Sesame Street Party Ideas

my son Jeff loves all of the Sesame Street Muppets he watches the TV show he has fun on the website every day and even knows how to sing the entire Elmo song so together we decided to throw him a Sesame Street party because I like that they always combine fun and learning party city has these great Elmo invitations that Jeff and I could really get creative with kids love the Sesame Street characters and this scene Center has all of Jeff’s favorites look at Big Bird and Cookie Monster inviting everyone into their world and these Sesame Street danglers were something I can use to spread around the room so the kids felt like they were surrounded by Sesame Street characters and kids love the bright bold colors of the characters in Sesame Street which made it a perfect idea for me to add all these fluffy fun bright color decorations the hanging stars were a great touch it’s going to be a blast with these fun Sesame Street balloons what kids party is complete without them I got an Elmo bouquet because I like the big Elmo face and big colorful shapes were sure to capture the kids attention who can find a red star and my personal favorite the Elmo and Big Bird gliding balloons they were bigger than Jeff I couldn’t wait to show him so on the count of three I told everyone to come in and then I had Jeff turn around to see his very own special birthday banner these kids were ready to play one of the things I love most about Sesame Street is that they allow the kids to support each other have fun and learn I love that and apparently so do the kids and all that fun learning made them hungry I gave the kids just what they wanted to be surrounded by Sesame Street their bright colorful fun everywhere they look it was the ideal place for the kids to hunker down and eat some Elmo cake where do they absolutely love and if you thought the party was fun so far wait till you see this it’s an Elmo pinata I stuffed it full of treats and fun Sesame Street party favors that the kids could take home with them after the party today was a day we’ll never forget everyone had fun and maybe learned a little something you want to know what I learned that there’s no way I could have done this without your help thank you Party City

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  2. why can't I oreder from Holland . I canΒ΄t find Sesame street party suplies in Holland and I canΒ΄t order please help !!

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