’s population is ageing and we need more workers to look after our ageing population. Our plan is to triple migration intake across all streams That means a tripling of family reunion visas, a tripling of a skilled migrant intake. and a tripling of a refugee intake. 20 million people in 20 years is a lot, we acknowledge this. But we have a plan to achieve this objective. We want to create a new university city called Turing. Turning will be a high density city build around a new university. By starting the city from scratch, we’ll have the opportunity to set new rules for this city which ensures that its efficient, environmentally friendly and smooth running from the outset. Starting the city from scratch will also reduce the cost of various infrastructure projects. By not having to deal with existing infrastructure we can do things like lay subway with cut and cover, instead of drilling. This will decrease the cost of development dramatically. Turing will be a city of approximately 5 million people Based on the population density of downtown Paris, Turing be approximately 15km in diameter, the combination of high density affordable housing with a new University will make this city a hub of innovation. The construction of the city will be primarily financed by private investment. The government will take a parcel of land and brake it up into smaller pieces Those smaller pieces will then be auctioned off to private bidders to develop. The city won’t be build until at least 50.000 people’s worth apartments are committed to. In this way, the government can guarentee that the town will be build without excessive costs to the government. Freedom of speech is fundamental to the normal operation of a democratic society We believe that the Liberal government has been too quick to declare various topics of being national security We believe that the current government is making journalists and individuals scared to report on issues, where the government may be embarrassed by the outcome. This is slowly destroying our democracy and we need to remove this impediment on freedom of speech. The Science Party also believes we should be decriminalising the use of all drugs to reduce harm to those who happen to use them. We also want to unify the national laws around abortion to make sure the doctors don’t face the risk of criminal prosecution. The Science Party is also committed to ending discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation age, race and religion. The Science Party is also committed to secularism in the government. We believe that the government should treat all people fairly, regardless of their religion. People won’t know about the Science Party unless people like you join and support it. So please go to our website and become a member today.

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  1. Yeah, finally some party that worth a vote, all we need is to put out the FIRE, start a Champaign that target the FIRE sector and blame them for everything

  2. the one viable party in a pot of shit that is the australian political party mix – I would vote for you guys if I were 18

  3. The carbon tax will lose you the election every time, and your tripling of migrant intake is an absurdly stupid solution to the problem of an aging population. Fund Nuclear energy and gradually migrate into it and away from fossil fuels without increasing taxation on emissions, you're only going to alienate the populous with your proposition. Sure, increase the merit based skilled workers intake, but increasing the amount of family reunion visas and refugee intake, is a profoundly destructive prospect. It will be nothing but a burden on our social welfare programs and will be divisive in regards to the unity that our Aussie culture provides. Too many too quickly will always hinder assimilation, or maybe that's your plan to rob us of our national identity?
    And your stance on religious discrimination shows a distinct lack of understanding. Say I follow a religion which tells me to kill anyone that does not. Condones discrimination based on gender, ideology and sexual orientation. And condones the acts of both slavery and sexual slavery. Would you disallow any criticism and condemnation of such a religion as religious discrimination and hate speech? Because I'd call you a fool for such a prospect.

  4. Australia created Wifi. It was also Australian scientists that worked with Elon Musk(great guy) to come back and have solar energy being sold by a foreign company (which happens) which is a middle finger to people who cut their funding in Australia. This is not the only case when scientists some trained and working for as long as 30 years losing scientific tenure and not surprisingly many overseas companies hire Australian scientists.

  5. "At this point bourgeois thought must come up against an insuperable obstacle, for its starting-point and its goal are always, if not always consciously, an apologia for the existing order." – Gyorgy Lukacs

  6. you had me until you said "useless war spending" i don't think you understand how treaties or Australia's involvement in global conflicts work to me that shows the party is too immature and out of touch with reality we do not have a choice we need to honour treaties we have made or else we put our own national security at risk we do not have the capabilities to fully defend ourselves unless you want to seriously put R&D into updating Australian weapons technology

  7. What will be done about all the gangs that have made their way in oz from migrating and the new gangs that will follow if you triple the intake refugees.

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