Scrapbook Ideas & Tips : How to Design a Birthday Scrapbook

Everyone has a birthday and everyone would
like to capture those memories with a birthday scrapbook. I’m Janet Casto your independent
demonstrator with Stampin’ Up and I’m going to show you a cute way to have your memories
of your birthday, and a little scrapbook. It doesn’t have to be a big 6×6 or 12×12 scrapbook,
this makes perfect size scrapbook for a little party and what I’m using is my confetti simply
scrapping kit, and I’ve taken the paper out of there, one of the colors to take in with
teal. I’ve cut them to 6×3 and a 1/4, and I’ve used 3 of those. And then I’m using all
of the coordinating dye cut stickers that come with this kit, and I’m just decorating
each page. So on the first page it says “happy happy happy” with a little birthday cake and
what I’ve done here is just punched a couple holes with my Cropadile, and I’ve used some
of the old olive ribbon in here and then I’ve just tied them together. Here’s a sticker
for the party menu. So your, your child can do that. Here’s a page for the guest of honor
and then of course you want to leave blank spaces for the photo’s you’re going to take
at the party for your journaling that you’re going to do. Now you can make this age appropriate
for any age to a young child to an adult. A birthday scrapbook is a fun way to take
care of your memories and to show to grandma or all your friends, and have pleasant memories
of your birthday party. I know I look forward every year to my birthday. So I’m Janet Casto
your independent demonstrator with Stampin’ Up, I hope you take the time and have a great
birthday, and make this coordinating scrapbook to go along with your party.

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