See Photos Of Indicted Giuliani Associate Celebrating With Trump Lawyer | MSNBC

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  1. Love how 45 preemptively addresses the photos we hadn't seen yet….I don't know these guys, but there's probably pictures – because I take pictures with everyone – so, it doesn't count if there's pictures of us together …. riiiiiiight.

  2. Is after you ,you can work for justice, or you can work to protect the crime .
    An less you stop by calling wysoll blower to the Whitney's ,the law will have proof to condense the criminal .
    The witness is witness ,and must be protected ,if you don't want to protect the witness ,is because you are criminal .

    You and all the humanity need to take definition ,to work for justice ,and stop by calling the witness betrayers , for example , Julian assange is not betrayer, the real betrayer are the criminals who are hiding behind the power ,by accusing the person who say the truth ,you are destroying any legal process to protect the legalised criminal in the power ,please be honest , all the humanity is looking what you are doing .

  3. Who are those guys I mean for real. They seems to have a long time relationship with the Trumps and R.Guiliani…very disturbing. And they payed a GOP representative to lobby for the removal of a respected ambassador in Ukraine!!! This is sick.🤔🤔

  4. Those photos reveal a lot of truth. The old cliche' "A picture tells a thousand words," is quite appropriate considering the continual lies on Ukraine.

  5. Trump and his family was good friends with the guys who got caught. Y is Trump good friends with so many criminals. He go live them hanging too

  6. Pretty remarkable that someone he doesn't know is in photos with him and his family since 2015. Eating dinner and celebrating. I know I eat dinner with people I don't know all the time.

  7. WHERE IS LUNATIC RUDY THESE FEW DAYS? Come on Rudy tell us more where are the bodies buried like you partner in crime Mick Mulvaney.

  8. NOTE: Trumps two(2) lawyers are with the "THUGS"…hmm???😏
    Oh, Jay…Jay…Jay…
    What are you into???
    …and Rudy…??? Tah…tah…tah…
    Now, you know…it's…
    bad boys…👈👈👈


  10. When someone wants to run for office, especially the POTUS, they need to be completely vetted or they shouldn't be allowed to run from day one. I don't need to work for anyone else now but when I did, I had to take a drug test, my financial history was thoroughly gone through, and if one small thing came up, I wouldn't have gotten the job. Presidential candidates in any party should be thoroughly and rigorously vetted. Also, the power of the president should be limited. This monster and his disorganized crime family need to be voted out. Vote in 2020, Liberals, and vote for the chosen Democratic nominee, even she/he is not the person you wanted. Vote for them anyway. If you vote for Joe when Elizabeth is the Democratic nominee, that's a wasted vote and is essentially the same thing as a vote for trump. This monster should not have been allowed to run in 2016 in the first place! He needs to be voted out!

  11. "the photos don't lie" @ 3:50 Wonder when trump and cohorts will claim they were digitally manipulated and were actually photos of other people?

  12. The guy with one of the great memories can't seem to remember this guy who is repeatedly seen in photos with him, his family and his attorneys.

    Make America Great Again…..Make Putin Great Again….Putin "I will give you your Trump Moscow Tower!

  14. I remember when Bill O’Reilly lost his mind when Obama invited Common to the White House for a poetry reading. Common’s apparent, in the eyes of Fox hosts, support of “cop killers” was their main issue. Though Common believed his support was for people unjustly accused. Nevertheless, it was damnation and guilt by association. Common was ‘dubious’ and the invite tainted the White House.
    How curious and quaint Bill O’Reilly’s outrage seems today. Trump is surrounded by ‘dubious’ characters yet Republicans and Fox pundits are very careful about showing any kind discontent, certainly no outrage. Yet this a White House is tainted in a way that one wonders: will America ever recover from the stain of dishonesty, corruption, disloyalty and repugnant incivility this President has normalised in his administration. It’s a sad time for America. I hope it ends.

  15. Dogs don’t change spots, so going backwards in history to look in depth at past activities will bring out more truth.

  16. Where is Rudy Doody these days? Haven’t heard from him in awhile. Must be laying low. I miss his insane smile and his stupid comments. Whomp…whomp.

  17. We have a bunch of Captain Klinks in government now. "I know nothing, I know nothing"…….(young people Google Captain Klink Hogan's Heroes to get the reference).

  18. Trump is an enemy to this country that I love . I worry about how this is going to end! I pray that God will save this land of liberty. Please join me in prayer for our democracy

  19. Must read: Connects D.J. Trump to Parnas
    He(Parnas) told The Washington Post in an interview conducted before his arrest that he got his start in real estate, selling Trump condos for Donald Trump’s father, Fred, If he was selling property for Fred Trump, co-ops in Trump Village make the most sense. And by this time, the Trump Organization was managing the properties as Fred’s health was starting to decline."

  20. Rudy hiding, trying not to give Trump another reason to throw him under bus.. hoping Trump will not remember him..

  21. Dirt always floats to the top.
    Terump is the biglyest floater.
    Stinking the. place up and difficult to flush down. Even the sewer rats dislike him AND
    his family.

  22. To me, that picture of the Ukrainian with Ivana Trump confirms every rumor that the Russians have had their eyes on Trump for a long time and have invested heavily and groomed him to become a Russian asset.

    Trump's soft spot for Eastern European women was the backdoor to the Russians. Always has been !

  23. I don't know those gentlemen. I may have had a picture taken with them because I have pictures with everyone – By the way, just ignore the picture where I wrote, "Thank you for your friendship and supporting our cause." Your eyes really didn't see that. It really said something else and your eyes are just sending you fake news. Don't believe what you see. Just listen to my voice and believe what I tell you….. WHAT! No that's what I said yesterday, try to keep up, the story is totally different today! I'm such a genius! That's why I am the Chosen One and no one can investigate me, my companies, or anyone I know as long as I'm President. Note to self:. Complete Executive Order that does away with term limits and elections. Yeah that should do it!

  24. Trump said he didn't know them and yet has years of photos with them and his family and called him a friend…brutal corruption. Sickening that our Russian installed "president" bows to his leader in the Kremlin. What happened to us??? Oh…that's right…we were attacked by our most hated foreign adversary and the GOP helped assault our democracy.

  25. See Photos of Comey, McCane, Strzok, and 22 other Officials who got fired or had to resign from our Government for the disgraced things they all did. Soon we can add some resignations from House Dems to that list. Then you decide who is bucking who.

  26. All should this should be cause to take a Serious look into this this criminal enterprise and what happened in 2016 with him and the Russian and what they all knew,in His campaign. Because there’s no way he should’ve been allowed too be a President!!

  27. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron 
    Verse 242:
    Everybody knows his hospital visit
    Everybody knows asylum rules are crueler
    Everybody knows Nikki’s now a Trumpist
    Did he lie in written answers for Mueller?
    Everybody knows the secret mission
    For Lev and Igor had the big guy’s permission
    Met Yuriy and Petro
    Now everybody knows

    The Three Stooges
    Parnas claimed Trump ordered "secret mission" to push for Biden probe at White House Hanukkah party

  28. It’s not the wall is closing in. Rather it is like lifting a rock and watching all these vermin scuttle around. If it wasn’t the president and the current establishment leadership it would not be so disastrous. Just hope that the Senators know where their duty lies.

  29. They all tortured me and Rudy was not the hero against mob I was, he profited. They all tortured me and asked what they should say and all said it nearly word for word.

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