SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration 2019 | SeaWorld San Diego (NEW SHOWS) 4K

Happy Holidays, Bloggineers. We are at SeaWorld, San Diego, and today we’re checking out SeaWorld Christmas Celebration. This annual event transforms SeaWorld into a marvelous holiday wonderland. First, we’re checking out Rudolph’s Christmas Town. Here you can meet the cast from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. There will be a lighting of the Christmas tree this evening. We’re pretending to be Yeti. It’s time for wild Arctic. We’re going to the Arctic to find Santa! St. Nick isn’t here at the polar station, but we did see some incredible creatures. Baby Beluga! Next, we’re watching the staff feed and train the walruses. The walrus is waving hi to me. Roll over and play dead. Let’s follow brother to the ice cave How did you get there? Next we’re checking out the Penguin Encounter. We’ve been inside this exhibit before. Click here to watch the video. Now we’re visiting a new section for this year, Sesame Street Christmas village. Mmm, the kettle corn smells good. Let’s take a photo with Mrs. Claus. Then it’s time to enter Santa Claus’ cabin. [Santa] I know those hats! [Santa] Merry Christmas! [Santa] Hello. How are you? [Santa] Now boys, what do you want for Christmas? I don’t know. [Santa] You want a rock? [Santa] You want a pretty rock, right? You don’t want a lump of coal. I’ll take another Amethyst. [Santa] Oh, you already have one? [Santa] What do you want for christmas? A rock. [Santa] Another rock. Well, I’m gonna get these boys two really cool rocks. We’re taking a picture with Santa before heading to Dolphin Island Christmas. This is a special tropical holiday performance of dolphins and pilot whales. The dolphins are showing off many tricks. I would love to ride the dolphins. And here comes the pilot whales. Look they just hopped onto the stage. This dolphin is walking on water. And then the grand finale. We’re waiting to watch the Christmas edition of the Orca show. First we’re playing some trivia. I know this one because I read it in a book. This is easy. It’s true! Yeah! The Orca encounter is about to start. Unfortunately. It’s not the holiday edition. The killer whales are performing many tricks. It’s swimming on its back. Orcas use echolocation to communicate. The killer whales are showing off more of their skills. Now they are splashing the audience. Look at the people flee as the killer whales are approaching. We learned a lot about orcas at this show. We missed the 3:30 p.m Cirque show ,so Brother and I are going to split up. Brother is going to watch the ice-skating show, which is at 5:30 p.m. And I’m going to go to the Cirque show at 6:00 p.m. Now we’re riding Manta, a multimedia family launch coaster. I’m going to watch Winter Wonderland on Ice. This is a new magical ice-skating show. Here comes Cupcake and Gingie. And finally Santa Claus. The next show we’re watching is Cirque Christmas. This new show features the classic Nutcracker with incredible display of acrobats. I didn’t know they’re ninjas in The Nutcracker. Here comes the bouncy elves. Now we’re going to watch Clyde and Seamore’s Christmas Special. This show is filled with laugh-out-loud holiday cheer. First Biff is going to keep us entertained with a pre-show. Next Biff is going to sing some karaoke. [Biff] You’re welcome. Here come the sea lions and Opie Otter. And then there’s Biff up there dressed up as a giant baby. Wait, what?! A giant, baby? Finally we’re heading back to Rudolph’s Christmas Town for the tree lighting. We’re passing through the tunnel of lights on the way out. Who turned off the lights? We had so much fun at SeaWorld Christmas Celebration. My favorite part was the sea lion show. And I really enjoyed the Cirque Christmas. Bye bye. Bye.

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