Senior Programs Specialists Prioritizes Marriage Without Giving Up Her Career

– Hi, everyone, I’m Kate Byars. I’m the founder of
Corporate Women Unleashed and I’m super, super excited because today we have an incredible client who’s come to share her story with us. Erin was a part of
Corporate Women Unleashed. It’s been what, a few months? This summer, right?
– Yeah. Yeah, summer. – Yeah. During the summertime, and she had just amazing, amazing results. Super privileged that she’s here to share. ‘Cause I know her story will inspire someone else out there. So welcome, Erin. Thank you for doing this. This is fabulous.
– Thanks for having me. I’m so excited. – Absolutely. Maybe just as a little reference point, so people know where you’re coming from, can you just tell us a
little bit, just in general, like what you do for a living and I know you have a family, you’re married, and that sort of thing. – Yeah, I work in a
male-driven nuclear field. We’re about 13% diverse here. It’s been interesting. I’ve been in a bunch of fields where it’s like more women dominated, so this has been an
interesting transition for me. But I’ve been here for about
almost eight years now. Yeah, I have a husband at home and a six-year-old son
and it’s a good life. – That’s it. It’s a good life and now it’s even better. Good! Well, Erin, let’s just
start off, I guess really with results, if you don’t mind. Like when, prior to coming to CWU, obviously you had some goals. So did you achieve those goals? What would you say are
the top one or two results that you got from working with us? – I am just more balanced right now. My life and my home are balanced. I think when I had first came and I was looking for some peace. And I’ve really found that. And actually, I have pulled this. I still have this sitting on my monitor. So every day. So I’ve really gotten peace and you know, I think the most thing that I probably, I post it on Facebook a lot. I like to tell the women around me. It resonates with me
and it’s like my mantra I do every day, “You are
valuable and capable.” And thank you, Kate,
’cause you taught me that. So that’s like in my life every day. So between everything you’ve taught us, and what are your core,
what are your needs, what are your core values? I live that every day and
I’m constantly looking and changing and challenging that and I’m able to say, “No,” now. I’m valuable and you
need to respect my time and my unique gifts. So it’s been a game changer. – It is a game changer. Isn’t that the coolest thing? I love it. So you are really living your life through this whole new lens. Wow. So, Erin, how do you see
it trickle down maybe? Like, have you seen anything where you’re just more
relaxed and happier at home versus maybe frazzled or tense? Do you find yourself just
doing more during the week with your family versus, chop chop, we gotta hurry up back to our laptop? Like, any of those things change for you? – Yeah, I’m working pretty much, you know, maybe 40, 45 hours a week. And I work my schedule to what
is best for my family now. And I’ve learned to prioritize. I’m gonna get the top two,
three things on my list and then if I can help some people out during the day, that’s fine, but I’m gettin’ home to my family. And my husband and I
are having date nights. You know, I spend some time. I always put my son first, but we’re just spending
really quality time. And I’m not stressed at home anymore, so he’s not stressed, and my husband’s not stressed, and things are going really well. And my husband used to listen to, I’d listen to my recordings
when I was in bed or something, before going to sleep. And he’s like, I was talking to him, “You know, we should get
a second source of income. “We should start a business or something.” So he, after listening to
your videos and everything, he’s like, “Erin, I
wanna start a business.” He did a bunch of research. We started a business together. So it helped him, too. It trickled down to him. It’s amazing.
– Wow. – And it’s helped the
women at my work, too. I mean, we talked about scripts and how to advocate for yourself. It’s trickling down here. There’s a movement here. – Isn’t that cool? I know, you change one woman
– It’s amazing. – and you change the world. I’ll tell you what, Erin,
it’s super powerful. – It’s true.
– Oh my gosh. Wow! Okay, so that’s pretty incredible. What about beforehand now? Like, give us some of the, what did life look like
beforehand where you said, “Okay, something’s gotta change?” What was going on for you? – My relationship with
my husband was not good. We were really stressed and arguing, and he was like, “Just
please get another job.” So I have the pattern
of, I am an achiever. Like, achieve at all costs. You know, stay late. I had the scripts where I’m like, “Dave, if I don’t work,
I’m gonna get fired.” And you go through all that. And he’s like, “Erin,
you’re not gonna get fired.” But I didn’t believe that I was valuable. So it was just bad. And I just felt guilty all the time and the more time I spent at the work, the less I was really getting done. It was just, it was not a happy cycle. And when I watched your video on Facebook I was like, “This is what I need.” And I totally committed. ‘Cause Laura’s like, “I’m surprised how committed you are. “Like, you’re like ready to go.” And I was ready to go. I was just like, put all my faith into you that we’re gonna do this. – Yeah. You really did. And I have to just pause for
a moment because that’s key. You know, if you just kind of dip your toe in the water and go, “Let me see if this is gonna work.” I mean, you came in, Erin, like door, you know, guns blazing, doors
wide open, let’s do this. You know, I am, whatever you tell me, let me try something different. And just your faith, I think in yourself, as well as just the
commitment to try operating in a new way in your career. And wow. You know, what a huge result. Okay, that’s super cool. Yeah, as high achievers, we work too much. Okay, so your husband was kind of saying, “It’s time to get another job.” Anything else? How are you doing in just
taking care of yourself and some of those things
prior to coming to CWU? – Oh, I came last. So this year I had told Laura I was gonna make all my
doctor’s appointments. I was gonna put my health first. You know, I was gonna exercise,
getting out with my kid. So I’ll get my pedicures. I’ll go, I have girls nights. You know, it’s about me, what
needs do I need to have met to take care of my family and just to be who I need to be. So it’s just been, it’s just so good. – And just to clarify for everyone out there in TV land. You have not changed your job. You didn’t change bosses. You didn’t change
anything about your work. – Nope.
– You are still getting the same results at work, if not better, but you’re able to have a life now. – Yeah. I changed me. (laughs) I was the problem. – Thank you. Yeah, you know, that’s the thing that’s just so fascinating. When we change ourselves, we get a different result. We have to become the woman. What was it we were talking
about the other day? We have to become the
woman capable of having, let’s just say, this
balanced life of freedom that we’re all looking for. But you gotta become that person and then it all falls into place. Oh, my gosh. Okay, so what was the first crazy thing we asked you do that might
have made you go, “Really?” Was there anything that
made you just kind of go, “This is what you want me to do?” – Yeah, the whole, okay,
friend me on Facebook and then draw a picture of
what you want your life to be and then post it on Facebook and then put a sticky on your notebook. I still have this. And I still have that picture. It sits in my mirror by my bathroom. And I also have my little,
“You are valuable and capable.” It sits here. It’s just, you know,
it’s there to remind me that I made the work and I’m committed. – Awesome.
– I did the work. – You did. You did. Erin, anything happen right away? Do you remember as you
were coming through, you know, working with
us in those eight weeks? Was there something where, wow. You know, this happened after
a certain amount of time, like in the first couple of weeks, did you start seeing changes? Did it take you a while to
sort of see some effect? – I think the first change I saw, It was in a meeting with a couple of other women I work with. We’re always frazzled and they were like, “Aw, you know my life’s crazy.” They were like, “Why are you so calm? “What’s changed with you?” And I was like, “You
know, I just started like, “thinking about things different.” I started talking about scripts and how I’m putting myself first and it just kind of fell into place. And my husband was like, “Hmm.” You know, he would listen
to me listen to my things and watch me work through. And he’s like, “I see a change.” You know, he was like, “This is like the best
money we’ve ever spent.” – Aw. Isn’t that amazing?
– Yeah. – Good for him. What a great guy to give
you that space to try this, you know what I’m saying? And to develop yourself. And ’cause, you know, for him the solution was for
you to get another job. So that’s pretty cool for him, too. Wow.
– Yes. – Wow. Yeah, that’s really interesting because you just mentioned something. You know, when you’re the
woman in the room who’s chill? And everyone else is
running circles around you? It’s almost like the absence of stress. It’s the absence of that frenetic energy that other people notice. ‘Cause you’re just like, not unflappable, but just yeah, calm, peaceful. Huh. That’s pretty, pretty good place to be. I love that. Cool. How’d you find us? Was it through like,
Facebook or social media? – Yeah, it was Facebook. I just happened to, you
know, clicking around. I like to look at leadership stuff and I just happened to see your video. And I watched your video
and I was just like, “Oh, my God, that’s me.” And then you start to
cry and kind of grieve for my life is such a mess. So like, let’s try this. – Aw. Erin, that’s so cool. That’s so cool. Do you remember how long it was before you saw the video
and then you joined us? – I think I got on a call, I signed up to talk with Jamie right away. And I wanted to, you
know, start right away. I was like, “I’m in.” – Like in a day. Erin’s done.
– Let’s go, yeah. – That’s awesome. Cool. Any other points of comment, like you would love to share with someone who might be watching this? Who might be thinking,
“Whoo, life is crazy. “This is a mess, but you know, “I’ve just gotta suffer through.” Any advice you’d want to give or share with another woman out there? – Yeah, there’s always excuses. Like, “Oh, I don’t really want “to spend the money on myself.” You know, “I don’t have
the time,” or whatever. I can tell you, I was really busy and the time you put into
yourself is totally worth it. And really, you might go, “Eh, this isn’t gonna work.” But just give in to it and go with it and just work the program
because it does work and it’s life-changing. And I think I talked to Laura one time and I said, “You know,
I’m kind of grieving “for myself right now
because I never knew.” If someone asked me like,
“What’s your dream job? “If you like, got a
million bajillion dollars “and you could do anything with that, “what’s your dream job?” I have no idea, because I
hadn’t really focused on myself. But then I was talking
to Laura and I’m like, “You know, this is the first time “I actually like, have a purpose.” And my job isn’t, it’s not like something I would call my purpose. But I find purpose in
my job through the women I work with and some of the other people. And just, I’m doing diversity
inclusion training now. We have like a girl-boss tribe, and we all, we’re on a message together and we support each other and we’re trying to work
each other up the ladder. It’s my purpose now and I love it. So do that. And get on the calls and really work with, you know, Laura and your team and your calls that you get on
with the ladies every Friday. You know, I’ve cried through those and you learn through them. And I listened a lot more than talked, just because you’re just like, “God, I relate to this woman so much.” And I love to see their
successes on the alumni page. And you just friended some of ’em on Facebook, so you follow it. And it’s just, it’s another connection to hey, someone’s been there
and they’re supporting me. So it’s just wonderful. – Oh, Erin, what a great, like that just tied that
up in a bow perfect. Success without sacrifice is possible. We really can be successful and happy and live glorious private
lives and have amazing careers. There you go. You’re proof. You’re proof, Erin. How cool is that? – Yeah.
– Awesome. – No need to live small anymore. We’re gonna work our way up the ladder ’cause we can do it. – Yes, you can. We all can. Let’s do it. Go, go! Oh, my gosh, Erin. What a fabulous story. Such incredible success. I’m so happy for you. I’m happy for your husband. I’m happy for your son
who now gets to witness this sort of calm, peaceful existence for his mom and dad and everyone and grow up in that. Huge wins. And the fact that you’re paying it forward and now, you know, touching
other people’s lives through work is, that’s pretty precious. So cool. So many wins. Thank you so much. – Thank you to you and your team. I really appreciate it. – Absolutely. in coming. – It’s so great.
– You know, she’s like, “It’s just so cool.” It’s so cool. Yeah, and I love the fact that you do work in a very scientific
male-dominated culture ’cause there’s gonna be other
women out there who are like, “Well, this is just the way it is, “’cause I work, you know,
in this sort of industry,” and blah blah blah. And they’re really gonna hear you. That’s pretty cool. Really cool. So happy for you. Awesome! Well, I hope you’re going– Oh, you missed the alumni call. I’m sorry.
– It’s okay. I’ll catch it. This was worth it. – This was really worth it. This was super cool. Thank you again. It means a lot to me personally. I love it. Thanks for sharing your story and we’ll just continue to stay in touch and see you in the alumni group. – Yeah, thank you so much for
giving me the opportunity. – Awesome, awesome, thanks, Erin. All right, we’ll talk again soon.
– Thank you. – Bye.
– Have a good day, bye.

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