Sesame Street: Bert Almost Shops for Dinner

– Oh, Ernie? I’m going to the store now
to get our food for supper. – Oh good, Bert. I’ll be right here when you get back. – Oh good, because see, I
don’t know where my keys are, and I’m sure I’ll find them later, it’s just that I wanna go shopping now. And you’ll be here, right? – Oh, yeah. – Well good, when I come
back, I’ll be outside the door, and you can listen
for me, and let me in. – Listen Bert, would you
like to borrow my keys? ‘Cause I could go and get ’em for you? – Oh no, that’s okay, Ernie. Ernie, I don’t want to
disturb your reading. – Oh, that’s nice, Bert. – You just listen for me, okay? – Righty-o, Bert. – Okay, fine. I mean, I’ll just ring the
bell or I’ll knock on the door, or something, and then
just let me in, okay? – No trouble Bert, old
buddy, I will be listening. – Okay. Maybe we should practice, hmm? – Bert? – Yeah, I tell you what. I’ll pretend like I’m
going to the store now. I won’t be really going to the store, but I’ll pretend I will. And I’ll knock and do things, and then you listen for me,
– Bert. – and let me in,
– No, no, no. – and then I’ll know it’s okay. – Listen, don’t worry, Bert. I’ll be listening, you see? You don’t have to practice. You can just count on me, Bert. – Okay. I trust you. – Thank you, Bert. – Okay, fine. So you’ll be listening, right? – I will, Bert. – Okay, fine. Then, I’m gonna get some food for supper. – [Ernie] Okay. – And you’ll be listening. – [Ernie] Sure. – Okay!
– Okay. – [Bert] Bye!
– Bye! Boy, it sure is nice to have a friend who will go get food for supper. – Let’s see. Door’s closed. Ernie’s inside. Going to the store. I know what I wanna get. Oh, I forgot my money. Oh, I’m gonna have to get Ernie
to open the door for me now. – Yup. Bert is off to go shopping,
and when he gets back, I’ll be listening. – Ernie? Ernie? Ernie, will you let me in? – Did you hear that? That sounded like Bert. Why, he must have decided he
wants to practice after all. So, that he’ll be sure I’ll be
listening when he gets back. I hear you, Bert! I’m listening! – Good, Ernie. Will you please let me in now? – That sounds great, Bert. Don’t worry, I’m listening. I’ll let you in when you get back. – Ernie! I want you to let me in now. Please! – [Ernie] Bert, if you
just call like that, when you get back, that’ll be fine, Bert. – Ernie! (Bert knocks on the door) This is me, knocking on
the door and yelling, because I want you to let me in. – That’s great, Bert. Knocking on the door and yelling together. Okay, I’m listening, Bert. That’s fine. That’s enough practice, Bert. – Aaaagh! Ernie, this is me kicking, kicking on the door, and yelling, and losing my patience, and
telling you to let me in! – [Ernie] Terrific, Bert. That’s enough! – Argh! Ernie! (rings the doorbell) Ernie! Ernie, let me in! I’m losing my temper. I want you to let me in. Now! – How ’bout that? Now he’s ringing the doorbell,
and knocking, and yelling. Okay, Bert! That’s enough. Practice makes perfect. Enough is enough! – Ernie, let me in! Let me in, I can’t take it! Let me in, let me in,
let me in, let me in, let me in, let me in! (Bert screams)
– Oy, that Bert. He’s really practicing
until he gets it right. I’ll have to tell him
he’s doing it good enough. – Ernie! Ernie! Let me in, let me– (Bert pants) – Bert? That was really great practicing, Bert. I was listening. I heard your voice calling. I heard you knocking. I heard you kicking the door. I heard you ringing the doorbell. And all of that works just fine. It’s gonna be great when
you get back from the store. – But Ernie–
– But now, while you go shopping, Bert, I’m gonna take a nice long
bath with Rubber Ducky, and then I will sit
down, and listen for you to come back from the store, okay? – But Ernie, I haven’t even got– – I’ll see you later, Bert! – But, Ernie! I’m gonna move out. (silly orchestral music) – See, right here, we have the different symbols of the weather. – Different symbols? – Yes, right. Now, this thing here, that’s the sun. You see that? That’s the sun. – [Cookie Monster] That look like cookie. – No, it’s not a cookie. It’s the sun. – You sure that not cookie? – No, no, it’s not a cookie. It’s the sun!
– Okay.

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  1. This used to terrify me as a kid. I felt really bad for poor Bert, screaming and shouting for Ernie, who kept ignoring him. Also, Bert's screaming upset me.
    This is hilarious now!
    "I'm gonna move out!" XD!

  2. I used to enjoy watching Bert and Ernie skits, but now a lot of them give me headaches… LIKE THIS ONE… Ernie can be really thick headed at times, but then again… Bert could have just said "Ernie, I forgot my money"

  3. I'm surprised that Frank Oz wasn't laughing the way he had to make Bert go NUTS! Talk about wanting to be let in!

  4. Oh wow, yes this one was very stressful for me to watch as a kid even though I did laugh too. I can see this not being good for children especially those with ptsd from domestic violence. But back then things like that were so much less talked about and you know I still think childhood was safer back then than it is today 😢

  5. Bert Fozzie Bear Angelica Pickles Ernie Kermit the Frog Tommy Pickles Brittany Miller Simon Seville Lucy Van Pelt Charlie Brown Arthur Read the Aardvark Muffy Crosswire the Monkey Barney the Dinosaur Big Bird Grover the Count

  6. Bert should of…

    1. Double checked before stepping out
    2. Tell Ernie he wasn't practicing
    3. Tell Ernie he forgot the money
    4. Taken Ernie's keys because he was interrupting Ernie's reading anyway

  7. Ernie I believe is the rudest, most inconsiderate character ever created for this show. He's such a bad influence for children. The worst, maybe.

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