Sesame Street: The Penguin Party | Super Grover 2.0

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: He observes. GROVER: Oh. Look. [YELPING] ANNOUNCER: He questions. GROVER: Habbawa? ANNOUNCER: He investigates. GROVER: Hmm. What does this button do? [YELPING] ANNOUNCER: Super Grover 2.0. He shows up. In a world covered with ice
and snow, one piece of ice is about to change these
penguins’ lives forever. PENGUIN 1: All right, penguins. Dance Time! ALL: (SINGING) Wa
wa wa wa, wa wa. Wa wa wa wa, wa wa. Wa wa wa wa, wa wa wa. Aaah! PENGUIN 1: What’s going on? PENGUIN 2: This
giant block of ice is right in the middle
of our dance floor. ALL: Waah. PENGUIN 2: What’s with
the strange music? PENGUIN 3: What’s
with the strange car? PENGUIN 1: What’s
with the strange dude? GROVER: I am not just
any strange dude. I am a super strange dude. For I am Super Grover 2.0. What seems to be the problem? PENGUIN 4: Well– GROVER: What! Do not tell me. For I will unleash my
powers of observation. Um– eh– I cannot observe a
thing with this giant block of ice in the way. PENGUIN 1: The giant ice
block is the problem. GROVER: It this? PENGUIN 4: Yeah. We can’t do our
penguin dance routine because this giant block of
ice is on our dance floor. GROVER: Oh. Do not worry my wee,
waddling compadres. For I, Super Grover
2.0, will unleash my power of investigation. [GASPING] ALL: What’s he going to do? GROVER: I wonder what would
happen if I tickled the ice. Tickle, tickle, tickle. Coochie, coochie, coo. PENGUIN 1: I wonder what would
happen if you gave it a push? GROVER: Wait a minute! ALL: Waah. GROVER: I wonder what would
happen if I gave it a push. PENGUIN 1: That’s what I said. GROVER: Behold as I
investigate with a push. ALL: Wooo. [GRUNTING] PENGUIN 3: Eh, it’s
really not moving much. GROVER: This giant
block of ice appears to be very big and heavy. ALL: Aww. GROVER: Have no fear,
little penguins. I shall just use a
little more force. ALL: Ooh. GROVER: Hi-ya! [GROANING] Who knew investigating
could be so painful? Ouch. GROVER: We’ll never dance again. ALL: Waa. GROVER: I am not giving up
yet, my tuxedoed amigos. It is time to unlash
the power of technology! ALL: Waa? Huh? GROVER: I’m going to go
get some tools to help me move the block of ice. PENGUIN 2: Hey. PENGUIN 1: What? PENGUIN 2: Check out
the Super Grover Mobile. PENGUIN 1: What about it? PENGUIN 2: It’s big and
heavy like the block of ice. But it moves. PENGUIN 1: Hey, yeah. What makes it move so easily? ALL: Wheels! GROVER: OK. I am back now. PENGUIN 2: Super Grover,
maybe you should try wheels? GROVER: Nonsense. You cannot hit a block of
ice with wheels to move it. But you can hit it with
a sturdy metal golf club. PENGUIN 4: What? Oh, boy. GROVER: Fore! Hi-ya! Ya! PENGUIN 2: I wonder if we could
move the ice out of the way if it had wheels. PENGUIN 1: Well, there’s
only one way to find out. Come on, birds. Everybody grab a wheel. ALL: Wheel. Wheel. Wheel. GROVER: Ta-da! [GRUNTING] Sis-boom-ba! Ba. Ba. Ba. PENGUIN 2: You got it? OK. Here we go. OK. GROVER: What are
you penguins doing? PENGUIN 3: We’re using
the power of technology. PENGUIN 4: Oh, yeah. Can we borrow this technology? [GROVER STAMMERING] Thanks. [ICE SQUEAKING] PENGUIN 2: I got it. I got it. OK. PENGUIN 4: Yep, yep, yep. [GRUNTING] PENGUIN 1: All right, penguins. Now let’s try moving
this block of ice. GROVER: Do not be silly. If a super guy like me cannot
move that block of ice, there is no way four
little penguins can do it. Ha. Habbawa? The little penguins
are moving it? How are you moving that
giant piece of ice? ALL: Wheels. PENGUIN 1: Now
come on, penguins. Let’s dance. Hit it! ALL: (SINGING) Wa
wa wa wa, wa wa. Wa wa wa wa, wa wa. Wa wa wa wa, wa wa wa wa. Wa! GROVER: My super
work here is done. I will just drive away in
the Super Grover Mobile. The Super Grover
Mobile is not moving. Why is the Super Grover
Mobile not moving? ANNOUNCER: And so
our intrepid hero has discovered that if wheels
can help move the Super Grover Mobile, they can make it easier
to move other heavy things. GROVER: That is right. I did learn that, didn’t I? Anybody got any wheels? I will unleash the
power of Super Breath. SAILORS: Oh! Our sail. It’s gone with the wind.

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