Sesame Street: Fun at Home

ELMO: Look, Abby, it’s raining
even more now. ABBY: I know. Even with my umbrella,
my wings got all wet coming over here. ELMO: Well, we can’t go
outside and play. ABBY: No. ELMO: Ooh, Abby, Abby. ABBY: Huh? ELMO: Can Abby just make the
rain go away with magic? ABBY: Well, I’m still learning
how to do that. ELMO: Oh. ABBY: Yeah. Last time I tried to change
the weather– ELMO: Uh-huh? ABBY: Well, we had snowmen
in the summertime and the penguins got all mixed up. ELMO: Oh. [CHUCKLES] LOUIE: Oh my, will
you look at that. It is still raining cats
and dogs out there. ELMO: Yeah, it is, Daddy. LOUIE: That’s too bad. I was going to take you two on
some errands with me and then go to the park. ABBY: Oh, I love the
park, Mr. Louie. ELMO: Now we can’t because
it’s raining. And we already played with
Elmo’s blocks and his [? trays ?], waiting for Daddy
to finish the laundry. ABBY: Well, Elmo, let’s find
something else to do. ELMO: OK. Well, like what, Abby? LOUIE: Oh well, son, I bet
there’s lot of fun things you can do. [SINGING] You can learn everywhere you
go, with everything you do, from everyone you know. Learning is everywhere. And all you have to
do is count the pictures on the wall. We can make a game with
anything at all. Learning is everywhere,
everywhere, it’s true. [LAUGHS] You can put your shoes
different rows. You can hang a spoon
upon your nose. There’s so many the things that
you can do around here. Anything goes. Count stripes on
a pillow case. You can even make
a macaroni face. Learning is everywhere
in everything you do. You can learn from everywhere
you go, with everything you do, from everyone you know. Learning is everywhere,
everywhere, it’s true. Oooh. So exciting when we’re learning
something new. Sorting out your clothes. TOGETHER: Spoon upon
your nose. LOUIE: Learning’s everywhere. Just look around. [CHUCKLING] LOUIE: Why, you know, I bet you
could even make a game out of this here pile of laundry. Sound like fun? ABBY: What? [LAUGHS] With laundry? LOUIE: [LAUGHS] Why, sure. Like I said, you can
make a game out of just about anything. [LAUGHTER] LOUIE: You two have fun. ELMO: OK, Daddy. LOUIE: Oh, I forgot to
water the plants. ELMO: Oh, let’s look at all
these clothes, Abby. Hey, hey, hey, see this big, big
shirt of Elmo’s Daddy’s? ABBY: Yeah, and this little
shirt of yours, Elmo. ELMO: Oh, oh, Abby, Abby, what
if Elmo took Daddy’s big shirt and put it over here. Look, next to Elmo. LOUIE: Yeah. And I’ll take your little
shirt and put it over here, by me. TOGETHER: Let’s do it! [LAUGHTER] ABBY: Oooh. This looks really little. Must be yours, Elmo. I’m going to put it
over here by me. ELMO: [LAUGHS] Look, look, look, Abby. This is really big. See? Really big. Oops. [INAUDIBLE] It must belong to Daddy. Elmo will put it over here. Oh, yay! TOGETHER: Yay! We did it, we did it. [LAUGHTER] LOUIE: What’s all the
cheering about here? ELMO: Oh, look, look,
look, Daddy. LOUIE: Hmm? ELMO: Elmo and Abby
made a game out of separating the laundry. LOUIE: Oh. ELMO: See? Look over here, Daddy. LOUIE: Uh-huh. ELMO: See, see, Elmo separated
all the big things in the pile over here. LOUIE: Uh-huh? ABBY: And I put all the little
things in a pile right here. LOUIE: Well, lookie there. [LAUGHS] ELMO: See? LOUIE: That’s wonderful. ELMO: Yeah. LOUIE: Hey, hey,
you know what? ELMO: What? LOUIE: Maybe next time, we’ll
make a game out of folding the laundry, huh? ELMO: Oh, OK, Daddy. [LAUGHTER] LOUIE: What do you
think, kids? Which pile would I go in? ABBY: Oh. TOGETHER: The big pile! LOUIE: Yeah, big pile. Ooh, ooh. ELMO: But you’re not laundry. No. LOUIE: You know what? You know what? ELMO: What? LOUIE: Let’s see if it’s
still raining outside. Huh? ELMO: Oh, OK. Daddy. ABBY: Oh, OK. LOUIE: All right, come on. ELMO: OK. LOUIE: Ooh. Oh. Yeah, it is. ELMO: Oh, yeah. ABBY: Hmm. LOUIE: Oh, but you know– ELMO: Hmm? LOUIE: –we could still go
to the grocery store. ELMO: Oh, OK, Daddy,
Let’s go, Abby. LOUIE: Hold on. Don’t forget. It’s raining outside. ELMO: Oh. Well, you know what, Daddy? Elmo could be a weather monster,
and he could just look out the window and
tell you the weather. LOUIE: Oh. You know, Elmo, that is
a really good idea. ELMO: Oh, thank you, Daddy. LOUIE: Looking out the window to
check the weather will tell us what kind of clothes
we should wear. So you guys get dressed, and
I’ll get ready, too. ELMO: OK, Daddy. Be right back. Hello. This is Elmo Weathermonster,
on WSWS, bringing you the weather. It’s, um– ooh, ooh, it’s winter. And there’s a big snowstorm. ABBY: Let’s see. Oh, I got it. [CLEARS THROAT] Winter weather. Now let’s go, dress for
winter ice and snow. POLAR BEAR: [GASPS] ELMO: [LAUGHS] Great, Abby. You have a winter coat
and mittens. Ooh, and look, look, look. You even have a penguin
and a polar bear. PENGUIN: [SQUAWKING] ELMO: Sorry, everybody,
Wrong forecast. [CLEARS THROAT] Ooh. Looks like the weather
has changed. Now it’s going to be a
hot, hot, hot day, perfect for the beach. Yes, folks, a real
hot, sunny day. ABBY: Winter weather
it is not. Let’s dress for summer,
nice and hot. [LAUGHS] PENGUIN: [CONFUSED SQUAWK] ELMO: [LAUGHS] Abby, you’re so funny. You have a winter coat
and mittens. Ooh, and also the summer
beach stuff. And fish, too. LOUIE: Oh, [? finger. ?] Oh! What? What? ELMO: [LAUGHS] LOUIE: What are you
guys doing? Come on, we gotta go now. ELMO: OK, Daddy. Elmo and Abby will get
ready for real. ABBY: OK, no snow, no heat, but
I sure bet if we dress for rain, we won’t get wet. [LAUGHTER] ELMO: Yay. Thank you, Abby. LOUIE: Why, hey, all right. ELMO: Yeah. LOUIE: Looks like
you are dressed perfectly for the weather. There are rain hats
and rain coats. Oh, an umbrella and, oh,
little rubber boots. [LAUGHTER] LOUIE: Why, you guys are
really good at this. ABBY: Oh, thank you. ELMO: Yeah, thank you, Daddy. LOUIE: Mm-hm. Now, just find that grocery
list and I’ll be good to– ELMO: Uh, Daddy? LOUIE: Hmm? ELMO: What’s that? LOUIE: Oh! [LAUGHS] Here it is. Good eyes, son. Well, I guess we’re ready. Let’s go to the grocery store. TOGETHER: Oh, yay! ELMO: [SINGING] Elmo can learn wherever
Elmo goes. Playing weather monster. ABBY: Picking out the clothes. ELMO: Learning is everywhere. TOGETHER: Everywhere,
it’s true. ELMO: We can match socks
and put them all away. Doesn’t even have to
be a rainy day. TOGETHER: Learning
is everywhere, in everything we do. [LAUGHTER] LOUIE: Let’s go to the store. TOGETHER: Yay! ELMO: Oh, oh, you too. Come on!

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