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Do you guys remember that
girl Chantal Witherbottom? – Mhm.
– Oh, she sucked. Well, she’s gone missing. What do you mean gone missing? She’s like a missing person. Well, where is she? That’s– that’s the question. [MUSIC PLAYING] Chantal? Chantal? Chantal! I saw her. She’s alive. Don’t you think it’s kind
of crazy that the moment you become obsessed
with this girl, you just magically run into her? [MUSIC PLAYING] When was the last time you
saw her before last night? Six years. But you know, it doesn’t feel
that way with social media. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m gonna find her.
[GASPING] But I need your guys’ help. [MUSIC PLAYING] Come on, you can do this. Isn’t this exciting? No. I’m not built for snooping. I don’t know if you want
to go down that road, Dory. I mean, you already
know too much. Is this some kind of a setup? We’re being followed. Who are you? [SCREAMING]
Stay away from me. You don’t have to be afraid. It’s not like he’s gonna
gun us down or something. I mean– 50 bucks says he guns us down. Who hired you? Chantal’s family. What if we work together? Yeah. I don’t know what’s going
on, but I don’t like it. Maybe Chantal’s
part of the cult. We to see what
they’re doing here. Sweet, talented Dory. Don’t die. Dory, seriously, all right? All right, all
right, all right. If you don’t text
me, I’ll be scared. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m close to finding her. We didn’t hire a
private investigator. [SCREAMING] You’re not on the right path. I’ll tell you where Chantal
is if you give me $5,000. Whoa. Oh my god. [MUSIC PLAYING] Guys? I found a clue.
– “Search Party.” The two-episode premiere
starts tonight at 10. Finish season one now On
Demand or on the TBS app.

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