See Why Dog the Bounty Hunter Isn’t Ruling Out Dating Again After the Loss of Beth Chapman

headed down to Hollywood on this tour bus with my man Duane dog Chapman I love the way you roll thank you sir this is rollin here isn’t it yeah it is all right ladies if you got 20 bucks I’ll talk to you who’s your favorite personality in all of Hollywood he calls it dog walking a chance to get out and meet his fans the bus it’s just to promote his new show and while he’s loving taking selfies with well-wishers it’s clear late wife Beth Chapman isn’t far from his thoughts I am so lonely I walked in the closet that smelled like her i sat there still in my dreams is when I see her and I’m with her you still have on your wedding ring never did I know what she put it on my finger what it would mean to me Beth passed away just over two months ago after a long battle with throat cancer that spread to her lungs from the wig she had to wear to her chemo treatments it’s all documented on the couple’s new series dogs most wanted battling cancer on the show I would stand back and watch behind the camera when the cameras pointed thinking dear God I would not do this if I’m gonna die I’m gonna die in my boots and while he misses Beth dog told us he’s not ruling out dating again someday I walked by all these girls and dogs got a new girlfriend not yet I don’t I’m not I’m saying I’m not gonna have one cuz I will I’m not gonna get married as I told you ever did you in better talk about that oh yeah well yes because both of us did I told one the other day that I was kind of looking at and I said listen to me it’ll never be another bise’s dog so we’re gonna see you’re gonna keep giving them google eyes you’d better know that right now mmm she stopped because there’s not but you know like I said whoever I’m dating now I’m gonna make him famous so here they come [Applause] [Music]

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  1. I’m a fan I always have been, In deep mourning for his loss as I’m sure we all are but this feels (in my opinion) that this is too soon…it’s not that it shouldn’t be a possibility but like? Wha? “Looking at some other girl the other day” at least he stated first that Beth is MRS. dog forever but why not RESPECT her memory until that potential relationship is solid and an appropriate amount of time has gone by…. 6 months to a year AT LEAST

  2. Another good interview Kevin. Thanks. My feeling is he will date again. He should not have to be lonely. Having said that, I don't think he will find another Beth. Period. I just hope he somehow finds happiness. Only my thoughts.

  3. He seems like the person who doesn’t like to be alone so he will try to fill the void by dating but Beth will always be his #1 ❤️

  4. I've lost all respect for him. It's only been 2 months. I would never date again of my wife died. I'm s just not normal to me.

  5. Too soon Dog. You should have kept it to yourself now everyone is going to say its too soon etc,etc. 😂

    You say youre lonely well find a girl take it slow and dont have labels. You could have done this and NOT told the camera anything since its not news worthy lol

  6. My heart breaks for you Dog, you should Date again find love again Beth is gone there’s nothing you can do about that you was a devoted loving Husband till the end. Beth was a Beautiful woman she can never be replaced. However you can love again. Give yourself time. Who ever you choose to be your lady will be a lucky woman. God Bless you and your family.

  7. He is so raw about his feelings you can tell he just carries his love for beth on his shoulder. I respect him being so open about his thoughts on dating because everybody grieves in a different way

  8. It's easy to say he will date Now. But those of u who have gone thru heavy loss and grief Know that u completely fall apart Rt After the Shock wears Off, which is usually about 3-4 mos later. And personally.. I don't feel Any Major decisions Shld be made for at least 2 Yrs After such a loss or there Cld be some Maj regrets. And so 'Take it Slow Dog.. take it slow..' And make sure u r completely Healed in order that u will have 'Clarity' later.

  9. He is pretty straight forward and not stupid . That’s right he’s going to make who every it is famous so here they come . I liked to watch Beth and Leland on the show that’s y I tuned in . Whoever he is with will solely b riding on Beth’s coat tail . There will never b another Beth . But he does need to move on and not b so lonely.

  10. I'd rather just be alone if my husband dies. Sometimes your best company is yourself, but some people can't stand being alone, and get together with anyone who will have them.

  11. Any woman would be a fool to try to fill Beth’s shoes. She was a FORCE in every way. Damn good woman. He will fill the void but no one will come near Beth

    I wouldn’t even want to attempt being with Dog. They were/ are just too good of a match

  12. His wife just passed and him talking about being with other women is just plain disrespect to his beloved wife's memory…..

  13. dating again that's perfectly fine don't have to be serious just be upfront let him know dating nothing serious you don't want a commitment

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