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  1. I have loved the rubber ducky song since I was 6 years old and if it wasn’t for Ernie and Bert’s videos I wouldn’t have been inspired to make the channel I have now so thanks for inspiring me Sesame Street

  2. Always sweet and lovely! 😍💕 This is making us sing along with nice music♬ We are on fire!!! 🔥 Thank you as always! 😘

  3. 😍💕🎶 I Love all these songs… do the rubber duck🔥put down the duckie. 😊 I love ❤️ the jazz owl 🦉

  4. Songs/Segment:
    0:00 Rubber Duckie (Season 2)
    2:23 El Patito
    4:29 Rubber Duckie (Daveed Diggs)
    5:40 Bert Sings Rubber Duckie
    8:44 Rubber Duckie (With Celebrities)
    9:58 The Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree
    11:35 Do De Rubber Duck
    14:56 Rubber Duckie (From Episode 4710)
    15:51 Rubber Duckie (Little Richard)
    18:19 Put Down the Duckie (With Celebrities)
    23:35: Ernie prepares for his bath

  5. Why are there so many dislikes? What kind of monster would dislike a video like this?
    …Oh, sorry. No offense to monsters.

  6. I can't forget the beginning of this video because I saw it many times when I was a kid in the 1970's. Actually there're many old school sesame street that I'll never forget. Plus I can imitate some of the muppet voices from it too. Including Ernie, Bert, Elmo, Cookie Monster and more.

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