Sesame Street: Grover discusses What Is Marriage?

GROVER: Hi, Jesse. JESSE: Hi, Grover. GROVER: How you? JESSE: Fine. GROVER: Good. I have a question for you. JESSE: What is it? GROVER: Well, do you know
what marriage is? JESSE: A marriage is when
two people get married. GROVER: Yeah, yeah. That’s good. That’s marriage. What else? When they get married,
then, what do they do when they’re married? JESSE: Kiss. GROVER: They kiss, yes. What else when they’re
married? JESSE: Hug. GROVER: Hug, that’s good. That’s good. Anything else? JESSE: No. GROVER: That’s it? JESSE: Yep. GROVER: Well, they
live together. They help each other,
don’t they? Yeah, yeah. Because they see each
other every day. JESSE: Yeah. GROVER: Yeah. So it’s important to
help each other. JESSE: Yeah, yeah. GROVER: Are they friends also? JESSE: Yep. GROVER: Yeah. That’s a lot in a marriage,
isn’t it? Kissing, hugging. JESSE: Yep. GROVER: Friends helping,
all that stuff. Yeah. Well, I guess that’s what
marriage is about. JESSE: Yep. GROVER: Thank you
for your help. JESSE: You’re welcome.

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  1. Marriage comes with rights. For example, if a married person with no will dies, their spouse automatically get's the property left behind. There have been cases of gay widows being denied ownership of homes they have lived in for decades simply because their deceased partner wasn't legally their spouse.

    Some hospitals have refused to let dying gay people see the person they love most because they weren't married. These are just two of many examples of rights denied to gay couples.

  2. You know, full all you gay haters. Go pick on your straight kind. Yet the reason gay marriage doesn't exist, bigots

  3. "so we let them give it a shot"

    Seriously? Who the hell is "we" that's deciding to let infertile couples "take a shot" at marriage? When did the collective begin to dictate the actions of individuals? If you seriously think the government has the right to withhold marriage on the basis of infertility, you are one sick, Marxist individual.

  4. This evil boy is shamelessly manipulating Grover into accepting gay marriage. Damn that evil little child. DON'T FALL FOR IT, GROVER! If gays get married, they'll have to pay the marriage penalty tax, and so this is obviously all a trick by the Democrats to raise taxes.

  5. I see what you're saying, but the default position in any case is to allow something. In this case, not legalizing it would be getting involved, as weird as that sounds.

  6. The oldest written records in existence that we can read are contained in the Bible. Love is important but as a means rather than an empty and purposeless or self-serving love. If you serve others with your love, it's called benevolent service. If you pledge your love and dedication to someone with the purpose of sticking with them after making a baby together – to raise those children and serve their children as grandparents, that's a marriage.

  7. lol A heterosexual couple that tries to have children and fails, I'm willing to consider them married as long as they want to keep trying. It's pretty obvious that's not the intention or a possibility at all for homosexuals. No baby was ever created from a homosexual relationship, so no homosexual relationship should be considered a marriage by the public either.

  8. When Grover says its important to help each other the little kid says yeah yeah yeah I thought the same way as the kid cuz I hate doing dishes too!

  9. Getting involved is appropriate in this case and in many other cases. We do have moral laws – and all limit the potential behavior of others for the good of society as a whole and for the good of most citizens individually. Laws not only limit immoral behavior through man-made enforcement, but also help people to understand what is moral, ethical, and what's expected of them as participants in society. Our laws should teach us what's right and what kind of behaviors to avoid.

  10. I don't think homosexual marriage is necessarily immoral because it doesn't produce children. Being in a marriage with someone else can sometimes be the difference between being able to work together and contribute to society in other ways, such as adoption and community strengthening. Some people benefit from being married in ways that are helpful to you (or at least not harmful), so it is in your interest to allow them to marry.

  11. Topical discussion aside, lamest sesame street sketch ever. It was like Grover didn't even want to be there. Jessie just sucked the life out of him.

  12. Homosexuality is immoral. It is abusing procreative powers, and is prone to disease, addictions, and other abuses. Beyond that, it also cannot be a marriage.

    A marriage is a relationship that brings two people together for the purpose of lovingly and responsibly engaging in life-long monogamous relations that will likely produce a child/children (and is usually the intention of the relationship).

  13. @joeyslaptop: producing children is no longer and should no longer be the main purpose of marriage. a) tons of straight couples are unable to convceive. Are their marriages immoral? b) overpopulation. It's also "morally" wrong to have a large number of kids, which lots of straights do; the size of our planet is finite, it will not expand with us. c) In light of overpopulation, couples with no children make up for the couples who have too many children, or unwanted children. This is a good thing.

  14. In response to the second paragraph, I accept that that's your definition of marriage. This is getting into some separation of church and state stuff. I'm fine with churches not recognizing marriages, but I can't think of a harmful consequence of letting couples get the rights and legal benefits that come with a marriage license.

  15. Actually straight women are a lot more prone to getting diseases than gay men, and lesbians have virtually no risk of getting STDs.

    And who says it's immoral, exactly? God personally never said anything about it, in The Bible — only a yahoo CLAIMING to speak for Him, who also said you should be killed for shaving your beard or wearing a tattoo.

    There is no logical or moral argument for gay-bashing. NONE.

  16. Hello? A child is the product of a heterosexual marriage. Marriage is for procreation, which is the core unit and the future of society.

  17. Oh, I was meaning more of Grover's reaction being funny, with the weird faces Grover makes sometimes. I'll end on this note, As Joker said, "Why So serious." Cool video

  18. You said, "Actually straight women are a lot more prone to getting diseases than gay men".

    That's flat-out false information. Any LGBT health or medical Website will clear that up for you. As far as the Bible is concerned, several places in the Bible exist that denounce homosexuality as well as most other sexual practices – including masturbation. You don't have to believe in the Bible in order to understand why marriage is so important to society – just look at what happens when they fail.

  19. To the extent of humans, nope. But those puppeteers can show a lot of emotion with the limits of the mouth movements etc. RIP Jim Henson.

  20. Marriage is primarily for creating and rearing offspring together. Look up words like "husband", "coitus", "scientific definition of marriage", etc. There is no over-population unless you're in a city area (which skews your view of the world. Try driving through IOWA or anywhere in the central US. But, if you desire less children, then even greater reverence, respect, and expectations should be placed on marriage – and greater value placed on each child.

  21. Well considering that our society is only capable of having one core unit in its future, and that marriage without procreation is illegal, I suspect that everyone will be in agreement with you. Congratulations on your thoroughly compelling perspective.

  22. I have to admit, re-reading my text from 2 years ago … its a bit shocking even to me. But I still believe that when you get past the anger, it still has truth content. We've now reached the point that living a social and political and biological lie, and appeasing the sensibilities of groups who want to continue this lie is now the norm. Political correctness is not scientific correctness, and it has far reaching social and demographic consequences. I said what I said to save America.

  23. You don't really think gays can reproduce, do you? Or are you writing about children out of wedlock? I think you've been taking shows like Maury and Spring WAY too seriously…

  24. Umm, actually, gay marriage leads to adopting kids, who imitate parents, and therefore more likely become gay. FYI gays spreads AIDS more than anyone, so it's beyond a matter of personal choice — it's the worst kind of public health hazard: a killer disease with no cure spreading around the world for 40 years. Even now more than half of ALL people with AIDS in America got it from male-to-male sexual contact. Proof: from CDC dot gov, Diseases and Contition, HIV/AIDS, picture #2.

  25. Interesting… I know many, many, many gay parents. By and far their kids are perty awesome. My partner and I will in fact be adopting shortly. And yes, many children are born outside of wedlock. Marriage is not a prerequisite. Nor should it be a prerequisite.

  26. Society without children tends to die off. It's called old age. And who said childless marriage is illegal? What should be illegal is gays adopting kids: they imitate parents, so they more likely become gay, or certainly consider it normal, and as proven by CDC statistics, male-to-male contact is responsible for more than half of all IADS cases in America, even now. Can't post links, but from CDC dot gov, click Diseases and Conditions, HIV/AIDS, then picture #2.

  27. No one is suggesting replacing heterosexual marriage with same sex marriage, so I doubt that people are going to stop reproducing. Secondly, if you are truly concerned about the spread of AIDS, then how does denying incentives for gays to enter a monogamous committed marriage help make that case?

  28. I'm not suggesting replacing either — there's no fixed number of marriages in the universe. I support civil unions, because that enshrines monogamy, to which there's more than just slowing AIDS. But to me the difference is that married gays will adopt kids, who will imitate their parents, more than likely become gay, and therefore defeat the purpose of slowing AIDS. Gays adopting kids is recruiting, just as religious people having or adopting kids is recruiting them into their religion.

  29. The politically inconvenient fact is, more than half of all AIDS patients in America got it from male-to-male sexual contact. Even though AIDS is transferred by ANY kind of sex, and also ANY blood-to-blood contact, this has been true ever since the first cases of AIDS in America: Greenwich-Village gays in 1980. Proof: can't post links: from CDC dot gov, click Diseases and Conditions, then HIV/AIDS, then #2 in the top picture, then the picture itself. Unless you think the CDC is anti-gay…

  30. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with you. Honestly, you're going to believe the things that you want to believe. If you look at the CDC statistics it shows that heterosexual transmissions of HIV are far higher than anything homosexual. So by your own theory, we should eliminate heterosexuals. Buddy, you make no sense at all. Being gay is not something that you "teach" someone. Being gay is something you are. If you don't understand something so basic, there is no use to explain.

  31. Except a lot of pro gay people think christians are bigots just because they won't allow gay marriages in their churches.. do you realize how big of an outcry there was for Pope Francis to allow gay marriage in the Catholic Church? yet you say we're the ones forcing down beliefs.. kettle meet pot.

  32. Gays can't reproduce? That's debatable. Frogs of the same sex can reproduce. And your comment about how marriage is for procreation is debatable too. Two people can't marry for love? Is it a sin to marry out of pure love? It seems wrong to marry just for sex, because that's what procreating entails, sex. Marrying solely for sex and spitting kids out of a vagina sounds like a sham marriage to me. But what do I know? I'm marrying my fiancé out of love, not for populating an over-populated world.

  33. But 90%+ of all HIV/AIDS cases in the world occur among heterosexuals; that's 26 million people. What about them? How does that fit in to your theory? Also, science (and NOT your religion) has given the world very effective treatment to control HIV and those with the disease can expect a normal life expectancy now. SUCKS to be a gay-hating christian!

  34. "Marriage is for procreation"

    I've never reading something so doltish. You truly believe people marry wholly to create offspring? You really do need to get out more. And, if you're appetising the possibility that the presence of a marriage is the only way to create children, you have got to be the weakest-minded person I've spoken to in months. Odd how religious bigotry and prejudice is still so prevalent.

  35. Ahaa! he said "two people get married", not "a man and a woman get married"! what proves more that children learn their discriminating behavior and narrow-minded thinking from adults!

  36. I bet you guys already know who directed this by now, and when was this taped, but here's the picture anyway.

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