Seafood dinner at Daian-maru in Naha Omoromachi 冬の沖縄でも大安丸を外せないので新都心店は刺身が写真プレート:Gourmet Reportグルメレポート

I don’t understand fish of this today’s sashimi. Do you ask the restaurant staff that? Chinuman. Akajin. What is Agai? I do not know. Oh well. What’s happen? I thought this was normal tofu. Isn’t this Jimami? That’s Jimami. Otoshi is Jimami. Agai. Is this ACGUY? You don’t know ACGUY, right? Chinuman is good. Akajin-Mibai is a luxury fish. And this is Mishibi. Seafood salad half. It is a lot even though it is half. I am happy because there are green caviar. How much amount is this in case of full-size? There is mozuku-seaweed. Here is mozuku-seaweed. This is seafood so starfish is here too. Is that such meaning? I do not know. I want to eat vegetables. I eat seafood salad. I want to eat green caviar. Good. There is seafood. Chinuman is good. I like this. Yummy. Fu-chanpuru. On this trip, I ate this at JAL City Naha only this morning. The amount of fu is large. Fu is good. Mishibi. Good. I have not eating fish so much by this travel. So I’m happy because I feel raw fish well. If I come to Okinawa, I can’t help visiting Daian-maru. I eat a starfish of seafood salad. I eat Akajin-mibai. It is soft. I thought Chinuman was the best. Was that good? I also ordered fish butter-yaki. Because it is good. The butter-yaki of fish at this restaurant is very good. This fish is Fukaya-bitaro. Please eat. How about this fish? Naturally, fish vary by type. The taste is different depending on the type of fish. The taste is also so. Pulled muscle. Is “pulled muscle” a right expression? With what should it be expressed? Is it a “separable from the bone”? May be so. Exercise is prohibited in the case of “pulled muscle”. That’s right. That’s right. Garlic oil. How about here? That seems good. It’s easy to remove. That looks yummy. How about that? Is it good? Then I also eat this. This melts. Does it melt? It seems so, doesn’t it? That seems to collapse. This melts. I eat Fukaya-bitaro. This is very soft. That’s soft, isn’t it? Yummy. Pork. Salty. I ordered an awamori. I don’t drink this by rock today. Good grilled squid. It is correct that you ordered it.

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