Semiya Kichadi | Coconut Chutney | Spicy(kara) Chutney | Dinner Menu – 2

Greetings!! This is Amma Samayal Meenakshi Lets see how to make Semiya Kichadi in Dinner menu We’ll make coconut chutney and spicy chutney This is a different type spicy chutney Ingredients required Semiya -200 grms You can get roasted Semiya in shops, you can buy that Garam Masala – 1/4 tspoon Whole spices – Few , I have taken 1 no in each Turmeric powder – 1/2 tspoon Coriander leaves – Few Carrot – 2 nos Potato -1 no Tomato -1 no Big onion – 2 nos Green chillies- 3 nos Ginger – 1 small piece French beans – 50grms Salt & oil As required Curry leaves – few & bay leaf- 2 nos I have taken everything in small quantity as i’m making it for dinner Ingredients for coconut chutney Coconut – half Garlic – 2 cloves Dried chillies – 3 nos It will be neither red nor white Roasted channa dal – 2 spoons Mustard seeds & urad dal for tempering Salt and oil As required Curry leaves Ingredients for Spicy chutney Tomatoes – 3 nos Onion – 2 nos Coriander seeds – 2 spoons Urad dal -2 spoons Channa dal – 2 spoons Tamarind – small piece Dried red chillies -6 nos Curry leaves – For tempering Asafoetida – Some Mustard seeds & urad dal for tempering Salt & oil for tempering We’ll grind coconut chutney first Adding 3/4 spoons of salt Adding 1 spoon of oil Add roasted channa dal and fry You can add both urad dal & channa dal together Meanwhile, we’ll chop onion & tomato Add dried red chillies Also tamarind We’ll add onion & tomato together Last time many of you have asked me that i have made spicy chutney with tomatoes alone That is a different style This is a different style spicy chutney 2,3 varieties are still there, i’ll show you in upcoming videos Add 1 spoon of salt It has to saute for few mins, meanwhile we’ll chop the veggies Adding few Asafoetida Its cooked well , keep it aside, once its cool we’ll blend the chutney Adding 3 spoons of oil I’m making this for 3 people Oil is hot now, so adding the whole spices like cinnamon, fennel seeds, bay leaves ,cloves Add curry leaves too I have finely chopped onion & ginger, adding that Adding the green chillies Adding the carrot Finely chop all the veggies Only then it’ll cook well It’ll be good to eat It’ll not be nice if you chop big chop the potato little big in size Adding 1/4 spoon turmeric powder Garam Masala powder – 1/4 tspoon Adding 1 1/2 spoon salt Add salt accordingly 1 glass water for 100 grms semiya I have taken about 250 grms semiya For the veggies i have added 1/2 glass For the semiya 2 1/2 glass water totally 3 glasses of water Let the veggies cook, we’ll cover cook Let it cook for 5 mins Veggies are cooked well If you cover cook for 10 mins it’ll cook well Add the semiya directly as its roasted already Don’t mix it , close it Keep it sim for 5 mins Mix it gently once its cooked Shouldn’t mix it before closing it Mixing the semiya after its cooked will not break Keep it in high flame and cover cook for 2 mins Its cooked well now and the water is also absorbed Mix well in sim and then switch off the flame It’ll not break if you make it such a way Semiya kichadi is now ready to serve Garnish it with some coriander Semiya kichadi is now ready Coconut chutney and spicy chutney are also ready to be served It took 35 mins to make all these Like share and subscribe to our channel Share in facebook Thank you

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  1. am watching Videos daily…… really awsome and thank you soo much for giving easy method Amma Smayal…….but i need how to make egg rice…..

  2. total bakwas. kicheedi is a mixture of moving dal with any whole grain. she should stop teaching her so called cooking skills.

  3. All dishes r come out very yummy and also easy to learn quick cooking really taste is realy Amma samayal

  4. No offense. Should add cardamom and garlic for extra taste. Also the ratio is strictly 1:1 and definitely should not close with lid and should be in sim. Vegetables should be boiled separately on the side and filtered and kept ready. So 1 cup semia = 1 cup water .
    Semia pola polanu Ottama Biriyani taste maadhiri irukkum. We use to put ginger garlic paste in our restaurant. I am just giving you tips to improvise your recipe. If you don't want these kinds of tips , plz tell me . I won't do it anymore .thanks .

  5. amma vermicelli seirapo enaku epayumae water athigamai kolanja mari aaguthu so pls water level konjo solunga amma

  6. நான் உங்கள் காரசட்னி செய்துபார்தேன் மிக,மிக,அருமையான ருசி.நான் ஏற்கனவே செய்த சேமியா கிட்சடி சுமாராக வந்திருந்தது அதற்க்கு உங்கள் சட்னிதான் சுவையை கூட்டி மேலும் சுவையை அதிகரிக்க செய்தது .மிக்க நன்றி🌺

  7. yenaku pothuvave Oru doubt erukku.. yenna food kku yenna side dish nalla erukkunu.. pls atha Oru video va potunhalen.. tiffen and rice food kodu matcha Ana side dish yethu nalla erukum aptinu

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