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(Music) It was the late 60’s, Bob Ruckriegel, they invited the Good Samaritan Society to come in and build our campus. Reverend Ronald Shue, who was pastor of Redeemer Church at that time, which I was a member of, knocked on my door and said, “Hey, there is word that we could entice the Good Samaritan Society to build a nursing home in Jasper, Indiana here.” After a couple of meetings of the of the formation of the committee we embarked on how we was gonna do the fundraiser. The campaign was successful and we were able to raise a hundred thousand dollars to ask the Good Samaritan Society to come in. So the next thing we had to do was find a piece of ground to put the home on. It was nothing but a gutted-out, weather beaten hillside that we were able to have the excavating company from Jasper here level the thing off and that’s where we sit today. We’re getting ready to celebrate 50 years here. In that 50 year time it started out as a traditional nursing home and then we’ve expanded to all these different levels of care. In the beginning it was a challenge to fill the home up. But once it started filling, it filled rather rapidly. We are a community of aging in place. We have independent apartments, we have our post-acute rehab, we have our assisted living, we have a memory unit for middle-staged dementia, and then our traditional skilled nursing beds. Basically every line of service you could want, we offer. I would recommend Good Samaritan Society to anybody, and I have already because I know how well they take care of you. When you are with one of the nurses or one of the therapists, you’re like you’re the only person in that room at that time because they concentrate just on you. I know so many people here. I really do. I don’t want to get too lonesome and I don’t. Not here. It’s very hard for seniors to relocate. And that’s what has been special about our campus We will help them transition from the different levels, and that has been very important. It makes it very comfortable for the senior who is having to transition. When I think of this building, the relationships we’ve built in the community, I think we’re a very integral part of Jasper. Thanks to this grant by the Good Samaritan Society, and others like it, we can serve our clients without having to put them on a waiting list. It’s important because the community gives us so much, and we have to give back to the community. It’s all about the relationships you build, that we can all be successful and have good quality of life through the different stages of life. That is one of the biggest challenges. How are we going to grow into the future? We do have a phase two addition that has been drawn up when we built the assisted living building four years ago so we’d like to see the phase two addition. Continue to update this building continue to grow our outpatient rehab Next 50 years if we can see an expansion and a growth that we’ve had it the past 50 years we could double that and and see the future. The Society in the next 50 years would be fantastic. So very proud of that. The care we provide, the hugs you see being given. The celebrations we have as we’re celebrating our 50 years. If you don’t feel Christ there, you don’t feel him anywhere. (Crowd cheering!) The relationships we build. We are definitely community centered and Christ centered.

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