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  1. Yeah, the dems "aren't happy" to impeach AT ALLL…. She is clearly snapping at them to hush and not cheer because of all the bs saying "they don't want to, they have to"… They clearly all spoke ahead of time about how to act, showing they are all plotting together. It's pathetic.. It's a disgrace..YOU'RE CORRUPT NANCY!! I can't wait for you to be tried for treason!

  2. Wonderful, all these months to generate 2 articles of impeachment which do not exist as crimes in the Constitution….now she thinks her and her cronies can run the Senate trial?…think again. This entire debacle is transparent to the public as a complete partisan action with zero basis….a waste of time and taxpayer funds….enough is enough.

  3. The "Stain" is on the Democratic House….not Trump. Relax folks, Trump WILL be gone….sit back, chill out, and just wait 5 years, you'll get your wish.

  4. Nancy, you forgot you are not a senator, and you did your best this impeachment drama and obstruction bla blah, so ask yourself you abused the power..isn't it you are? Maybe you are the Jezebel not the Democrats

  5. Maybe she try that look on the squad. Funny to see you all worshipping at the altar of Nancy Pelosi. Well i have news for you – your “GOD” is about to fold on this bogus impeachment and I’ll be tuning in to see if you adjust your sentiments on Pelosi. Lolol. Cannot wait!

  6. Of all the bullshit I've heard Democrats spout of late, nothing compares to their claims of being "prayerful", sad, and regretful over the Impeachment.

  7. America should be proud that you have a masterful politician such as Pelosi in place when your President actually have an IQ of a 5 year old.

  8. When they needed to be coached and reminded keep up the somber and sad persona – it sort of took away from all those "dark day in history" heartfelt speeches – as if they were real to begin with.

  9. When are we going to wake up and demand all political positions come with term limits, just like the office of president. Limits for all !!!!!!
    Then maybe our house and senate will do their jobs and work on our issues, remember they are supposed to be work for us the tax payers the ones who pay THEM!

  10. Hey…..Trump has not been impeached……they have not referred articles of impeachment to the Senate and there has been no trial……pump the brakes on that runaway train……

  11. For all you idiotic lefties out there that cant see reality: hes not been impeached and Pelosi is the one refusing to hand the articles over to the senate for a formal impeachment. youve been played like the fools you are.

  12. Hahahaha! CNN is having a Stevie Wonder moment! Remember, President Trump dared you, pushing you, throwing down the gauntlet! Remember, he wanted this. You don't think he'll bring you down with this? Look at his ratings. Do you really believe this 'half -a-peach' impeachment is going to stick? I, because of YOU, am a former Democrat! Idiots All! You are just beginning to feel your own demise. You will see the tables turn and will be made to know what it feels like to be taken apart, piece by piece. You cannot touch the Teflon Don!!!

  13. I'm not a big Trump fan, nor did I vote for him. But this transparently obvious partisan charade will effectively DESTROY what's left of the Democratic Party. Mark my words.

  14. "300-400-500 years from now … that might be the only thing people will know about Donald Trump …"
    NOT ON YOUR LIFE — We need to show just how treasonous and ignorant he was [is] as well — that's actually MORE IMPORTANT.

  15. notice how the two clowns on CNN that the clip started out with have predominately black on even their ties are super dark??? I kinda doubt cnns partiality in this matter!!!

  16. Yall would just be focused on her mannerisms and not anything that has to do with whats actually going on. Shes all about protecting her lies.

  17. She knows that the impeachment Trump is just to stain his presidency,she is not going to take it to the senate.Because she knows it will be futile to try and unseat trump.which in this case only assures trump winning in 2020 by a bigger margin than he did Hillary ClintonPelosi has destroyed the democrat party for a long time to come.If a democrat wins in the presidency in the future,the republicans will impeach that democrat president with a little or no charge at all.She has set the bar for impeachment way to low,it will be payback time for the republicans.There will be battle after battle for now on.Pelosi will not be around to see what she has done.What a damn shame,that a woman in her position can destroy democracy from the grave.

  18. What party put more sanctions on Putin, what party gave Putin are uranium, what party gave Iran money, what party gave guns to Mexico, party use the IRS to suppress 501 c 3 organizations oh, and finally what party spied on American citizens to influence the 2016 campaign. Answer to all of the above is the Democrat party and the Obama Administration

  19. Total theatrics. Sickening. He’s still our President and will remain in 2020. They look like a bunch of children. They all need to grow up.

  20. God damnit, when I found out she dressed in all black specifically for this occasion, I won't lie, it turned me on.

  21. The United States Congress is not a parliament, the president is not a prime minister, and the impeachment process is NOT a vote of no confidence. Just think, if the democrats had won the senate in 2018 on top of the house this blatantly obvious coup attempt would have been successful in overthrowing the duly elected president making these traitors a virtual oligarch, all while claiming to be "defending the republic". This "impeachment" vote is scary as hell. Thank God for our institutions and separation of powers. May they always stand.

  22. The impeachment has to be introduced to the Senate. It is not an impeachment until this happens. That’s what the constitution says. They are cowards, this is as far as it goes. The Dems are done. Why delay, you fu(king cowards. Introduce it to the senate.

  23. Nancy Smerked all through that time on podium.She had Especially laughed herhead off . During hugging times with her bunch this nutt is blind as bat . Dem believes
    What excuses Polosie tells her. Her Dad wielded power.
    Because she is mafia mans mafia criminal Daughter . Her Brother helps run Family mafia crimes These idiot Dems fake News believer reporters. Need to study up
    On mafia family Of Calif. The
    Grand Polosies. HerDad big crime boss. Polosie follows her Dad's Plan . Get daughter into Congress. Keep the heat off by his and Brothers dirty deeds in crimes .dragging
    Congress Dems into full all exposure in crimes against Trump's family and
    Trump himself ! 🙊🙉🙈💩🖤👺

  24. Dear Nancy, you have single-handedly guaranteed Trump's reelection in 2020. And managed to get us all fired … Thanks a lot, from the Democrats


  26. We will never see GDP higher than 1.8 again those days are over . how are you going to bring back those jobs?

  27. She is such a phony and the lunatic fringe who can't accept the reality that Crooked Hillary lost are laughable at best.

  28. Nancy Pelosi and the corruption that follows her.

    Elizabeth Harrington – Washington Free BEacon – – Thursday, July 17, 2014

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged a company cofounded by Paul Pelosi Jr. with fraud on Wednesday after learning that two convicted criminals were running the business.

    Paul Pelosi Jr., the son of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), was the president and chief operating officer of Natural Blue Resources Inc., an investment company he cofounded that focuses on “environmentally-friendly” ventures.

    The SEC charged four individuals with fraud, including former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya, and suspended trading in the company’s stock. Pelosi owned over 10 million shares in the company in 2009. Full Story here http://ducolomal.com/4Mh9

    California's sports and political worlds are colliding through the dormant United Football League franchise in Sacramento, with several coaches and employees suing owner Paul Pelosi – the millionaire husband of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco – claiming he failed to pay them after promising to do so.

    Five employees of the Sacramento Mountain Lions – including former Raiders defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan, who held the same position there – say Paul Pelosi, a real-estate investor and businessman, owes them $250,000, according to the suit filed this month in San Francisco Superior Court. Full story here http://ducolomal.com/4Mp5

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said in a statement on the day of his death, "With the passing of John Murtha, America has lost a great patriot."

    Abscam (sometimes written ABSCAM) was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sting operation in the late 1970s and early 1980s that led to the convictions of seven members of the United States Congress, among others.[1] The two-year investigation initially targeted trafficking in stolen property and corruption of prestigious businessmen, but was later converted to a public corruption investigation. The FBI was aided by the Justice Department and a convicted con-man in videotaping politicians accepting bribes from a fictitious Arabian company in return for various political favors.[2]

    In 1980, during his fourth term as a Congressman, Murtha became embroiled in the Abscam investigation, which targeted dozens of congressmen. The investigation entailed FBI operatives posing as intermediaries for Saudi nationals hoping to bribe their way through the immigration process into the United States. Murtha met with these operatives and was videotaped. He did agree to testify against Frank Thompson (D-NJ) and John Murphy (D-NY), the two Congressmen mentioned as participants in the deal at the same meeting and who were later videotaped placing the cash bribes in their trousers. The FBI videotaped Murtha responding to an offer of $50,000, with Murtha saying, "I'm not interested… at this point. [If] we do business for a while, maybe I'll be interested, maybe I won't," right after Murtha had offered to provide names of businesses and banks in his district where money could be invested legally.[20] The U.S. Attorney's Office reasoned that Murtha's intent was to obtain investment in his district.

    While a prison cell is being prepared in a federal penitentiary for Rep. Jefferson, another model of integrity in the 110th Congress, Pelosi appointed him to a seat on the Homeland Security Committee despite him being videotaped in August 2005 in an FBI sting accepting $100,000 in marked bills from a Northern Virginia investor and then a few days later, having $90,000 worth of the marked bills recovered from his freezer during a raid. The money was accepted as part of Jefferson's plan to pay off Nigerian officials in exchange for contracts. http://ducolomal.com/4N6z

    While the Ukraine scandal revealed the Biden family’s ties to the country, the less-told story surrounding Paul Pelosi, Jr. is still unraveling on the sidelines. One America’s Rachel Acenas caught up with journalist Patrick Howley, who has been covering the story of the House speaker’s son. Watch Video here http://ducolomal.com/4NDK

  29. She sounds drunk. Slurring and can't speak clearly. This is a joke, this makes our country look weak, the Democrats are without doubt abusing power and obstructing justice. I don't support either party but for sure the Democrats appear to be crooked.

  30. CNN can't recognize a senile lush. They prop her up like she indomitable while the rest of us slap our knees and laugh. When they practice their Demwit diversions we ought to cook up the popcorn and kick back and laugh.
    Watch CNN and see what some fools call a living.

  31. She doesnt want to look bad through this coup….like the Tlaib video where they are giggling over going to impeachment vote….How can they be so happy in this instance…….She should not have to coerce them to not act like spoiled children.

  32. People really don’t realize what impeachment really is !!!!!
    The House (ie:Congress) of Representatives they vote for articles of impeachment, then they hand the articles to the Senate !!!! Then in the senate they present the articles of impeachment, then President Trumps Attorneys present their case. The senate is the jury and they could then take a vote to acquit or they could ask for witnesses to testify. Right now the senate wants a speedy trial and the numbers to acquit. If Pelosi doesn’t send the articles of impeachment to the senate Trump is not impeached !!!!

  33. Death to Polasi, death to all the democrats leadership because of their unspeakable evil acts against a nation and all humankind !!!!!!!!!!

  34. What a bunch of actors, the orchestrated crocodile tears hiding suppressed elation. The CIRCUS MASTER SNAPS HER WHIP!!!!!!!!

  35. Pelosi can’t even hide her smile of joy after banging the gavel confirming the vote to impeach, then having to gesture to her party to not cheer is just a shame. These democrats couldn’t be happier and have set out to do this since day one. Now she’s delaying sending the articles to the senate because she wants it to be fair? Where was the fairness in the house trials? What a joke, we should be ashamed we put these people in office.

  36. Remember when Obama had the state department as well as several other foreign departments purchase $80,000 worth of a book he wrote. Of course not, the media would never report that. #fakenews#misleading reporting#scamofamerica

  37. I see Pelosi is wearing that outfit Cersi wore in Game of Thrones right before she went full tyrant and triggered a series of events that led to the destruction of Kings Landing: the post-menopausal megalomaniac 8itch outfit. Do Democrats completely lack self awareness?

  38. I'm in California and we got one hell of a problem with the homeless.. and pelossi won't let them camp in her backyard

  39. CNN come on what's really going on. These dog and pony carnival shows are old and stale all these people want is to keep the public distracted while they commit high crimes and treason.

  40. A Pitch Perfect Pompous Actress who has now destroyed the Once-Proud DemonCrap Party.
    Crap Shoot finally over. Accomplished exactly Zero. Trump 2020 the non-politico wins again.
    A note to ~ ~ YOU in the commie news network: America knows your bias and is not amused.
    You are all hacks who should go find real jobs now. THERE IS NO STAIN except on C N N and other commie news networks.

  41. The Demonrat impeachment Party lead by Dumb and Stupid Nancy Pelosi, and her corrupt house rats, including their mainstream Media department, are all but over the clift edge. An impeachment vote without a crime, and now asking for more witness's in order to find a crime hahahahahahaha.

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